Video Reports

The all-new POW-R-ARC 6- and 8-flute ball-end cutter is here to save you amazing time and money with every 3D contour and chamfer. No need to stop and change tools for finishing.
Robotics Results: Beyond the obvious
This innovative, helical HSS and HSCO countersink drastically reduces axial and radial forces that occur during countersinking, due to the unique geometry of the cutting edge design. SpyroTec’s convex form and variable pitch cutting edges provide a stable countersinking process and minimal vibration – even when using a hand drill. Available from stock in 90 degree, 82 degree and 60 degree countersinks – also in convenient sets!
The IG 282 SD rotary surface grinder is packed with innovative features making it more powerful, precise, and most importantly, even easier to use. This machine is the first DCM style rotary surface grinder to feature a precision servo drive cross slide motor that allows this machine to grind tight tolerances along both the Z and X axis. Perform precise step grinds in materials such as glass, ceramic, carbide, and metals.
An excellent way to improve stability and accuracy in rotating tools applications when applied to Swiss-type and multitasking machines is to improve clamping stability by use of integral collets. What is an integral collet? An integral collet is a tool with a tapered shank for direct mounting on ER collet chucks.
Posted as a supplement to "Machining with a Microscope," a Look-Ahead article appearing in the July 2022 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, this video demonstrates how scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory precisely machined tiny, electrically conductive cubes that can interact with light and organized them in patterned structures that confine and relay the electromagnetic signal of light.
Posted as a supplement to "The Zenith of Boring," a feature article appearing in the July 2022 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, this video demonstrates how Rigibore's Zenith system integrates ActiveEdge tools with in-process gauging to enable a machine controller to automatically compensate for insert wear, temperature changes and material inconsistency without manual intervention and without manufacturing interruptions.
Cutting Tool Engineering's July 2022 issue will focus on how shops can meet demand for stringent boring operations. Bores must be machined with micron accuracy and maintain critical tolerances in low- and high-volume  manufacturing applications. To supplement this report online, CTE will address some of these solutions during its Ask The Experts webinar scheduled for 10 a.m. (CDT) on Wednesday, July 20th. The Ask The Experts panel will consist of Rigibore Inc. President Anthony Bassett and BIG DAISHOWA Inc. Senior Product Specialist Matt Tegelman. 
Rigibore’s “ActiveEdge” adjusts automatically from your measurement data, ensuring perfect bores with zero downtime. ActiveEdge tools are micron accurate in diameter (0.078 thou) so even the tightest of tolerances can be met effortlessly. Save money by increasing production and eliminating scrap, with ActiveEdge technology.
Marposs WRSP60 scanning probe with radio data transmission performs profile and surface contact scans on newly worked parts as well as measurements for run out, roundness and concentricity evaluation directly inside the machine.
PRAB demonstrates its E-Series Turnings and Chip Processing system as well as its High Volume Aluminum chip handling system as part of Cutting Tool Engineering's June 2022 cover story.
Sandvik Coromant offers a chip management demonstration as part of Cutting Tool Engineering's June 2022 cover story on chip handling systems.