The M5250 cutter is effective for milling steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals (ISO P, K, M and N workpiece groups), as well as materials with difficult cutting properties. Unlike other full-effective helical milling cutters, the XTRA∙TEC® XT M5250 can also be used for full slotting, shoulder milling, pocket…
The TC685 Supreme cutter is a left-hand cutting tool that features a 15° helix angle for excellent chip removal. Cooling with compressed air makes it possible to achieve maximum tool life in materials harder than 50 HRC. Additionally, internal coolant delivery is available for tools that create the M6 size through the larger thread sizes. The tool…
MA230 Advance milling cutters adapt to most ISO materials and milling approaches. The extensive range includes options like corner radius, corner chamfers, reduced neck, and unequal helix. The helix pitch is meticulously aligned with the number of teeth, ensuring unmatched running smoothness. Your choice, your precision.
The MC166 Advance solid carbide milling cutter with increased core stability compared to a conventional tool core ensures a consistently reliable machining process even in unattended operations. A differential pitch provides optimum operational smoothness and significantly extends tool life.
The holders accept CCGT3xx, DCGT3xx and VCGT2xx indexable inserts and provide a high level of indexing accuracy even when turning parts with tight tolerance specifications. The short head dimension enables short clamping and high stability. The shank dimensions are 12 mm × 12 mm and 16 mm × 16 mm.
With the ability to cut blind-hole threads up to 3.5 × DN, the TC130 Supreme tap is targeted for applications in general mechanical engineering and the energy industry, such as for threading wind turbines. The tap is suitable for threading steel and cast iron (ISO P and K workpiece groups). Also, the tool is ideal for interference contours and…
Both WKP01G and WPP05G grades are ideal for continuous cutting and occasional interrupted cuts in high tensile materials (approx. 280-410 HB or 130-200 ksi). Ideal applications include large-scale production of components for the automotive and energy industries, such as gearboxes, gears and rotor hubs, as well as forged shafts for general…
Available in diameters from 1/8" to 1", the MA267/MA263 Advance tools are excellent for machining all other ISO N materials, such as copper, brass, bronze and magnesium-based alloys, in addition to aluminum. With a cylindrical shank, these tools are available with or without chip-splitters. The WJ30UU grade for the MA267/MA263 tools is…
When compared to competing drills, the DC180 Supreme has a tool life that is about 50% longer. An additional benefit for the DC180 drill is universal application at the highest cutting speeds. The drill is suitable for high production volume applications with a large number of holes, such as in the automotive industry. Other areas of use include…
The lineup of products consists of three categories of tools. Supreme tools indicate the highest level of technology and performance available. Advance tools indicate products efficiently balanced between price and performance and Perform tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price.
The inserts feature three cutting edges at a 50° copying angle. Compared to the WL25 indexable inserts, which measure 25 mm per side, the WL17 inserts measure 17 mm per side. The WL25 inserts are now additionally offered in W0110-C Walter Capto tools and the W1211 QuadFit exchangeable head for Accure.tec anti-vibration boring bars.
The MA230 Advance solid carbide milling cutting is for universal machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and high-temperature superalloys (ISO P, M, K and S workpiece groups) at the highest level. The MA230 Advance cutter is for high-performance roughing and finishing and enables reliable milling with an extremely high metal removal rate.…
The primary applications for the DC183 Supreme solid carbide drill are machining steel, cast iron and non-ferrous materials (ISO P, K and N). The secondary applications are super alloys and stainless-steel materials (ISO S and M). The main targeted areas of use are automotive, aviation and energy industries, mold and die making, and general…
The WKK25G grade is a true specialist when milling today’s cast irons (ISO K material group), such as ductile cast iron. Specifically, the grade is ideal for unfavorable milling conditions, such as interrupted cuts, and for wet machining applications. The grade meets the most stringent requirements for process reliability, particularly in the…
Ideal for holemaking without a pilot drill up to 10×Dc, the inserts provide time savings that boost productivity. The inserts were designed to achieve maximum tool life in stable machining conditions thanks to the wear resistant WPP25 grade with HIPIMS technology. The grade has a particularly hard and robust substrate to extend tool life.
The new grade is Walter’s response to the upwards trend towards milling steel with difficult machining properties and wear-resistant stainless steel, such as found in applications in the energy and aviation industries. WSM35G meets the most stringent requirement for process reliability, which is highly valued in the automotive sector, and is also…
The curved wiper cutting edge is a unique feature that makes the wiper action universal across various material groups such as steels, stainless steels, cast irons or even super alloys. The wiper action can be used to reduce machining time by using double the feed rate, while imparting the same surface finish. In some cases, feed rate increases of…
The PCD inserts impart the finest surface finishes while shoulder, face and slot milling. The tools enable precise machining with reduced cutting forces and minimal vibration tendencies. They have a low cost because of their extremely long tool life as a result of the cutting edge being made of the hardest known material. In addition, the PCD…
WBH20C WL25 indexable inserts are full-radius copy turning inserts with Walter Lock positive engagement. The WL positive engagement provides maximum stability and precision for reliable machining of contours. With pocket support right under the cutting edge, and exceptional ability to prevent vibrations; the WL positive engagement is substantially…
The MD344 Supreme and the MD340 Supreme three-flute versions both feature a 38° helix, while the MD340 Supreme four-flute has a 39°/41° variable helix, the MD340 five-flute version features a differential or unequal pitch.
A new type of flute design reliably evacuates chips, even with the tinniest drills. This capability ensures that hole depths up to 30 × Dc can be easily achieved with the DB133 Supreme micro drill with its 140° point angle. The DB131 Supreme micro pilot drill features a 150° point angle. Emulsion, oil or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) can all…
To cover the widest possible range of applications, Walter offers the MP6 geometry in CCMT, DCMT, TCMT and VBMT basic shapes. Its short protective chamfer, which is characteristic of roughing inserts, ensures a high strength of cutting edge, even in challenging conditions, for example when machining forged parts or components with interrupted cuts…
TC388 Supreme (50–58 RC) and TC389 Supreme (55–65 RC) feature new patent-pending cutting geometries that fully shear off the root of the chip when reversing, thus torque peaks are minimized. This prevents fractures, prolongs the tool life, and increases process reliability. Furthermore, the new taps are coated using Walters new HiPMS coating…
The 180°-point angle makes the DC118 Supreme ideal for plunging into inclined or round surfaces because the drill is guided quickly on the margins and centered accurately. At the same time, burr formation remains extremely low. The protective corner chamfer on the cutting edges protects against rapid wear, which significantly increases tool life…
These WXN15 grade coated inserts are all introduced with a highly positive shaped geometry, which is particularly effective in machining ISO N materials. When used in advanced cutter bodies like the new Xtra·tec® XT M5468 button insert milling cutter, with G88 geometry, this also increases productivity when performing machining operations on deep…
The system handles axial grooves from dia. 2.362-in (60 mm), cutting depths up to 1.299-in (33 mm), with insert width of 0.197-in (5 mm). The new system delivers maximum productivity and cutting parameters due to optimal cooling, strength and controlled chip breaking, along with high cost-efficiency due to two cutting edges. Axial grooving is…
The TC620 Supreme thread milling cutters utilize patent-pending Walter DeVibe technology with an anti-vibration land to effectively suppress vibrations and allow higher cutting parameters, while contributing to other TC620 Supreme advantages like a high level of process reliability and easy handling due to extremely infrequent radius correction.
