The DXGQ/U0703 inserts feature 55° nose angle with brazed CBN tips that are designed for hard part turning applications. The inserts incorporate HP chipbreaker and use WavyJoint brazing technology for the CBN tips which are designed to provide enhanced insert reliability during hard part turning. Also, the inserts feature four total cutting edges…
The round shank toolholders are designed to fit the cylindrical shank tool holders in most Swiss type lathes. Just as with the existing ModuMiniTurn square shank toolholders, the new round shank toolholders also features extremely high repeatability accuracy, which significantly reduces downtime.
The TungHeavyGroove toolholders utilize a frontal coolant system, delivering high-pressure cutting fluid from the bottom to the flank face of the cutting edge. This innovative design enhances chip evacuation and extends insert tool life significantly. Furthermore, an extremely rigid dovetail insert clamping method sustains heavy cutting loads…
Built on the proven features of the conventional XVCT-AJ inserts, the XVCT-AM inserts introduce an enhanced interface design. This design improves insert retention during high-speed machining while reducing raw material usage for insert production, all without compromising superior cutting performance.
Two new key sizes have been added: KHS-TID6-9.99 covers the drill diameter range from 6.0 to 9.9 mm (.236″ to .340″), while KHS-TID20-25.99 from 20.0 to 25.9 mm (.787″ to 1.020″). In addition to the key size that already exists for 10.0 to 19.9 mm (.394″ to .783″), these three key sizes cover the diameter range from 6.0 mm to 25.9 mm of the…
KKH cartridge modules take all customized fine boring tooling, whether they are designed by SwissBore or not, and turn them into a state-of-the-art fine boring solution that have one thing in common: they are all digital ready. The cartridge modules allows both radial and axial adjustments. Radial adjustments are possible without influencing axial…
The development of a cutting tool that optimizes performance during vibration cutting is a game-changer. NTK offers the ultimate solution, eliminating the uncertainty in tool selection.
This expansion increases GH730  grade options of the VST and VTB slot milling heads and the VTR thread milling heads. A PVD grade consisting of extremely wear-resistant coating layer, combined with a tough carbide substrate dedicated to the coating, GH730 provides much better wear resistance than the previous generation GH130. These…
The QC10 series offers an extensive selection of modular heads for applications including forward turning, back turning, grooving, parting, and thread turning. All modular heads have an internal coolant channel designed to deliver high pressure coolant precisely where it is needed, close to the cutting point. This improves chip control and also…
DX200 directly binds the diamond particles without using binder materials. This allows the grade to have an extremely pure cutting edge, making it an extremely effective tool for machining application-specific components that demand high levels of material purity, such as metal medical implants and sputtering targets for semiconductor applications.
DrillForceMeister incorporates a unique head-shank coupling interface that provides exceptional reliability when drilling relatively large diameter holes from 20 millimeters to 41 millimeters. When clamped, the drill head interlocks with the shank at larger contact areas, promoting high hole precisions and qualities. Furthermore, with the SMF flat…
TCB now offers AH6225 grade inserts. This latest physical vapor deposition (PVD) coated grade features a high-hardness titanium-rich PVD coating, combined with a tough dedicated carbide substrate. Extremely reliable and versatile insert grade, AH6225 allows TCB to efficiently cut bores in all material groups, including steel, stainless steel, and…
Providing exceptional reliability and increased tool life in steel, the new AH3225 insert grade consists of a unique nano-multilayer coating featuring three distinctive characteristics for improved resistance to built-up edge, wear, and delamination, combined with a dedicated tough carbide substrate. AH8015 is another PVD grade, consisting of…
The CBN-tipped mini boring bars feature BX310 uncoated CBN grade that increases the grade’s wear resistance when used at low to medium cutting speeds, making it perfect for machining small bores from as small as 2.8 millimeter (.110 inch) diameter of hardened steel parts.
The QC16 line offers toolholders with 16x16 mm square shanks and the matching modular cutting heads. The new line features an enhanced coupling that is capable of sustaining high cutting edge repeatability and tool rigidity when used for applications generating greater cutting loads that conventional QC12 line was not able to provide reliability…
DoMultiRec multifunctional milling cutter with center cutting capability enables a single tool to perform multiple milling operations, including shouldering, pocketing, and drilling. The DoMultiRec inserts to ensure strong and sharp cutting edges during various milling and drilling operations.
A PVD-coated cemented carbide grade, AH8015 features an extremely hard high-aluminum content multilayer coating that is combined with a tough dedicated carbide substrate. The grade provides the insert with a well-balanced wear and chipping resistance.
AddInternalCut inserts are available in two sizes: TCIG10 insert is for internal grooving of minimum bore diameter of 10.5 millimeters (.413 inches) and up. TCIG12 allows a maximum groove depth (CDX) of 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches).
Together with successful AH7025 grade for first choice, AH6235 and AH8005 grades will enhance TungCut performances in parting and grooving operations with interruptions, as well as grooving and turning operations with aggressive conditions.
