CTE Lunch & Learn: Deep Hole Drilling

Published Date
March 22, 2023 - 04:00:pm

Join Cutting Tool Engineering and UNISIG CEO Anthony Fettig for a Deep Hole Drilling webinar based on an article in the March 2023 issue of CTE magazine that offers a detailed overview of what deep hole drilling entails. As the article notes, “The term gundrilling is routinely used to describe deep hole drilling, but gundrilling actually represents a small percentage of deep hole operations overall.” Fettig, who became CEO in 2009, has been with UNISIG for nearly 30 years. UNISIG is a product division of Entrust Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

Here are the handouts referenced in the webinar: Deep Hole Drilling Reprint | UNISIG Presentation

Related Glossary Terms

  • gundrilling


    Drilling process using a self-guiding tool to produce deep, precise holes. High-pressure coolant is fed to the cutting area, usually through the gundrill’s shank.


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