The drills are coolant-through, straight flute (G-drills), with emulsion or oil and coolant pressure of 145-580 PSI (10-40 bar). They are offered in cylindrical shank configuration and have a 120° point angle with tolerance of m7. They are also offered in L/D ratio of 5 x Dc as standard, with options for shorter and longer drills to be ordered and…
The MD173 Supreme is a roughing cutter designed specifically for dynamic milling and for reducing machining time. Its cutting edges equipped with chip breakers enable excellent chip breaking, permitting superior process reliability with high metal removal rates, a plus for users with automated production processes. The MD177 Supreme is a finishing…
A patent-pending, highly textured, multi-layered MT-TiCN layer increases toughness and reduces flank face wear, resulting in lower cost per cutting edge. The inserts’ highly textured Al2O3 layer also minimizes crater wear, and the gold-colored top layer improves wear detection. The gradient carbide substrate boosts wear resistance and toughness.…
This grade is now capable of longer tool life, greater reliability, and approximately 30 percent greater performance in stainless steels (ISO M) and heat-resistant super alloys (ISO S), and up to 75 percent greater performance in steels (ISO P) than comparable grades. With the launch phase now complete, the PVD grade WSP45G Tiger·tec® Gold can be…
These new vibration-free tools provide finish machining of precise bores (IT6–IT8) up to 6 × D, with high surface quality and are up to three times more reliable and flexible than comparable models. Their flexibility is boosted by the fact that the new Walter boring tools employ modular components such as cartridge holders and extensions, which…
With the TC630 Supreme, users can benefit from a range of advantages. A high level of process reliability for unstable machining operations, for example on lathes with driven tools or for long overhangs. Areas of application include medical engineering, precision engineering, the aerospace sector as well as electronics and general metalworking.
Walter has introduced the Xtra·tec® XT M5460, a new profile milling cutter that delivers maximum precision, tool life, and surface quality in precise machining of freeform surfaces and deep cavities.
Walter's new copy turning system for internal machining boosts tool life, cuts tooling costs, and can increase indexing accuracy by 50%.
These indexable turning inserts are designed for applications where a soft cut and high precision is required.  Long tool life is achieved through the WEP10C coated cermet grade with multilayer PVD TiCN TiAlN coating and extra fine cermet substrate grain. Walter's combination of edge preparation and grade also ensures dimensional stability.…
The WNN15 grade delivers outstanding process reliability and long tool life, even at extremely high cutting speeds. This means that it makes indexable insert drilling more cost-effective than comparable PCD tools with immediate effect. The indexable insert drills offer the advantage of multiple indexing which means that the tool can be used again…
The MP060 face milling cutter with a great number of teeth (z) between 10 and 22, and with diameters from 40 mm, can be used for roughing and finishing large surfaces and flat shoulders. The MP160 (z = 3–4) and MP260 (z = 2–3) shoulder and slot milling cutters, with either cylindrical shank or ScrewFit adaption and diameters of 16–40 mm and 4–20…
In addition to the cooling and geometry, Walter's new WJ30RZ and WJ30RY grades also boost performance because their highly wear-resistant TiAlSiN-based layer applied using HIPIMS coating technology takes the form of a complete coating for 3 and 5xDc (WJ30RZ grade) and a point coating for 8×Dc (WJ30RY grade). The 8×Dc version also features a…
The primary application of the Tiger·tec Gold inserts is steels with various tensile strengths that can be machined. These indexable inserts are ideal for use in the automotive, energy, and general metalworking industries, where the inserts can significantly help reduce the cost per component. Walter is offering Tiger·tec Gold indexable insert…
Additional improvement in surface quality and stability can be realized with advanced wiper geometry option. Walter offers the new WBH30 CBN grade in inserts with and without MW wiper geometry, and with a negative T-land chamfer for excellent strength in interrupted cuts.
This milling cutter can be used universally for steel, stainless steels, cast iron and difficult-to-machine materials, in face, shoulder, ramping, pocket, and circular interpolation milling operations. Available in diameters of 32-100 mm, a maximum depth of cut of 5 or 8 mm), with Weldon shank  or shell mill mount interface.
There are two indexable insert sizes with facet—SDMX0904ZDR-E27 and SDMX1205ZDR-E27. The M4002 cutter provides a depth of cut of 1.5 or 2.0 mm and is available in diameters of 25-125 mm or 1-4 in. and is ideal for high-speed milling in steel and cast iron, stainless steel and materials with difficult cutting properties. And for demanding machining…
The standard A2201 is an offset adaptor for reduced radial forces, greater stability and provides more space between the boring bar and the bore wall for improved chip removal with very deep bores. With the A3001 and the A2201 Walter has increased boring bar diameters to 2.5-4-in. and 60-100 mm.
The Xtra·tec XT M5009 face milling cutter has a 45° approach angle, is available in diameters of 25-160 mm (1-6 in.) and provides a depth of cut of 5 or 6.5 mm. It features three pitches for different applications (tools with wide and medium pitch for insert size SN X1205 are designed with carbide shim), and either ScrewFit or shell mill mount…
Positive with four cutting edges, it can be used on both sides, thus combining long tool life and high metal removal rates with greater cost-efficiency. The polished rake face improves chip removal, and the extremely sharp cutting edge creates a softer cutting action, important factors in the insert's positive reception by the market. The…
The M5004 octagon milling cutter combines efficiency and process reliability while also extending tool life, resulting in maximum productivity. Process reliability is enhanced thanks to the new tool's high stability. Lower tool costs and reduced time and labor result from its universal usability and no need for additional finishing operations.
WCH10C inserts deliver high repeat accuracy due to its sintering process and are tough and wear resistant due to the strong connection to their titanium carbide substrate. Optimum surface quality is promoted as well by their uniform grain distribution in the substrate, The new Walter coated mixed ceramic grade WCH10C inserts can be used…
The Xtra·Tec XT M5468 provides protection against twisting and cutting-edge rotation due to the eight facets on its indexable inserts. It also yields maximum productivity thanks to its ability to support optimum cutting data and promote long tool life, as well as maximum process stability due to the indexing of the indexable inserts using facets.…
The WHH15X grade features HIPIMS technology for excellent coating adhesion and a high degree of hardness, and AlTiN coating optimized for hard machining; this results in an extremely smooth surface for the best chip removal and high surface quality. This new grade also has an extremely wear-resistant carbide substrate and is available for tools…
The TC430 Supreme thread former, specialized for ISO P materials, is for blind-hole and through-hole threads up to 3.5 x DN. Multiple coolant configurations are offered to best optimize performance—axial or radial coolant, with or without lubrication grooves. This HSS-E-PM thread former with AlCrN or TiN coating is available for both metric and…
The TC420 Supreme includes one configuration with chamfer form E, (M5–M16) for blind-hole threads up to  3.5 × DN, which uses an innovative combination of chamfer form E with axial internal coolant and without lubrication grooves. This new combination also improves the lubrication and, at the same time, reduces the torque by up to 30% – with a…
The new cylindrical modular interface makes it easy to change existing copy, chamfer and shoulder milling tools, with no need to invest in new adaptors. It is easy to assemble and dismantle. Plus, the cylindrical centering reduces runout while providing a support face for good stability. Thanks to the stability and good concentricity of this tool…
The FW5 wiper geometries, with a new wiper curved cutting edge and V chip formation for short chips, can also be used on components with long overhangs thanks to the reduced cutting pressure. In addition, the MW5, with its longer cutting edge, is suitable for the highest feeds. The FW5 and MW5 are available on a variety of inserts. These new…
The P6006 insert can perform up to 10 x Dc without the need for a pilot drill. It features a protective chamfer on the insert with HIPIMS-PVD coating, and the wear resistant WPP25 grade which leads to maximum tool life in stable conditions. Further, the insert has a 100° prism for the contact point in the body, and a 140° point angle with new…
Walter's T2710 indexable thread milling cutter can be used universally in steels, stainless steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, high-temperature alloys, and hardened steels up to 55 HRC. It machines threads with nominal diameter from 0.79 in. (20 mm), and pitch range of 1.5 - 6 mm/18-6 TPI up to 1.5 x Dn thread depth. The tool is supplied…
This innovative insert seating substantially eliminates the tendency for vibrations, increasing insert life as well as tool holder life. The design also prevents incorrect engagement, especially for narrow insert widths, and enables an extremely high indexing accuracy. Elevated protective edge is an inbuilt feature of these DX18 carbide inserts…
The MC377 Advance, with protective chamfer, corner radii, and center cutting edge, can be used for chrome-nickel and steel materials, as well as titanium. The MD377 Supreme is a solid carbide milling cutter with a corner radius and central internal coolant engineered for titanium machining.