SolidMeister barrel endmills are efficient tools for complex 3D surfacing operations used in mold making, orthopedic implant work, and the machining of gas turbine blades and other freeform surfaces in the aerospace and energy industries. The endmills incorporate a cutting edge that is actually the segment of a large-diameter arc. Since the shape…
SDM chipbreaker features unique T-land with variable widths and optimized rake angle that provide the insert with resistance against notch wear. Difficult metals like HRSAs are prone to cause notch wear on the insert cutting edge that can severely deteriorate insert tool life. A combination of SDM geometry and the AH8000 grade series will…
The series is now introducing TCS18 and TCL18 inserts designed for left-hand cuts, expanding the product lines that, up to now, has offered right-hand inserts only. Grooving and parting tools commonly used in most of the operations performed in conventional CNC lathes and Swiss machines are right-handed. As highly advanced multitasking machines…
BallFinishNose is an effective tool in finishing and semi-finishing, particularly on geometric surfaces and complex 3D contours common to die-mold or aerospace applications. The insert features a unique asymmetric shape. This design allows users to use the same side of the insert always facing the same direction when set in the tool body,…
The DMH drill head features a fracture resistant design that is suitable for applications that involve drilling holes through thin-walled sections of workpieces. In normal circumstances, thin walls tend to spring back on the drill after the drill pierces through and exits the hole. In the process, uncut material shifts and forms exit burrs that…
DrillMeister drill sleeves are available in 16, 25, and 32 millimeters in diameters for metric sizes and 3/4 inches and one inch for imperial sizes that fit the drill holders of the same sizes equipped in Swiss lathes. All drill sleeves have a threaded connecting port on the sleeve end for easy coolant hose connection.
Tungaloy has expanded its economical, double-sided negative insert line with the -28 chipbreaker. Featuring a pressed-in chipbreaker geometry with a large inclination angle on the sharp cutting edge, the -28 generates free cutting action with superior chip control. In addition, a negative insert design provides the cutting edge with strength and…
FixRMill uses round inserts for machining dies and molds, especially complex male-female main parts such as cavities and projections. The round inserts feature anti-rotation notches on the insert clearance side and matching locations on the pocket seats. These notches not only prevent the insert from rotating under heavy load but also help the…
Tungaloy continuously expands the advantages of its AddMeisterDrill exchangeable-head drill solution into a smaller diameter range. Ten new DMC precision drill heads have been added to the line for diameters ranging from 4.0 mm (.157″) to 4.9 mm (.192″), expanding the entire range from 4.0 mm (.157″) up to 5.9 mm (.232″).
Tungaloy has expanded its AddInternalCut groove turning tool series to include new TCIG12 inserts as well as additional TCIG10 inserts that allow a maximum groove width of 3.0 millimeters (.118 inches) in bores as small as 10.5 millimeter (.413 inch) diameter.
DoTriple-Mill and DoQuad-Mill face milling cutters now offer AH3225 grade inserts with Tungaloy’s latest coating technology. The nano-multilayer structure, strong coating-substrate adherence, and super-hard coating surface, engineered, the coating provide the grade with superior wear and fracture resistance. Combined with dedicated tough carbide…
Turning threads on hardened parts can be a challenge when using coated cemented carbide inserts: the cutting edge rapidly wears out before finishing the entire thread profiles, inhibiting greater feed rates and D.O.Cs. to be applied for increased productivity. Of all Tungaloy CBN grades, BX330 provides the cutting edge with the most balanced…
AddForceBarrel uses inserts whose cutting edges have a large-radius arc of either 20 mm (.787″) or 30 mm (1.181″), designed for semi-finish profiling of 3D surfaces. Just like the TungMeister’s barrel milling heads, AddForceBarrel provides much greater engagement area between the cutting edge and workpiece when compared with conventional ballnose…
The coarse pitch cutters retain a prominent feature of TungForce-Rec that provides maximum tool rigidity during demanding operations. In addition, flutes on the cutter body are designed with large chip space to promote smooth evacuation, preventing chips from clogging during operations.
348 inserts added to stainless steel turning grade series of AH6225, AH6235, and T6215. AH6225 is a first-choice grade designed to provide excellent machining performance in general stainless steel turning operations, extending from continuous to light interrupted cuts. AH6235 is another PVD-coated grade that boasts exceptional fracture resistance…
The DMH drill head geometry is designed to protect drill corners and provide effective chip evacuation, making the drill head suited for applications that involve drilling holes through thin plates. The increased cutting edge strength resists thin-plate snapback and wear from exit burrs, preventing drill edges from fracture damage during machining…
NS chipbreaker features a three-dimensional chipbreaker that is directly engraved on the PCD tip using the latest technology. This allows the generation of short chips during the machining of gummy metals such as aluminum and copper alloys, significantly reducing machine downtime due to chip associated troubles.
TungCut CBN-tipped STH inserts provide the solution to these challenges with a completely new turning concept. In the shape of TungCut grooving insert, the new STH inserts perform finish-turning by feeding the insert sideways on the worked surface. Its CBN cutting edge features a unique wiper geometry: the frontal edge features an arc wiper of…
Since carbide shanks provide lower deflection than steel shanks, they enable aggressive machining with increased cutting parameters. This amounts to reduced machining time and increased productivity. Also, the new shanks provide excellent vibration resistance, enabling extremely productive machining with long overhang setup.
