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Find out why five-axis machining is one of the core competencies needed to stay competitive in the aerospace market.
This webinar is based off an issue in the July 2024 issue of CTE. Ask ahead of time: Register now to submit your questions to be answered during the webinar!
This webinar is based off an issue in the September 2024 issue of CTE. Ask ahead of time: Register now to submit your questions to be answered during the webinar!

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Join us for an Ask CTE Contributors webinar led by industry veteran Tom Kowalski, Regional Manager for EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, when he provides invaluable insights on "Avoiding Tap Breakage with These Five Tips". Designed for manufacturers spanning all industries, this webinar will delve into the intricacies of tap selection, drilling considerations, and crucial decision-making that EMUGE-FRANKEN uses for optimizing thread quality and tool life – and avoiding the dreaded broken tap!
Register to watch the recorded webinar on-demand. Join Cutting Tool Engineering for a one-hour webinar based on this month’s cover story, “A Fluid Choice.” The article examines the options for high-pressure coolant when deep-hole drilling.
View an end-to-end tour of the ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) in this 17-minute on-demand webinar presented by ANCA Inc. The pre-recorded webinar describes how the AIMS automation system can help shops increase productivity, reduce cost per tool and improve quality.
Join Cutting Tool Engineering for a one-hour grinding webinar based on the "Diamond in the Wheel" feature article published in the October 2023 issue of CTE magazine. Authored by Thomas Namola and Jeremiah Wolf — product development and applications engineers at Abrasive Technology LLC — the article discusses the use of optimized single-layer diamond tools for cutting and shaping natural fiber-reinforced composite material. Namola and Wolf recap the article and take questions from webinar attendees.
The webinar, which is based on the "Tiny Drillers" feature published in the August issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, delves deeper into the products and strategies recommended for deep-hole microdrilling by Kennametal Inc. and Sandvik Coromant Co. In addition, a representative from MAQ AB discussed the company's vibration-damped turning tool that is 8 mm in diameter, which was the subject of a sidebar to the main feature article in CTE's August issue.
Not all titanium is alike. Depending on whether it is pure titanium or alloyed titanium, the chip removing process behavior differs. For these challenges, Mikron Tool has developed drills tailored to specific titanium grades that can machine titanium safely — with higher cutting performance results, longer tool lives and excellent hole quality. The webinar, which is presented by Clive Komlenic, sales director, East, for Mikron Tool, addresses chip formation, torque, material properties, overheating and Mikron’s latest state-of-art drill series technologies aimed at machining titanium.
Based on the "Deburring and Chamfering" feature article published in the June issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, this webinar uses the article by James Engineering as a launching point to address a few audience questions about deburring as well as the ROI calculations to consider if you plan to move from a manual deburring process to an automated system capable of handling high volume.
Jay Gordon, North American Sales Manager Saws and Hand Tools, for The L.S. Starrett Co., share tips on optimizing sawing processes. During an interactive Q&A conversation, Jay covers best practices for cutting challenging materials and offers tips on how to select the right band saw blade. He will also offer recommendations for what every operator should know before starting to make cuts.
Martin Dillaman, global manager of engineering/applications for Greenleaf Corp., recaps and takes questions regarding "Making the Grade," a feature article published in the April 2023 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine that discusses how the use of the right carbide inserts helps overcome any issues that might arise when rough turning steel.
Join Cutting Tool Engineering and UNISIG CEO Anthony Fettig for a 30-minute webinar based on an article in the March 2023 issue of CTE magazine that offers a detailed overview of what deep hole drilling entails.
Cutting Tool Engineering and Sandvik Coromant on Feb. 22 presented this one-hour webinar focused on how shops can add tool life and gain productivity advantages when performing facemilling and unrepeated shoulder milling for the automotive market. The webinar is based on "A Lighter Touch," a feature article published in the February 2023 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine. Sangram Dash, who authored the article and served as the webinar presenter, is the global product application manager for indexable milling at Sandvik Coromant.
This 30-minute webinar offers our readers an opportunity to take a deeper dive into the "Thread Without Dread" article published in the January 2023 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering. The article, which features insight from EMUGE-FRANKEN USA and Tapmatic Corp., maps out strategies for meeting the special challenges of putting screw threads in titanium.
Cutting Tool Engineering's July 2022 issue will focus on how shops can meet demand for stringent boring operations. Bores must be machined with micron accuracy and maintain critical tolerances in low- and high-volume  manufacturing applications. To supplement this report online, CTE will address some of these solutions during its Ask The Experts webinar scheduled for 10 a.m. (CDT) on Wednesday, July 20th. The Ask The Experts panel will consist of Rigibore Inc. President Anthony Bassett and BIG DAISHOWA Inc. Senior Product Specialist Matt Tegelman. 
Cutting Tool Engineering's April 2022 issue includes a feature article about double-sided inserts and high-feed indexable insert milling tools that can help reduce production costs. To supplement this report online, CTE will host a webinar at 10 a.m. (CST) on Wednesday, April 20, titled "Ask The Experts: Indexable Inserts." Robert Bokram, cutting tools product manager with Ceratizit USA will take a deeper dive into recent technological advancements that now allow toolmakers to produce inserts that they "could only dream about in the past."
Utilizing the latest machining options is important for shops to remain competitive and profitable. Join Cutting Tool Engineering and CAMWorks for this webinar to see revolutionary technologies and toolpath generation that reduce machining cycle time and increase tool life.
Cutting Tool Engineering recently organized and hosted a Question & Answer style webinar with industry experts from Walter AG and RobbJack Corp. exploring the difficulties associated with machining aluminum. Terry Iverson, President and CEO of Iverson & Company, a sales, service and precision machine tool rebuilding company, moderated the event. Our panelists included Jim Dale, Component Manager Aerospace, Walter AG, and Mike MacArthur, Vice President of Engineering, RobbJack Corp.
CTE and the RobbJack Corporation in November 2020 presented a webinar titled, "Tips to Improve Performance by 500% When Machining Medical Parts." Presented by Mike MacArthur, RobbJack's vice president of engineering, the webinar examines new cutting technologies and strategies that solve many of the difficulties experienced by shops machining many materials specific to medical machining, including cobalt-chrome, titanium, stainless steel, PEEK and many others.
Cutting Tool Engineering magazine hosted a Webinar Dec. 10, 2014, featuring Mike MacArthur, vice president of engineering at the RobbJack Corp. Following the main presentation, titled "Technologies & Strategies for Composite Drilling, Routing and Trimming," CTE Publisher Don Nelson held a brief Q&A session with questions submitted by the audience.
Join United Grinding Technologies for an in-depth look at cylindrical match grinding in an on-demand Webinar that addresses the need for match grinding, the principles behind match grinding, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the process.
Ron Sattler of Chemetall Inc. presents a Fast Track Seminar at the Cutting Tool Engineering booth during IMTS 2010. His presentation, titled "The Application of Sustainability in Metalworking Processes," is divided into two parts. Presented here is part two.