The MC128 Advance boasts a wide diameter range of 1/4 -3/4 in. (2-25 mm) with a TiAIN coating for universal use. WJ30TF grade is available for ISO materials P, M, K, and S. The MC128 Advance is well suited for die and mold work as well as general metalworking. The MD128 Supreme provides 64% more tool life when compared to similar competitive…
With this new tool, V or D-style inserts with just two cutting edges and lower stability (ISO VBMT, VCMT, DCMT) are replaced with triangular cutting inserts with three cutting edges and high stability. These three-edged inserts allow for a 50° undercut angle, ideal for profiling operations. Since the insert shape enables turning both towards as…
The Walter MD838 Supreme (conical version) has an effective radius of 250-1000 mm, a corner radius of 0.5 - 4.0 mm and is available in diameters of 6-16 mm. Walter also offers a version of this tool with ConeFit exchangeable head. The MD839 Supreme (tangential version) has an effective radius of 100 mm, a corner radius of 1-4 mm and in diameters…
High tool life is achieved thru WEP10C coated cermet grade with multilayer TiCN TiAlN PVD coating and fine cermet micro grain. The combination of edge preparation and grade also ensures dimensional stability over long periods of time, which boosts productivity in mass production
The unique TiAlN-Al2O3 multilayer coating system makes the WSP45G both hard and tough, and thus extremely resistant to abrasive wear and high temperatures, with controlled residual stresses and less flank wear, all boosting tool life. A special mechanical post-treatment improves hairline crack performance and protects the cutting edge from micro-…
Enhancements to the Xtra·tec XT M5130 milling cutter, including a new clearance angle of 7° have added to this universal tool's existing benefits of high performance, high surface quality, exceptional reliability and safety, and outstanding versatility. The M5130 handles a wide array of machining operations including face, shoulder, ramping…
Accure·tec adaptors are ideally suited for the Walter Xtra·Tec® XT milling cutter range. This makes the system highly versatile. For example, for components with deep cavities in aircraft construction and aerospace industry in general, as well as the automotive, energy, die/mold, and general metalworking industries. Users can benefit from both the…
The Xtra·tec XT M5012 is highly cost-effective thanks to inserts being offered in a fully ground configuration for maximum precision, or fully sintered configuration for maximum cost efficiency. The bodies are offered in either ScrewFit or shell mount and with two pitches for different applications.
The M5137 Xtra·tec® XT boasts reduced process costs thanks to its Tiger·tec® coating and six cutting edges per indexable insert. This translates to simple tool selection and low cutting material costs​, and highly cost-effective operation due to low unit costs.
WBH20 is a grade well suited for ISO-H Group of material such as for hard turning applications. WBS10 is well suited for ISO-S materials, specifically nickel-based (such as Inconel), iron-based (such as Udimet) or cobalt-based (such as Hayens). 
Available in diameter sizes ranging from 0.562-1.375 in. and 16-42 mm with 2, 3, 4 x Dc, the new drill delivers maximum process reliability with simple and efficient chip removal, two coolant channels and polished flutes. Superior protection against friction is provided by the D3120 hardened and polished surfaces. This combination of surface…
The M2471 milling cutter, ideal for the aerospace and energy industries, boasts a high metal-removal rate even on low-performance machines thanks to its soft cutting geometries and positive cutting characteristics. It brings all the benefits of single-sided round inserts to double-sided round insert cutting. The insert and body are designed so…
More cost-effective than comparable systems but just as easy on tools, the AB735 synchronous threading adaptor maximizes tool performance. In addition to the minimized wear, the modular design of the adaptor also contributes to cost-efficiency: Exchangeable front pieces for different thread sizes or tool diameters (ER16 to ER32) can be used with…
 These new grades complement Walter's previously released WBH10C coated CBN and WBH10 and WBH20 CBN grade ideal for high temperature stability in hard metal turning. These inserts also have the option of chip breaker (TM-M2) for trouble shooting and wiper (MW2) for exceptional surface finish or higher feed and productivity. Various standard…
The MC025 Advance is available in diameters from 1/8-1 in. (1-25 mm). A single grade is offered for universal applications for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and materials with difficult cutting properties as well as its ability to lower inventory costs.The MD025 Supreme solid carbide milling cutter boasts a high number of teeth for maximum…
Tangentially mounted grooving insert with a robust seating surface also ensures maximum stability. The insert and pocket design features an axial key stop for added stability against the side cutting (axial) forces. Precision cooling on the flank surface is offered as a standard feature for longer tool life. The chip breaker for the inserts is…
With the special flute geometry, the chips (swarf) are evacuated effectively. This means that hole depths of up to 12 x Dc can be easily achieved. Oil or emulsion can both be used as a coolant with these drills. For deeper holes beyond 8 x Dc, Walter has also introduced a corresponding line of pilot micro drills, the DB131. 
The exceptionally smooth yet hard coating improves surface quality, which, in turn, significantly reduces torque requirements. Intended for blind hole and through hole threads and thread depths up to 3.5 x DN in steel, it has also shown good results in machining cast iron and aluminum. The TC470 Supreme is offered in four variants: With or without…
The mill is best suited to machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous material and materials with difficult cutting properties. This wide range of uses results in lower tooling and administrative costs, as does the fact that its 90° approach angle dramatically decreases the need for finishing operations. Walter Tiger·tec cutting tool…
Available in lengths of 6, 8, and 10 x Dc and boring bar diameters of 1.25, 1.50, and 2.00 in. (32, 40, and 50 mm) with additional sizes and lengths available on request. Capto C6, C8 connections along with HSK100T connections are also offered as standards. The new boring bars feature compact, robust QuadFit precision quick-change exchangeable…
The GD8 geometry has been specifically developed for grooving along the shoulders and grooving of large diameters without interference of the insert with the finished workpiece. The VG8 geometry has been developed for finishing operations behind a collar.
The G4014-P groove turning holder makes it possible to change inserts in the machine – even where space is limited—in particular on long center lathes and multi-spindle machines. As a result, changing inserts is approximately 70% faster.
Walter has launched the new Xtra·tec XT M5008, an indexable high-feed milling cutter in the diameter range of 5/8–2½ in. (16–66 mm) that permits high feed per tooth at low axial depths of cut. Application areas range from pocketing, grooving and surface machining.