Featuring superior cutting performance of solid carbide drills and the ease-of-use of the DrillMeister exchangeable head drill series, AddMeisterDrill small-diameter exchangeable head drills allow quick and secure exchanges of extremely small drill heads thanks to its dedicated key. In addition, unique coolant outlets furnished on the drill body…
AddMultiTurn provides the flexibility for OD, face, and profile turning operations in multi directions, which include high-feed back (pull) turning method, allowing toolpaths that turn in the opposite direction of conventional turning process at higher feeds. Multi-directional turning optimizes the toolpaths by eliminating air cutting times,…
DrillMeister is a super productive, accurate, and cost efficient exchangeable-head drill series. Its DMF counterboring drill head line now includes diameters from 20.0 mm to 25.9 mm, increasing the entire standard range from 6.0 mm to 25.9 mm (from .236″ to 1.020″).
The new LNMU0303UER inserts are designed to provide a smaller approach angle than existing LNMU0303ZER inserts when set on the cutter body so that the insert generates thin chips. This chip thinning effect reduces cutting loads, minimizing damage on the cutting edges during machining of exotic materials for longer insert tool life. Also, a small…
New parting inserts are offered in the JXPS style : a 0.6 mm (.024″) width insert is designed for maximum parting diameter (CUTDIA) of 6 mm (.236″) and a 0.8 mm (.031″) width insert for 12 mm (.472″) CUTDIA, both furnished with pressed chipbreaker. This intricate chipbreaker creates optimally compressed and curled chips, allowing excellent chip…
The MiniForce-Turn series offers innovative double-sided turning inserts with positive rake cutting edges on both sides. These proven inserts are capable of soft cutting action similar to that of positive inserts with an added advantage of double cutting edges.
AH3225 consists of the latest nano multi-layer coating technology with three major properties with excellent coating substrate adhesion for a high level of wear and fracture resistance. Integrating a dedicated carbide substrate with excellent thermal property provides the grade with increased thermal shock resistance and hardness reducing thermal…
The small size-04 inserts also allow TungForce-Rec04 to have a higher teeth density than conventional shoulder cutters of the same size, boasting two teeth for an 8 mm diameter cutter and three for a 10 mm. This allows TungForce-Rec04 to run higher feed speed than competitors when being fed at the same rate per tooth, enabling increased…
For job shops that are mass-producing small parts with Swiss lathes, minimizing material waste in the part-off process can be an extremely effective solution for cost savings. The 1.2 mm-wide (.047″-wide) grooving inserts can reduce the material waste produced by parting-off by up to 40% when compared with using 2.0 mm-wide (.079″-wide) insert.…
 20 inserts in HP-style chipbreaker are now available in WavyJoint style; namely, 4QS-CNGG1204..-HP, 4QS-DNGG1504..-HP, 6QS-TNGG1604..-HP, and 4QS-VNGG1604..-HP inserts. Conventionally, CBN cutting tips are brazed onto the seats ground, usually on one side, on a cemented carbide insert body to form a CBN insert. The WavyJoint technology further…
Ramping down, the cutter first bottom-cuts the surface with the leading insert, then further cuts the same surface with its trailing insert. DoFeedTri inserts are designed with a long “inner” cutting edge that can bottom-cut more material than conventional milling inserts when trailing the leading insert during ramp down operations. This makes…
The toolholders feature a coolant outlet built in the body. This streamlined design is more effective than conventional through-coolant toolholders that have an adjustable coolant nozzle or bulky nozzle assembly. With reduced number of parts, the new toolholders expand the TungTurn-Jet range with an economical option that can contribute to…
DeepTri-Drill now offers wear-resistant AH9130 insert grade for its LOGT and TOHT inserts. AH9130 is the latest PVD technology specifically engineered for hole making applications. The grade consists of the latest PVD coating layer optimized for hole making applications combined with a dedicated carbide substrate and demonstrates superior wear…
The added anti-vibration boring bars with C6 PCS machine side connection are suitable for up to 9xD boring depths, allowing direct assembly on the machine spindle or turret without the need for adapters. The boring bars can also minimize chatter as an integrated vibration damper suppresses unwanted vibrations during machining. 
In addition to standard VBO and VBN barrel-shaped end mills for productive finish machining of curved surfaces, TungMeister’s new VBL lens-shape milling head has a convexly shaped cutting edge on the tool’s tip, instead of on the periphery, providing a good solution for machining a complex bottom surface. These end milling heads enable more…
AddDoFeed uses minimal Size 02 inserts of 4 mm (5/32″) inscribed circle and offers close pitch cutter bodies that boast unrivaled insert-per-diameter density for a small diameter indexable cutter. This allows a 16 mm (5/8″) diameter body to carry four inserts and 25 mm (1″) seven inserts for higher feed rates and increased productivity. 
