High productivity and perfect chip breaking

Published Date
April 01, 2022 - 01:00:am


Every steel machining operation poses some challenges so it’s a good thing that Tiger·tec® Gold can handle almost any challenge involved in turning. The secret is the specialized design of the individual grades. Whether the priority is high wear resistance for continuous cutting, or difficult conditions resulting in a high number of cutting interruptions meaning that maximum toughness is key, the right grade makes all the difference. Not to mention a technology that sets standards in steel machining across the industry: Tiger·tec® Gold. Click here for more information.

Related Glossary Terms

  • turning


    Workpiece is held in a chuck, mounted on a face plate or secured between centers and rotated while a cutting tool, normally a single-point tool, is fed into it along its periphery or across its end or face. Takes the form of straight turning (cutting along the periphery of the workpiece); taper turning (creating a taper); step turning (turning different-size diameters on the same work); chamfering (beveling an edge or shoulder); facing (cutting on an end); turning threads (usually external but can be internal); roughing (high-volume metal removal); and finishing (final light cuts). Performed on lathes, turning centers, chucking machines, automatic screw machines and similar machines.

  • wear resistance

    wear resistance

    Ability of the tool to withstand stresses that cause it to wear during cutting; an attribute linked to alloy composition, base material, thermal conditions, type of tooling and operation and other variables.


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