Walter has introduced the MU5 double-sided indexable insert for turning operations. The insert can be used universally both for steel forged parts and also for stainless materials.
Walter has introduced the TC410 Advance HSS-E thread former, a versatile new TiN-coated threading tool that’s cost-effective even for small and medium batch sizes. It can be used universally for blind-hole and through-hole threads in most materials having a primary application in ISO material groups P, M and N and ISO K and S as a secondary…
Walter has added Walter Capto toolholders and insert widths to its Walter Cut MX grooving system. Capto toolholders feature enhanced rigidity and modularity, while the tapered polygonal shape handles both torsional and bending forces with ease. This interface can be used for lathes and turn/mill centers.
Walter has introduced the MC232 Perform line of solid-carbide milling cutters. These milling cutters, the latest addition to Walter’s cost-effective Perform product range, feature a corner radius and reduced neck. Solid-carbide milling cutters with corner radii allow improved approaches to individual component geometries.
Walter has introduced the T2713, a universal indexable thread mill suitable for a variety of materials up to 55 HRC. This newest addition to the Walter thread milling system combines the advantages of thread milling with the efficiency of tapping. Due to the smooth cutting and lower cutting forces, machining times can be comparable to those of…
Walter has added PCD grooving inserts to its Walter Cut GX grooving system, the innovative tool technology for grooving and parting off. These new geometries, straight edge (F1) and full radius (M1) excel at grooving in aluminum and titanium alloys, bringing high cutting speed, longer tool life and fine surface quality to grooving, parting and…
Walter has introduced single-sided indexable inserts with new HU5 geometry. These HU5 inserts can dramatically boost productivity particularly in rough machining of stainless steels and heat-resistant superalloys and secondarily in steel. They are typically used in machining AISI 316 material, Inconel 718 and titanium.
Walter has expanded its productive and cost-effective Walter Perform lineup of TC115/TC216 taps with an array of new sizes, giving these highly flexible taps an even wider range of application in a variety of materials. They provide an excellent means of cost savings, especially with small and medium batch sizes.
Walter has introduced the M4130, a shoulder milling cutter that reduces costs through its ability to use Walter’s universal M4000 system inserts in a variety of different applications. It’s soft cutting action makes the M4130 shoulder milling cutter ideal for roughing operations involving steel, cast iron, stainless steels and materials with…
The M2028/M2029 octagon facemilling cutters from Walter delivers high feed rates and lower tooling costs for a wide variety of roughing and finishing applications, thanks in large measure to their stable, negative, double-sided inserts that feature 16 cutting edges.
Walter has released the TC620 Supreme thread milling cutter, enabling threading that combines maximum productivity with superior process reliability. Its multiple-row concept with its lower cutting forces not only reduces machine time and wear, but also improves process reliability and handling, even with demanding materials.
The DC160 X∙treme Evo Advance solid-carbide universal drill from Walter, features exceptional positioning accuracy. This is achieved with its innovative new thinner web at the point; rapid guidance in the hole due to the advanced positioning of the margins; and high productivity in many different applications.
Walter has expanded its cost-effective, flexible M4000 milling cutter system with the addition of the new M4791 routing cutter. Capable of plunging in solid material and producing a true flat bottom, the new routing cutters have an application in both lathes and machining centers.
Walter has introduced the Walter BLAXX F5055, a slitting cutter with excellent process reliability, accuracy and tool life. It teams the extremely robust and precise construction of Walter BLAXX with the Walter Cut SX system of inserts.
Walter has introduced the MC319/MC320 Advance Line of solid-carbide milling cutters that have been specially engineered for roughing. The Advance lineup is one of the three categories to Walter milling tools.
Walter has introduced the D4120, an indexable insert drill, (with up to 5 x Dc) that combines superior performance, enhanced precision and cost-effectiveness due to Walter’s technological advancements.
Walter has introduced new PCBN grades for improved turning of hardened steel up to 65 HRC. These grades (WBH10C, WBH10 and WBH20) provide users with an array of benefits. High-quality surface finish due to unique new wiper geometry (MW2) and long tool life with the new TiAlSiN-coated grade (WBH10C) are just some of these benefits.
Walter has announced the introduction of the TC117/TC217 Advance cut taps for high threading productivity in a wide range of different materials. The Advance lineup is one of the three categories to Walter threading tools.
Walter has added two new cast iron insert grades to its Perform Line family of turning tools, the WKV10 and WKV20. These new negative geometry grades are versatile, cost-effective inserts and are ideal for those who machine small or medium batch sizes. These new grades in the Perform Line supplement corresponding grades for steels that were…
Walter has added indexable inserts to the range of products available via the Walter Xpress fast delivery service. Previously the special custom solutions available with Walter Xpress had been limited to round tools and tools that hold indexable inserts.
Walter has introduced its next generation of milling tools: the Xtra·tec XT (Xtended Technology). Designed to achieve increased productivity and process reliability, this new generation of milling cutters is being launched with initial offerings of shoulder milling cutters and a facemilling cutter. The mills cover virtually all requirements in…
Walter has expanded its milling program with additions that allow the universal, square system inserts of its versatile M4000 milling line to be used in its F2010 program, which is a milling family that utilizes a replaceable and adjustable cartridge.
Walter has introduced the D3120, an indexable insert drill built to provide trouble-free drilling in virtually all conditions. It features square positive indexable inserts with four cutting edges, enabling it to reduce cost per cutting edge.
Walter has expanded its Tiger·tec Gold line of indexable inserts with the addition of the WMP45G grade made specifically to handle the challenges of turbine blade machining. The new WMP45G grade, available as round indexable inserts for the F2334R copy milling cutter, is for facemilling and copy milling of martensitic and austenitic stainless…
Walter has introduced the DC150 Perform 5 × Dc drill, a versatile and cost-effective solid-carbide drill that can be used universally with all materials and with a broad range of workpieces. Like the others in the DC150 Perform Line, the new drill is suitable for use anywhere small and medium batch sizes need to be machined with high precision and…
The Walter Cut MX grooving inserts deliver high levels of flatness and surface quality with their tangentially-mounted arrangement in the G3011/G3021 holders. Four cutting edges per insert multiply user productivity and, if one cutting edge breaks, the other cutting edges remain usable.
Walter has developed the Insert Converter app, which quickly shows the insert selection with the latest Walter grades and chipbreaker geometries for an application. It is aimed at anyone who wants to enhance their machining process, increase tool life and process reliability, or improve their productivity.
The DA110 Perform drill from Walter can be used universally and cost-effectively for a wide range of materials. It delivers maximum accuracy thanks to its precision-ground surfaces and a tip geometry that has been engineered for optimum centering accuracy, while keeping production costs as a primary consideration.
The M4258 modular helical milling cutter from Walter, the most recent addition to its M4000 family of high-performance helical milling cutters, brings cost efficiency and excellent process reliability to slot milling, and can be used for ramping, pocket milling, shoulder milling and circular interpolation as well. Versatility also extends to…
The new versatile high-performance TC420 Supreme thread former from Walter features a new substrate and a new polygon geometry that provides better forming behavior, less friction and longer tool life. In addition, its polished surface yields a better surface finish than is achieved with thread cutting.
Walter has introduced the new A60 and AG60 inserts for small to medium pitch threads. Just like the existing MX geometries (CF5 and GD8 for grooving and parting, RF5 for grooving and copy turning), the new MX geometries A60/AG60 provide long tool life, fine surface quality and process reliability. The inserts have four cutting edges.