TungForce-Rec is a high-density shoulder milling cutter series with a secure insert clamping system that boasts excellent process security. Carrying all the advantages of the existing size 06 V-bottom inserts, the new size 12 inserts offer an extended cutting edge length that is twice as long as the size 06. The cutter body also features the same…
AH9130 is Tungaloy’s latest PVD technology specifically designed for high-performance drilling applications. With better wear resistance compared with existing first-choice grade AH725, the grade delivers extremely long tool life in drilling applications, particularly of carbon steel and alloy steel. 
ISO-EcoTurn’s GNMG and FNMG inserts each features a reduced nose angle of 70 degrees and 45 degrees, compared with traditional CNMG and DNMG inserts. The increased clearance on the cutting edge allows better chip flow and reduced chip re-cutting issues when face turning the wall. Reduced nose angle also contributes to lower cutting force,…
A thick titanium-rich PVD coating with excellent thermal stability has been developed specifically for AH62225. This coating effectively prevents crater wear from developing on the insert rake surface. The grade’s top layer incorporates the latest titanium-rich nano-multilayer structure; its high-density crystal orientation enhances the grade’s…
ISO-EcoTurn inserts, while downsized for tool economy, incorporate the identical chipbreaker geometry and thickness of regular sized inserts to maintain the same cutting performance at a depth of cut up to 3.0 mm (0.12"). This expansion provides more cost efficient solutions in steel turning applications. 
AH9130, consisting of a PVD coating layer optimized for drilling applications with a dedicated carbide substrate, is the latest insert grade specifically developed to provide significant tool life improvements and more predictable wear patterns in hole making applications of ISO P (steel), ISO M (stainless steel), and ISO K (cast iron). 17 SMP-…
TungBore-Mini is a multifunctional drilling and turning tool line that integrates the capabilities of drilling, OD, and ID turning tools. Its unique XOMU insert features an innovative geometry incorporating a large inclination angle on the cutting edge that produces light cutting, compared with standard ISO positive turning inserts that are…
Two new grades have been added to TungCut to enhance its capacity in exotic materials: AH8005 insert grade, featuring strong coating adherence to its carbide substrate, eliminates notch wear that typically occurs during the machining of heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs). New geometries include DGS inserts with 0.05 mm and 0.10 mm (.0002″ and .…
The newest addition to the group is JP0 for continuous cuts when finishing HRSA parts and machining at 700 up to 1600 SFM. It brings improved wear resistance to provide performance and consistency of machined part straightness.
CeramiX HX5 Grade succeeds in matching the performance characteristics of CBN with the added benefit of being a less expensive product compared to CBN. A special TiAlN coating offers excellent wear resistance for hard turning applications.
The sharpness of these end mills reduces the occurrence of burrs, produces remarkable surface finish, and improves tool life to outperform the competition. S-Mills are available in 2, 3, and 4 flute designs with a range of diameters to cover a wide variety of applications (2 flute available in a 2mm dia.) and in 40, 45, and 50mm lengths that are…
The thick CrAlN coating provides high hardness and oxidation resistance solving issues related to machining materials such as: 304SS, 17-4PH, and Nitinol. High speed machining applications with ST4 inserts have proven results with stable machining, excellent surface finishes, and extended tool life.
Easily adaptable to the spindle of existing CNC machines, the SpinJet provides instant enhancements in machining performance using small diameter cutting tools. No additional machine purchase or modifications are required: the SpinJet utilizes the machine’s existing through-spindle coolant supply as a pressurized power source to drive the internal…
DrillForce-Meister uses exchangeable drill tips designed to efficiently open large diameter holes ranging from 20.0 mm to 40.0 mm (.787″ – 1.575″) at a lower cost. With the drill tips being exchangeable, DrillForce-Meister not only eliminates the need for regrinding and recoating, as is the case with solid carbide drills, but also reduces the…
TungMeister is designed to reduce a significant amount of tool changeover time through the ability to replace used heads instead of an entire tool. Since it takes no more than one minute for tool exchange, setup time can significantly be reduced to as short as one tenth of the time it would typically take to replace solid carbide end mills for…
DeepTri-Drill is designed to provide productivity and application security for drilling deep holes on standard machining centers and CNC boring machines, while ensuring easy tool management by eliminating the need for regrinding. The insert features chip splitters that allows effective chip evacuations enabling extremely high feed rates during…
DrillMeister incorporates a unique self-locking interface that enables simple and secure drill head exchange. Since drill heads can be replaced without having to remove the drill body from the spindle tool setup time can significantly be reduced, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch off of the replaced tool.