The new Cermet WEP10 indexable turning inserts from Walter deliver long tool life and high productivity. Their fine-grain titanium carbide substrate with Ni/Co binder produces a stable cutting edge. Combined with an extremely hard TiCN outer layer, this grade provides multiple advantages during finishing operations when compared to carbide inserts.
Walter has introduced WSM01, a premier grade for demanding machining applications. Coupled with Walter’s new MS3 negative geometry, it produces burr-free results with high surface finish quality in the hardest materials.
The versatile new DC160 Advance solid-carbide drill from Walter delivers high productivity in a wide variety of materials and can be used universally in an extremely broad range of applications. The newly designed drill offers many advantages. The margins are located in an advanced forward position to ensure rapid guidance in the hole. A steep…
Walter has introduced the D4140 indexable insert drill, a tough and versatile new drill that delivers enhanced process reliability and extended tool life. The D4140 advantage stems from its design and construction, featuring a hardened and polished surface that offers exceptional resistance to friction wear. The drill’s ground and polished flutes…
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp ceramic milling cutters MC275/MC075. These two new tools deliver significantly increased productivity, cutting speeds and high metal-removal rates in the machining of nickel-based alloys.
Walter has introduced the DB130 Advance, its smallest solid-carbide microdrill with diameters from 0.004 to 0.06 in. (0.1 mm to 1.45 mm). With a point angle of 118° and cylindrical shank, the drill meets DIN 1899 standards.
Walter has announced several extensions to its Tiger-tec Gold inserts, all of which possess the features that have made it so successful: A smooth rake face for excellent friction characteristics; optimal wear detection due to its gold-colored top layer; an especially tough cutting edge for maximum process reliability; and the latest coating…
The new WCK10 ceramic cutting grade from Walter is optimized for roughing gray cast iron at high cutting speeds, with either continuous or interrupted cutting. The inserts deliver improved productivity, process reliability and longer tool life due to their new Si3N4 wear-resistant ceramic cutting material.
Walter has introduced its ISO H Advance Line of solid-carbide milling cutters, consisting of seven new cutter families specially tailored to the requirements of hard machining (up to 63 HRC). These new cutters include mini and multi-flute, shoulder/slot, ball-nose and high-feed milling cutters, which cover the full range of solid-carbide milling.
Walter has introduced two new insert grades in its Perform Line of turning tools, the WPV10 and WPV20. These versatile, cost-effective inserts are suitable for users whose machines are limited in cutting parameters due to their stability and performance, and who need a versatile insert that can handle different materials, as well as for those who…
Walter has introduced the TC120, TC121 and TC122 Supreme, three new blind-hole taps that combine maximum performance in steel with improved tool life and process reliability. These new entries in the Walter Supreme line have been specially developed for machining steel.
Walter has expanded the range of its innovative T2711/T2712 thread milling cutter family for cutting large threads with two new tool bodies for the M56 and M64 threads and three new thread milling cutter inserts. Walter's multiple-row T2711/T2712 thread milling cutter family, which can increase productivity for some applications by as much as…
Walter has expanded its popular Paradur HT HSS-E blind-hole tap range by adding UNC thread dimensions. Previously available in dimensions M4-M36 and M10×1-M33×2, Walter has now expanded the range of the taps to include dimensions UNC 1/4-UNC 1.
The new Walter Cut MX grooving and parting tool reportedly improves accuracy, stability and process reliability by adopting and improving on proven technology. These new indexable inserts have four cutting edges per insert.
The new MD133 Supreme milling cutter from Walter, designed specifically for dynamic milling, delivers increased process reliability, particularly during unmanned operation. It reportedly boosts productivity thanks to a higher metal-removal rate and a reduction in machining time.
Walter has introduced the Walter has introduced the M2471, a copy milling cutter with excellent cost efficiency thanks to its high metal-removal rate -- even on low performance machines, coupled with lower cutting material costs resulting from its eight cutting edges (four per side) per insert. These 12 mm positive cutting geometry, round inserts…
Walter has unveiled the Walter Cut G1221-P, an innovative grooving boring bar with precision cooling, for recessing and internal grooving. This monoblock boring bar has two coolant holes.
Walter has introduced three new Walter Cut GX Tiger·tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades—the WKP13S, WKP23S and WKP33S—for use on steel and cast-iron applications. These have been introduced in combination with Walter's geometries UD4, UA4, UF4, RD4 along with plunge grooving and parting geometries GD3 and CE4.
Walter has introduced the M2136, a multitooth close-pitch finishing cutter that features a high degree of process reliability coupled with superior cost effectiveness, particularly with cast iron, thanks in part to its eight cutting edges per insert. These stable, negative inserts promote not only stability but also ease of handling as well as…
Walter says its new FM5 finishing and RM5 roughing indexable insert geometries deliver optimal cooling, longer tool life, and increased productivity in high-temperature alloy and stainless-steel machining. The new inserts owe their effectiveness, in part, to their "jet guiding geometry," or targeted cooling.
Walter has expanded the capabilities of its popular Walter BLAXX M3024 heptagon milling cutter with new wiper inserts. The inserts, which have two right-hand and two left-hand cutting edges, were specifically developed for the Walter BLAXX M3024, and allow it to be used for finishing operations.
Walter has added to its range of solid-carbide milling cutters with the introduction of its MC232 Perform product line. This versatile, cost-effective new cutter type is available with 2, 3 or 4 flutes, in a diameter range of 1/8 in. to 5/8 in. (2 to 20 mm).
Walter says it has introduced a new and innovative cutting geometry, the MS3, teamed with a new high tech grade, WSM01. The new WSM01 grade, manufactured using the HiPIMS (high-power impulse magnetron sputtering) method, provides extremely smooth surfaces that are characterized by excellent layer thickness, outstanding layer bonding and high-level…
Walter has expanded the productive and cost effective Walter Titex Perform lineup of TC115/TC216 taps with an array of new sizes. The Perform lineup of products is one of three categories to Walter Titex threading tools. Perform tools are products that provide an economical solution with focused importance on price.
Walter has introduced the Walter Cut—Modular System G2612/2622, new SX system tools for deep grooving and parting operations that reportedly save time and cost. Suitable for all machine types, and for grooving and parting-off ranging from small to large diameters, the system allows users to simply replace the module to change to a different…
Walter has introduced two new products for the DC150 drill lineup: 3xD and12xD, both with coolant through the tool body. The DC150 is positioned in the Perform line—a tough, versatile and cost effective Walter Titex family of solid-carbide drills. The two, new length-to-diameter ratio drills join the 5xD and 8xD drills.
Walter has introduced the G1041, a new line of parting blades with a reinforced shank that ensures maximum stability and reliable grooving processes. Suitable for grooving and parting off on all kinds of turning machines, the G1041 features coolant supply through the clamping block, enabling precision coolant delivery directly to the chipbreaker…
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp MC251 solid-carbide mill, positioned with the Advance product line designation. Advance referring to mid-level performance and price.