MillQuadFeed is a new generation of high feed milling cutters, offering two options of insert geometries that cover various high feed milling application needs. Versatile ZER geometry generates light cutting load at great depths of cut, enabling increased cutting depths and reduced number of machining passes. This is particularly effective to…
This expansion includes two new TCL18 inserts with 1.75 mm and 2.5 mm thicknesses, expanding the existing line of 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm inserts. The inserts are available in grade AH7025, a nano-multilayer PVD coating with high-aluminum content that provides hardness and adhesion to the grade for better process security during grooving…
TungForce-Feed features a large rake angle and positive inclination angle on the cutting edge that provide excellent chip control while reducing spindle loads and energy consumption. This allows a higher feed rate or greater depth of cut to be applied for improved efficiency and, by working in synergy with the cutter’s high insert density design,…
Setting the tool to the correct center height is one of the important factors to achieve the right dimension tolerances and surface integrity of the component. The new setting device enables easy, systematic, and accurate settings of tool center height. Its serrated interface with a magnetic locator in the center makes attachment and detachment to…
FH3125 is a new grade specifically developed to enhance the guide pad’s wear resistance in machining various materials. The dedicated carbide substrate of the grade is designed to reduce guide pad breakage, providing long and predictable tool life in deep hole processes. The corners of both ends of the guide pad are designed to allow smooth entry…
The latest additions include inserts with 0.8 mm (.032″) nose radius in versatile AH725 grade. 0.8 mm nose radius will provide the cutting edge with strength, preventing edge fracture for predictable tool life. In addition, AH725 enhances the insert’s wear resistance during machining of various materials, ensuring high precision and boosts…
BXA10 incorporates a crater-wear-resistant PcBN substrate and the latest multilayer PVD coating for edge toughness, enhancing the grade’s wear and fracture resistance. The latest development will provide improved productivity, tool life, and surface integrity in continuous to light interrupted cuts at high cutting speeds of drive shafts, gears,…
DrillForce-Meister incorporates a unique seat design that enables easy and swift drill head exchanges, while maximizing the clamping security, making drilling easy on curved surfaces, inclined exits, or components with a stability problem. The seat is designed with a maximum possible contact surface to hold the drill head in place for secure…
TungTurn-Jet toolholders deliver coolant strategically to the optimum position close to the cutting point of the insert. This significantly improves chip control when machining exotic materials that are prone to smearing by effectively breaking the chips into pieces and guiding them away from the cut, which was difficult using a traditional…
DrillMeister incorporates a unique self-locking interface that enables simple and secure drill head exchange. Since drill heads can be replaced without having to remove the drill body from the spindle, tool setup time can significantly be reduced, eliminating presetting, offset, and touch-off of the replaced tool. 
DuoJust-Cut features innovative insert clamping ensuring tool rigidity and stability in various parting operations. In addition to existing JXPG insert with a ground in chipbreaker on the rake face, the new JXPS insert incorporates a 3D chipbreaker pressed in to its “dual-rake” cutting edge which is designed to promote optimal chip control and…
DrillMeister offers the TIDCF chamfering holder that can be attached to the TID drill shank allowing chamfering and drilling in a single pass for reduced machining times. The chamfering inserts are available for 30°, 45°, and 60° chamfers. The new TIDCF holder line can accommodate smaller drills in diameters from 7.5 mm to 9.9 mm (.295" - .…
This AH9130 grade expansion encompasses the DMP line of general-purpose drilling, succeeding the popular DMC drill head for precision drilling. Developed for drilling applications, AH9130 is a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three distinctive layers.
AH8015 consists of a nano-multilayered PVD coating with high aluminum content. This coating characteristic provides increased resistance against wear and built-up edge over existing grades, enabling long and predictable tool life during the machining of heat resistant superalloys and stainless steel.
Designed for the internal grooving of bores with diameters as small as 8.0 mm (.315″) up to 24.0 mm (.945″), while promising reliable chip evacuation. The shanks are made of either steel for economy or tungsten carbide for long reach areas where tool steadiness is vital. Virtually eliminate chip nests, reducing part scraps and machine downtimes,…
The TungTurn-Jet system strategically directs the internal coolant jet exactly where it is needed, close to the cutting point on the insert rake face. This dramatically improves chip control during the machining of difficult-to-cut materials, which is not the case with conventional coolant delivery methods. Additionally, the other coolant jet is…
Tungaloy expands its TungCut series of grooving tools to include a parting blade CGP32-CHP with the ability to internally supply high-pressure coolant.
Designed to ensure low cutting force, the TCL18-style chipbreaker is the latest addition to Tungaloy’s TetraMini-Cut line of grooving inserts offering four cutting edges. TetraMini-Cut features a compact grooving insert with economical four cutting edges.
Tungaloy is expanding its DoFeed line of high-feed milling cutters to include AH3225 grade inserts. DoFeed is a high-feed milling cutter series with a close-pitched insert alignment, addressing various application needs where an efficient removal of large stock is required.
Tungaloy is introducing the M714B T-CBN grade for finish machining of heat-resistant superalloys. M714B contains submicron-sized fine CBN grains and alumina as a binder providing the grade with high thermal stability.
Tungaloy is expanding its DeepTri-Drill line of indexable gundrills to cover diameters ranging from 37.0 mm to 40.0 mm.
Tungaloy is expanding its TungTurn-Jet series of high-pressure coolant capable turning holders by adding a coolant-through feature and Double-Clamp technology for rigid insert holding and high productivity.
Tungaloy is expanding its AH9130 drill head grade series to include the DMP drill head line of the DrillMeister head-changeable drill series.
Tungaloy has expanded its Tung-AluMill line of indexable shoulder milling cutters to include an insert with a 2.5 mm (0.1") nose radii.
Tungaloy is introducing TZ120 grade ceramic inserts designed for turning cast iron at high cutting speeds.