The new Walter Cut G1511-P grooving tool with precision coolant supply, available in 1.0 in. shank sizes, provides long tool life and high productivity, among other benefits. It is suitable for universal use, performing grooving, parting-off, recessing and face grooving with GX insert cutting widths from 0.024 to 0.250-in. (0.6 to 6.35 mm), and…
Cast iron drilling has taken a significant step forward with an expanded insert range for new diameters in the high-speed Color Select P6005-WKK45C grade for Xtra·tec B401x point drills. These new inserts are available in diameters up to 1.50 in. (37.99 mm). With this expansion, the grade specially developed by Walter for machining cast iron can…
The new MC341 Supreme carbide shoulder/slot milling cutter from Walter is specially designed for extended tool life when machining steel and stainless steels. According to the company, yhe cutter delivers exceptional tool life, plus performance improvements of up to 100 percent thanks to the innovative new Walter WK40TZ grade, a special…
Walter has introduced its new Prototyp Advance line of solid-carbide milling tools for universal application. The new Advance milling cutter line consisting of six cutter types and 250 line items, each reportedly providing the ideal balance of hardness and toughness for the widest possible application, plus long tool life (increases of up to 50…
Walter says it has unveiled a technology that promises to dramatically improve machining effectiveness. Called Tiger·tec Gold, it is the latest iteration of Walter’s successful line of Tiger·tec and Tiger·tec Silver coatings.
Walter has launched a major extension of its turning geometry program with new products that bring Walter precision and reliability to a range of new applications. Extensions include the FM4 positive inserts.
Walter has expanded its successful DC170 Supreme internally cooled, solid-carbide drill with the introduction of two new sizes, the 25xDc and 30xDc. These sizes extend the drill line, aimed at ISO material groups P, K, and H, to new depths, while keeping the performance enhancing benefits of the DC170 line.
The RM5 stainless steel roughing geometry from Walter USA LLC features guided twin-channel coolant targeted at the chip. This provides maximum cooling and enhanced tool life for machining ISO M stainless steels and ISO S high-temperature alloys, according to the company.
The aim of the Perform drill line is to offer customers the same outstanding Walter quality they have come to expect, but without having to pay for a level of performance that offers them no benefits at all. The DC150 Perform affords significant advantages primarily where users need to machine small and medium batch sizes due to its universal use…
The new M2131 Sky·tec Ramping Cutter from Walter reportedly brings new, higher levels of process reliability to the machining of nonferrous metals such as the aluminum wrought alloys or aluminum lithium alloys often used in aircraft structural components. The cutter allows shorter machining time due to its high metal-removal rate and delivers long…
Walter says its double-sided ISO indexable inserts with RP7 geometry provide maximum process reliability in rough turning by combining a ground contact surface with an optimized profile that has a tailored protective chamfer to guard against fracturing. The RP7 benefits from a new design that features a specially designed T-land for protection…
Walter has announced the addition of the M4256, M4257 and M4258 high-performance helical milling cutters to its M4000 family. The M4000 program offers the advantages of a system insert concept that allows one insert style to be used in a variety of tools, permitting a wide array of milling operations.
The WDN10 from Walter, a high-performance and wear-resistant polycrystalline diamond (PCD) insert delivers outstanding hardness, a low coefficient of friction and minimum heat distortion. This helps result in maximum productivity and cost efficiency in the high-speed machining of nonferrous materials.
Walter has introduced the Walter BLAXX M3016, a heavy-duty milling cutter with the ruggedness and power needed to make heavy cuts seem easy. The M3016 tackles ISO material groups P, M and K, and difficult applications such as machining frames made from cast iron for large molds, or housings for wind energy rotor hubs.
Walter has introduced the Tiger·tec Silver grade WSM45X, creating an indexable inserts with high-temperature resistance, improved wear resistance, outstanding toughness, and exceptional hardness. These key features of inserts in the new Tiger·tec Silver grade WSM45X can boost performance by up to 67 percent over comparable tools, according to the…
What if your tools could talk to you, providing you with timely information about their status and the conditions they were encountering, as well as tips that enhance your specific application? With Walter’s new wear-optimization app, they can.
Walter has introduced the Walter Titex DB133 Supreme, a solid-carbide microdrill that reportedly delivers tight tolerances, high-quality surface finishes, superior process reliability and longer tool life. The difference for the DB133 Supreme begins with the use of grades WJ30EL and WJ30ER, developed by Walter specifically for microdrills.
Walter has introduced a new version of its Walter Prototyp Proto▪maxST high-performance, solid-carbide milling tool designed for optimal performance on steel with secondary applications in stainless steel. This new entry in the Walter Prototyp lineup is called the Proto·maxST Z-5, available with the same tough yet wear-resistant TAZ coating that…
Walter has broadened its line of boring tools with the introduction of the B3220 boring cartridge for axial-radial offset roughing (ARS), expanding on previous methods that were either symmetrical or asymmetrical. This versatile new tool, designed for use with the Walter B3220 but which can be used with the Walter B3221 and B3224 boring tools as…
Walter has introduced new parting blade adapters for BMT/DO machines that ensure precision cooling of both the insert and the parting blade, thus improving chip control and tool life, and helping to increase productivity. With the Walter design, the coolant flows through the adapter directly into and through the parting blade to the cutting zone.
Walter USA LLC offers a solid-carbide, through-coolant drill for ISO-P and ISO-K materials. The design allows coolant flow to encompass the entire drill point, producing optimal cooling of both the drill and the tool/workpiece interface, according to the company. Controlling the coolant flow contributes to fine surface finishes, helping users…
Designed to improve the manufacturing process, the new Walter Tool-ID system reportedly allows users to transfer tool data from the presetting device to the machine tool and evaluate the parameters that are run on the machine, according to a Feb. 2 news release from Walter USA LLC, Waukesha, Wis. The tool data, which may be contained in a laser-…
Walter has unveiled the Walter BLAXX M3024 heptagon milling cutter, the latest entry in its line of high-productivity milling tools. The M3024, in diameters from 1.5" to 6.0" (40mm to 160mm) boasts the line's trademark wear-protected black tool body, plus indexable inserts with 14 cutting edges, which reduces tooling costs. 
Walter has introduced Walter Turn Precision Coolant, a powerful and targeted coolant delivery system that produces a direct coolant supply through the insert clamp and along the flank face of the insert. The result is said to be a 30- to 150-percent increase in tool life (depending on material and coolant pressure) for stainless materials, high…
In a news release issued Jan. 16, Walter USA LLC, Waukesha, Wis., unveiled its P6005-WKK45C point drill insert that reportedly brings new levels of performance and cost effectiveness to drilling cast materials (ISO K) as well as other materials. The P6005-WKK45C insert design features a new high-performance geometry for maximum productivity in…
Walter Tools, Waukesha, Wis., recently introduced its new Advance product line, which the company claims increases tool life up to 50 percent. The MC251 Advance solid carbide milling cutters from Walter's Prototyp brand is said to be the ideal geometry for machining stainless materials from material group ISO M and for secondary applications…
Walter has unveiled its M2025/M2026 octagon finishing facemills designed to reporedly deliver superior surface quality on large cast iron components.
Walter says it has enhanced its M4000 milling cutter system with a new slot drill and a T-slot cutter, enabling users to tackle the vast majority of typical machining operations with a single high-performance yet cost-effective tooling system.
The new high-end TC142 blind hole taps from Walter are for machining stainless steels, ISO M materials.
Walter has introduced its latest orbital thread mills, the Thread Mill Orbital Unified National Fine (UNF) 2xD and 3xD models.
Walter has introduced the Walter Cut G1011-P, a new grooving tool that can enhance surface quality, extend tool life, and improve process reliability.
Walter has introduced a trio of universal, positive insert geometries that reduce downtime and boost performance in steel, stainless and iron machining (ISO material types P, M, and K).
he new Walter BLAXX F5038 helical milling cutter features the superior stability that characterizes the entire line of Walter BLAXX high-end milling tools, including face and shoulder milling cutters.