Tungaloy’s DrillMeister exchangeable-head drill line now includes new TID-type drills in cylindrical shanks that accommodate drill head diameters ranging from 10.0 mm to 19.9 mm (0.398" to 0.783").
Tungaloy is adding 177 new shapes and geometries to its BXA20 line of coated T-CBN inserts designed for turning hardened steel parts.
Tungaloy’s DeepTri-Drill line of indexable deep-hole drills now includes FH3135-grade guide pads.
Tungaloy is expanding its TungCut series of grooving tools to include new insert and holder options. TungCut’s DTE grooving insert offers a versatile design that allows the insert to be used for grooving and turning in both axial and radial directions.
Tungaloy expands its TungThinSlit line of indexable slot milling cutters to include inserts that feature F (sharp) cutting edge preparation. The TungThinSlit slot milling cutter consists of indexable inserts with a unique structure.
Tungaloy expands its TungThread line of indexable threading tools to include 11ER external threading inserts, as well as 8x8 mm and 10x10 mm square shank holders to accommodate the new inserts.
Tungaloy unveils TungBoreMini, a multifunctional drilling and turning tool line. TungBoreMini unifies the capabilities of drilling, OD and ID turning tools, allowing significant time saving when changing tools and better utilization of the machine.
Tungaloy is expanding its SNG line of internal grooving tools to include GMR, a new insert geometry that enables effective chip control and evacuation in internal grooving applications.
Tungaloy expands its -HP geometry line of T-CBN inserts that ensures effective chip control in finish turning of hardened steel parts.
Tungaloy is expanding TurnTen-Feed to include a new insert grade, AH8015, for efficient medium-to-heavy turning of heat-resistant alloys and stainless steel.
Tungaloy is introducing ReamMeister, an interchangeable head reamer system. ReamMeister is a high precision, interchangeable head reaming system capable of reaming holes in an H7 diameter tolerance range. The ReamMeister tools meet the requirements of high accuracy reaming because the head geometry’s diameter and runout accuracy is strictly…
Tungaloy further expands its ISO-EcoTurn line of economical turning inserts, to include new geometries and nose radius size for precision finishing of steel.
Tungaloy expands the drill diameter range of the DrillMeister exchangeable-head drills to include diameters from 8.0 mm to 11.9 mm in 12xD body length.
Tungaloy is adding new insert radius sizes to its TungUniversalSlot and TecTangentialSlot slot milling cutter series.
Tungaloy is introducing the ETTL model for ThreadMilling, an indexable thread milling tool series for efficient thread milling operations.
Tungaloy is expanding its TetraMini-Cut, an indexable thread turning tool series with four-edged insert, to include full profile threading inserts for machining external threads in ISO metric thread standards.
Tungaloy is expanding its DoTwistBall line of copy milling cutters to include additional diameters of shell mills. DoTwistBall is designed to ensure maximum machining reliability during complex 3D milling processes.
Tungaloy introduces a new line of collet chuck sleeves for the TinyMini-Turn miniature boring tool system, enabling a quick changeover of its solid-carbide boring bars.
Tungaloy expands its TetraForce-Cut, a four-edged indexable grooving tool series, to include the new TCL27 style chipbreaker.
Tungaloy is expanding its DuoJust-Cut, TetraMini-Cut and TetraForce-Cut lines of indexable grooving and parting tools to enhance their flexibility and application ranges. Tungaloy’s DuoJust-Cut, TetraMini-Cut and TetraForce-Cut are successful lines of grooving and parting tool series that feature an innovative insert clamping interface for secure…
Tungaloy enhances its ISO positive turning inserts in “-01” geometry to include a 0.4 mm (0.0157") nose radius prepared in a minus tolerance specifically for precision finishing in Swiss turning applications. The new -01 geometry is designed to deliver consistent chip control at extremely light cutting depths of 0.5 mm (0.020") or…
Tungaloy is expanding its T9200 CVD grade insert series to include T9205 and T9235 grades as well as the -TSF and -TM style chipbreakers to conquer steel turning markets. Both T9205 and T9235 are designed to provide outstanding wear resistance in the P05 and P35 application ranges surpassing existing CVD grades.
Tungaloy introduces an indexable thread milling solution for tapered pipe threads to its ThreadMilling series. The indexable thread milling system of ThreadMilling allows various types of threading insert(s) to be fitted on a single cutter body, making the operations extremely economical.
Tungaloy is introducing NDL geometry for TOHT inserts for the DeepTri-Drill line of indexable gundrills.
Tungaloy expands its DoForce-Tri line of square shoulder milling cutters to include a size 07 insert, with six cutting edges for precision milling and insert economy.
Tungaloy expands its DeepTriDrill line of indexable gundrills to include new drill diameters ranging from 12.0 mm to 13.5 mm.
Tungaloy America Inc. announced the launch of a new online platform to support customers in making the best tooling decisions and heighten their competitiveness in the market.
BallRoughNose is the latest development in Tungaloy’s indexable milling technology for efficient and reliable rough profiling of curved surfaces.
Tungaloy introduces CeramicSpeedMill for efficient milling of heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs).
Tungaloy has introduced DX110 polycrystalline diamond insert grade, a submicron grain sized PCD for superior finishing of nonferrous materials.
Tungaloy adds a line of positive style inserts to its BX480 insert series, a well-proven T-CBN grade for efficient turning of sintered powder metals and cast iron.
Tungaloy expands its TungMeister series of interchangeable milling head system, to include 4-flute cutter heads with high-feed capability.
Tungaloy enhances usefulness of TungModularSystem, a modular-style grooving and parting tool system with through-coolant feature.
Tungaloy is expanding its Turning-A series of OD turning holders to include short length holders.
Tungaloy adds a substantial number of new geometries and shapes to its BXA20 line, a successful grade of coated T-CBN inserts, designed to deliver efficient solutions to hard turning operations.
Tungaloy adds PVD-coated grade AH8015 in several geometry types to its MiniForce-Turn series for machining heat-resistant superalloys, steel and stainless steel.
Tungaloy is expanding its MiniForce-Turn, an economical turning tool series, to include the -JS style chipbreaker insert promising efficient chip control and machining stability.
Tungaloy’s new T9225 insert grade is joining the earlier successes of T9125 to complement the T9200 CVD grade series for steel turning. T9225 brings an exceptional combination of unparalleled wear resistance and top-notch edge toughness of all P25 grades available on the market to every steel turning application.
Tungaloy is introducing a coated cermet grade, AT9530 for steel turning applications. The new AT9530 grade incorporates Tungaloy’s unique multi-layered coating technology and special post-surface treatment PremiumTec. This combination provides superior resistance to wear and fracture for improved productivity in finishing of steel during high…
Tungaloy is introducing Premium Internal Bar – DPMT series for efficient ID turning. This new ID turning tool series reduces cutting force by 10 percent compared with conventional tools, while promising end users with machining stability and superior surface finish quality.
Tungaloy’s counterboring tools, TCB series, is now available with new tool diameters, ranging from 26 mm to 59 mm or 1.02” to 2.32”, and inserts with the –CG style chipbreaker geometry.
Tungaloy further expands its popular indexable gundrill series, DeepTriDrill to include a diameter range of 28.01 mm – 40 mm or 1.1” – 1.57”.
Tungaloy expands its SolidMeister, a family of solid endmills, to include FeedMeister solid-ceramic endmills. Solid endmill applications are expanding as components are becoming more complex and miniaturized using diverse, difficult-to-cut materials such as heat-resistant superalloys.
Tungaloy is introducing the WavyJoint PCBN inserts, an innovative PCBN brazing technology for higher productivity in hard turning operations.
Tungaloy is expanding its TFE series, a long-running range of facemilling cutters for finishing applications, to incorporate bodies with insert adjustable pockets, achieving near zero axial runout for superior surface finishing results.
Tungaloy is enhancing TetraMini-Cut, one of the best of its grooving tool family, by adding a substantial number of new items to its TCG18 insert lines.
Tungaloy Corp. is adding an economical and multifunctional chamfer cutter series to its TungQuad family, allowing multiple types of chamfering operations to be completed with only one cutter.
Tungaloy is expanding its insert line for TungSix-Drill, the head-changeable drill, to include grade AH3135. TungSix-Drill is an indexable insert drill that incorporates double-sided, triangular inserts with six effective cutting edges.
Tungaloy Corp. is broadening its TetraMini-Cut series grooving tool range for Swiss-type machines to include new insert lines, extending its grooving benefits with CNC lathes and turning centers. TetraMini-Cut features a compact four cornered insert that is securely clamped in an innovatively designed pocket for indexing repeatability and tool…
Tungaloy Corp. is continuously expanding its TungMeister changeable-head endmill system. The latest addition involves a new line of modular heads for the TungForce-Rec indexable miniature shoulder milling cutter series.
Tungaloy Corp. is continuously expanding its DoFeed series. The latest addition includes inserts in grade AH8015.
Tungaloy Corp. is expanding its DoTriple-Mill series to include pressed-to-size inserts in Class M dimensional tolerance, to further strengthen its position in the facemilling market. DoTriple-Mill is Tungaloy’s latest facemill series, in which any set of square, octagonal or round inserts can be fit on a single cutter body.
DrillMeister features simple and swift drill head indexing due to its self-clamping system. Tool replacement is easy: just replace the drill head. There is no need to remove the entire drill body from the toolholder and re-adjust the tool overhang, thus reducing a large amount of tool change time.
Tungaloy Corp. further expands its indexable-insert gundrill line, DeepTriDrill, with options down to a diameter range of 14-15.9 mm. Deep-hole drilling is a challenging operation and often creates a bottleneck in holemaking shops around the globe.
Tungaloy Corp. added threading inserts with sharp cutting edges to its TetraMini-Cut insert series, which allows undercutting and finishing of a flange wall. Complemented by the new PVD grade, SH725, TetraMini-Cut’s new threading insert features sharp cutting edges, making it suitable for cutting fine pitch threads at a high cutting speed.