The new Walter D4580 chamfer body provides cost effective drilling and chamfering in one tool.
Walter has introduced the Walter Tiger·tec Silver WPP05S, an extremely wear resistant indexable insert grade that delivers high performance and maximum productivity in steel machining (ISO P), particularly in roughing forged components and long production runs.
Walter has introduced the B3230 Walter Capto fine boring tool.
Walter has introduced a pair of versatile, high performance and cost-effective taps: the Walter Prototyp TC115, designed for blind-hole threads, and the TC216 for through-hole threads.
Walter has introduced a reduced weight version of its Walter Precision<sup>MEDIUM</sup> B4031.C with the Walter Capto modular toolholding interface.
Walter USA LLC hasenhanced its versatile family of Xtra-tec Insert Drills with the addition of the Walter Capto clamping system and indexable inserts with Tiger-tec Silver cutting tool material.
Walter has extended its range of pilot drills with addition of the X&middot;treme Pilot 180.
The tough, versatile, and cost effective new Walter Titex DC150 family of solid-carbide drills brings Walter quality and reliability to the gritty world of everyday machining, where older machines, small quantities, and frequent workpiece changes is the order of the day.
Walter has introduced two new indexable insert cartridges for the Walter F2010 facemill.
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp Supreme TC610 and TC611 solid-carbide thread mills, high performance tools that deliver significant increases in thread quality, milling productivity and process reliability while boosting tool life.
Walter USA LLC has introduced three new Walter Cut GX Tiger-tec Silver CVD grooving and parting grades, the WKP13S, WKP23S and WKP33S, which are being introduced in combination with Walter's provden geometries UD4, UA4, UF4, RD4 and the plunge grooving and parting geometries GD3 and CE4.
Walter has added additional sizes and designs to its Walter Cut-SX single-edged grooving system for grooving and parting.
Walter has expanded its Tiger-tec Silver range of indexable inserts with three new ISO P geometries, all possessing a positive cutting edge design.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the M4000, a universal milling system that improves production while reducing tooling requirements, thus reducing costs.
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp Supreme MB265 and MB266 solid-carbide milling cutters, two new milling tools that boost productivity due to their high metal-removal rates, while also increasing process reliability thanks to design features that act to enhance stability while simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of microfracturing.
Walter is offering its counterboring and precision boring tools with connections for Walter Capto adapters.
Blaxx F5055 slitting cutter from Walter USA LLC reportedly features robust and accurate construction with superior performance and process reliability that characterizes the Blaxx line.
Walter has expanded its range of tough, reliable and long-life standard solid carbide deep-hole drills with the introduction of the Walter Titex X-treme D40 and the X-treme D50.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled its new Prototex HP-P, a high-performance tap that can handle the demands of large batch sizes and mass production.
Walter USA LLC has expanded its "Tough Guys" series of high-performance solid-carbide endmills with the new Walter Prototyp Proto-max<sub>TG</sub> (the TG stands for Tough Guys).
Walter has introduced Tiger-tec Silver HU6, a round insert with a new geometry, specifically developed for medium and heavy-duty roughing of solid railroad wheels and other forged parts.
In response to increased industry demands for precision, Walter USA LLC has expanded its high-performance line of Titex X-treme DM micro drills with the addition of products in the 16xD and 30xD drilling depth ranges.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Cut SX grooving and parting system, a flexible new approach for both turning and milling operations that reportedly brings higher levels of reliability, productivity, and tool life to these crucial operations.
Walter USA LLC has introduced three new insert geometries that produce superior results in parting and grooving operations.
Walter USA LLC has added two new geometries to its line of high-performance Tiger-tec Silver inserts.
New Prototyp Prototex Eco Plus from Walter is a through-hole tap that delivers superior performance and tool life, according to the company.
With the launch of its new website, Walter has provided a new virtual tool titled Product Code Search, an online search function for Walter tools which uses the name or order number of the tools as the search criteria.
Walter USA LLC has expanded its line of Walter Blaxx milling cutters with the introduction of the F5138, the first helical flute cutter in the Blaxx family.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled a series of new inserts to its Walter Xtra-tec Point Drill lineup, which reportedly provide the optimal drilling solution for the heat exchanger industry.
Walter has expanded its line of Walter Titex X-treme DM high performance micro drills with eight new models, in drilling depths ranging from 2xD to 30xD.
Walter USA LLC has introduced Walter Cut UD4, a new insert geometry for radial grooving and groove turning in the automotive and general metalworking industries that delivers maximum process reliability, optimal chip formation, high levels of productivity and reduced tooling costs.
Walter USA LLC has announced a series of new insert geometries for turning that bring higher levels of productivity to a range of difficult applications.
Walter has introduced Tiger-tec Silver ISO K inserts, designed to boost performance and reliability in the machining of gray cast iron, ductile iron, and higher strength steel alloys under difficult conditions.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled the Walter Global Productivity System (Walter GPS).
Walter has introduced the Walter Prototyp Paradur Short Chip HT blind hole tap, designed to increase process reliability and quality when tapping long-chipping high tensile (HT) strength steels.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the new Tiger̢蠉ã¢tec Silver Turning for steel turning applications.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled the new Walter Titex reamers.
Walter has introduced E47, the versatile new counterboring insert geometry designed for use with the Walter BoringMEDIUM and Walter BoringMAXI tooling systems.
Walter USA LLC has announced that its Tiger-tec Silver for Turning product line has fielded four new cutting tool insert geometries: the RP5 for roughing, the MP5 for medium machining, the MP3 for low carbon steels, and the FP5 for finishing.
Walter USA LLC has introduced a new series of ceramic inserts directed at machining high-temp alloys such as Inconel, Waspalloy and Stellite.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled the latest version of the Walter Prototyp Paradur Eco Plus blind hole tap, a versatile performer that also offers long tool life plus enhanced reliability.
Walter USA LLC has announced the availability of the Haimer Safe-Lock clamping system with specially modified Walter Prototyp solid carbide mills.
Walter USA LLC has announced that Tiger-tec Silver, its high-performance aluminum oxide coating that has been boosting the productivity of its milling and turning inserts, is now available for its Xtra-tec Insert Drills as well.
Walter USA LLC has introduced Blaxx, a new shoulder mill that reportedly combines precision, high metal removal rates and process reliability in a single tool, with a high-gloss black finish that is both wear and corrosion resistant.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Prototyp Proto-max Inox, a solid carbide end mill that typically boosts stainless steel machining performance by as much as 50 percent when compared with conventional, universal solid carbide end mills.
Walter USA LLC has unveiled the first indexable inserts with the new Tiger-tec Silver PVD aluminum oxide coating.
Walter USA LLC has announced the latest addition to its Walter Valenite line of ValCool cutting fluids: The VPLFC.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Titex X-treme Inox, a high performance solid carbide drill with internal coolant and special coating, designed to tackle stainless steel and other high-alloy ISO M materials.
Walter USA, LLC has announced a series of enhancements to its line of grooving products.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the new F4031 Xtra-tec Toric copy mill.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Prototyp Proto-max ST solid carbide end mill designed to provide superior performance in the machining of steel.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Prototyp Protodyn HSC thread former, a solid carbide tool engineered to boost thread forming cutting speed, productivity and tool life.
Walter USA LLC announces the expansion of its Xtra-tec F4045 milling cutter line with a new cutter designed with a medium pitch for use on lower horsepower machines and for difficult to fixture workpieces.
To thread a hole and countersink it in one operation, Walter USA LLC, Waukesha, Wis., ( introduced a new version of the Prototyp TMC thread mill with a 90&deg; countersink. "A lot of times it's cost-prohibitive to order a step drill, for example, or have a separate countersinking operation," said Mark…
Walter USA LLC says its new Walter Titex UFL HSS-E grade high-speed drill significantly outperforms conventional drills, especially when drilling deep holes.
Walter USA LLC has expanded its line of Walter Cut tools for parting, grooving and turning with three new models optimized for shallow depth grooving of up to a maximum of 0.236" (6mm).
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Valenite F4050 cartridge type cutter, an innovative new approach to the challenges of high-speed milling of non-ferrous materials.
Walter LLC has expanded its popular line of Walter Titex X-treme deep-hole micro drills with three new high performance variants: the X-treme M, X-treme DM8 and the X-treme DM12.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Prototyp Proto-max Ultra ball-nose end mill, specially engineered for efficient machining of hard materials.
Walter USA LLC has introduced the Walter Titex XD70, a solid carbide drill that employs design and manufacturing innovations that bring new levels of productivity to the drilling of extremely deep holes.
Walter USA LLC has expanded its versatile Walter Valenite Xtra-tec insert drill line with additional products at both ends of the diameter spectrum.
Walter USA LLC has expanded its Walter Titex X-treme line of versatile, high-performance solid carbide drills with the addition of a drill for shallow hole drilling, while maintaining high rigidity requirements.
Walter USA LLC has introduced two new Walter Valenite ISO indexable inserts designed for machining nickel, cobalt and iron-based high temperature alloys, such as Inconel 718 and Waspaloy, commonly used in the aerospace, power generation and chemical industries.
Walter Titex X-treme solid carbide high-performance drills from Walter, currently in use in a wide variety of industries including automotive, energy, die and mold and general metalworking applications are now available as non-coolant thru drills.
In response to the success of its Tiger-tec Silver high-performance inserts, Walter USA LLC has added a tough new grade to the Walter Valenite indexable milling grade family. The existing universal WKP35S grade is now joined by WKP25S, a CVD aluminum oxide-coated insert that permits higher feed and speed rates, and higher rates of metal removal,…
Deep holes in one operation &mdash; when it comes to this, the XD drills from the Walter Titex brand are reportedly unbeatable.
From accessing important tool data to placing orders online in the Walter Toolshop: Walter Tools &amp; More app enables users to do both while on the move.
Walter USA LLC reports that its Tiger-tec Silver CVD-coated cutting tool material offers extreme toughness for high thermal shock resistance and enhanced wear characteristics at high machining temperatures.
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M4000 is the universal system for all users who want to have as many options as possible when milling. The M4000 range can master all machining tasks with one type of indexable insert.
The DC160 carbide drill features exceptional positioning accuracy.
With the WPP10G, WPP20G and WPP30G grades, Walter presents the new Tiger·tec® Gold indexable inserts, specially designed for turning operations. The multi-layered, highly textured MT-TiCN Tiger·tec® Gold coating increases tool life by an average of 50%.
With the new versions of the T2711 and T2712 thread milling cutters, Walter offers an indexable insert solution for small blind-hole and through-hole threads (≤ 2.5 × DN) in dimensions of M16, M18 and UNC3/4. It can be used in almost any material.
Whether it is groove turning holders and grooving systems for radial grooving, parting off, axial grooving and internal grooving, indexable inserts with new parting-off or groove turning geometries or tailored cutting tool materials and coatings, etc. — the comprehensive range of Walter parting-off tools enables you to achieve top performance.
Walter has introduced its next generation of milling tools: the Xtra·tec® XT (XT stands for "Xtended Technology")
The new DB133 drills, with their 140° point geometry, are available in diameter range from 1/32-5/64 in. and 0.5 to 2.95 mm. Length to diameter ratios (L/D) of 5, 8 and 12 x Dc are standard.
Every steel machining operation poses some challenges so it’s a good thing that Tiger·tec® Gold can handle almost any challenge involved in turning. The secret is the specialized design of the individual grades.
With over 3,000 new products in inch sizes, Walter has expanded its industry leading line of solid carbide milling tools. The newest lineup of tools provide cost-efficiency for different milling processes including slotting, ramping, roughing and finishing. With unique geometries and improved coatings, there are tools for all applications and all…
The Walter Cut grooving assortment is being expanded with the new SX parting/grooving/slot milling system. The system features toolholders with internal coolant supply, parting blades, and Blaxx system slotting mills. Each of the tools uses the same SX style inserts, available in the CE4, CF5 and CF6 geometries and Tiger•tec Silver PVD grades.
The Walter Cut MX grooving and parting tool improves accuracy, stability and process reliability by improving on proven technology.
Cutting Tool Engineering recently organized and hosted a Question & Answer style webinar with industry experts from Walter AG and RobbJack Corp. exploring the difficulties associated with machining aluminum. Terry Iverson, President and CEO of Iverson & Company, a sales, service and precision machine tool rebuilding company, moderated the…
The MD177 and the MD173 solid carbide milling cutters boast seven cutting edges to help extend the tool life of the milling cutter.
Walter USA's Bryan Curley, district sales manager of the East North Atlantic, and Timothy Lacey, field service engineer, discuss some of the cutting tool maker's new endmills and other products on display at the company's booth during Eastec 2023.

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Walter has reached an agreement to acquire the Melin Tool Co., a privately owned, Cleveland-based company and manufacturer of solid-carbide and HSS end mills, drills and countersinks. Melin is a growing company, supported by innovations in the solid-carbide endmill product family making the acquisition a strategic fit to increase Walter’s milling…
Walter USA LLC has assumed governance of the round tool production unit in Greer, South Carolina, through an intra-company transfer within the Sandvik Group. Having a dedicated production facility in the U.S. will enable Walter to provide both better responsiveness to customer demand as well as improve supply chain security.
Walter is bringing together its global presence and the high level technical expertise and know-how of lightweight machining specialist FMT (Frezite Metal Tooling), under the new brand.
Cutting tool manufacturer Walter USA LLC, Waukesha, Wis., appointed Dan Shelton managing director of the U.S.
Waukesha, WI—Walter AG, a cutting tool manufacturer and parent company of the Walter USA, LLC located here, has announced the appointment of Richard Harris as the new President.
Walter AG in Tübingen, Germany, and Vargus Ltd., headquartered in Nahariya, Israel, have established a joint venture named VWR Cutting Tools S.R.L. The new company will serve the European and U.S. markets.
Walter USA has relocated its Americas Technology Center along with the regional business operations from Waukesha, Wis., to Greer, S.C.
Waukesha, WI—Walter, a cutting tool manufacturer, now has product data available on MachiningCloud.
Waukesha, WI—Walter, a cutting tool manufacturer has announced the appointment of two new regional channel development managers to support its overall sales organization, channel partner relationships and aggressive business growth strategy.
Walter, a cutting tool manufacturer in Waukesha, Wisconsin, will showcase several cutting tool technologies at the EASTEC ’21 and SOUTHTEC ’21 trade shows.
Walter's exhibit will feature a huge expansion to the Prototyp brand Advance and Supreme line of solid-carbide endmills.
Waukesha, WI—Walter, a cutting tool manufacturer has announced the appointment of Richard Garrick as President Sales Region World West.