Tungaloy Corp. has expanded the TungTurn-Jet line, the turning tool system with high-pressure coolant capability. Until now, coolant was simply applied by flooding the cutting area, which can cause chips generated during machining to interfere with the coolant flow, preventing it from reaching the exact spot where needed. Tungaloy's TungTurn-…
Tungaloy America Inc. offers the DuoJustCut parting tool for Swiss-style lathes. The clamping system rigidly clamps inserts, and the optimized overhang length delivers stable and productive machining, according to the company.
DoMini-Mill is a copy mill developed for semifinishing operations, featuring Tungaloy’s latest H-class insert. The economical six-cornered insert with dovetail clamp technology has a double-sided geometry, yet positive flanks, providing sharpness and high cutting edge strength simultaneously.
DoTriple-Mill is Tungaloy’s latest facemilling cutter, featuring an innovative dovetail clamping system that will reportedly dramatically reduce insert lift up and excessive shear force imposed on the screws during heavy-duty milling. Compared with the last generation of facemilling platforms, DoTriple-Mill delivers stable machining and consistent…
DoTwistBall from Tungaloy America is an ideal tool for die and mold, as well as general engineering. Combined with a rigid clamping mechanism, the insert’s unique twisted shape improves chip evacuation for stable machining and long tool life in roughing operations.
Tungaloy Corp. offers MillQuadFeed, a new high-feed milling cutter. With a depth of cut up to 0.098” (2.5mm) and a feed rate up to 0.078” (2.0mm) per tooth, MillQuadFeed accomplishes astounding metal-removal rates in rough milling operation, according to the company.
Tungaloy Corp. offers TungForce-Rec, the indexable miniature shoulder milling cutter. The TungForce-Rec insert has a unique V-shaped bottom to enhance the insert’s resistance to centrifugal force, assuring reliability and high productivity during high-speed machining, according to the company.
Tungaloy Corp. introduces TungTri-Shred, a new shoulder milling cutter for highly productive machining. With today’s dramatic growth in the performance of machine tools, high-speed machining is often the first choice for manufacturers.
DoForce-Tri from Tungaloy America accepts a double-sided insert with six cutting edges. Three types of inserts are available to meet the needs of many different jobs: a standard wiper insert with an MJ chipbreaker on true 90-degree cutting edges or with an NMJ chipbreaker on serrated cutting edges, as well as a radius insert with an MJ chipbreaker…
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion of DrillMeister, a head-changeable drill series. The drill body line is now expanded to L/D=12 in addition to the existing L/D=8 range.
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion for EasyMultiCut: the EGP-CHP blade and the CTBU-CHP block, both of which respectively have a coolant hole for high-pressure internal coolant supply. EasyMultiCut is the multi-functional tool series for grooving, featuring a unique self-clamping insert that increases tool rigidity.
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion for EasyMultiCut, the multi-functional tool series for grooving: the ETFR-CHP toolholder for face grooving with a coolant hole for high-pressure internal coolant supply. EasyMultiCut features a unique self-clamping insert that provides high tool rigidity.
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion of TetraForceCut, the grooving tool series with four-cornered inserts: the STCR/L-CHP toolholder with a coolant hole for high-pressure internal coolant supply. (Max. 2,000 psi.) The new STCR/L-CHP toolholder delivers ample coolant to the optimal position of the cutting edge through the coolant hole, achieving…
Tungaloy Corp. is launching the BXA20 series, a new coated PCBN grade for machining hardened steel. BXA20 delivers predictable and long tool life in a range of applications from roughing to finishing, including descaling of case hardened steel, which usually requires a large stock to be removed.
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion of DrillForce-Meister, the series of interchangeable-tip drills. DrillForce-Meister is a tool series for large-diameter holemaking (drill diameters from 26.0 to 41.0 mm) that features two effective cutting edges for high speed and high productivity.
NTK’s new 3D molded chipbreakers are enhanced to achieve optimal chip control on the company’s Swiss tooling. They include: CTP–CX for cutoff operations, GTMH-GX for grooving or side turning, and TBP/TBPA-BM for “single-pass, back-turning” operations.
NTK Cutting Tools offers a line of high-feed cutters (HFC) for milling aluminum. This series maximizes teeth/cutter, from seven teeth on the 50mm-dia. cutter to 22 teeth on a 125mm-dia. cutter, to reduce production time.
Tungaloy Corp. announced an expansion of the AH8000 series for heat-resistant alloy turning. This expansion adds a new positive insert line to the product family.
Tungaloy America Inc. offers TetraMini-Cut tools for grooving and threading of small parts. The TetraMini-Cut’s ground insert, with four corners, is not only economical but also perfect for high-precision and high-quality machining of small parts, according to the company.
Tungaloy offers AH7025, the versatile PVD grade for TungCut, the multifunctional grooving tool with 2-cornered inserts. TungCut provides stable and long tool life because of its unique rigid insert clamping system, according to the company.
Tungaloy has introduced DuoJustCut, the parting-off tool for Swiss-type lathes. The innovative clamping system designed for DuoJustCut provides highly rigid insert clamping, and a toolholder is applicable for three types of inserts according to parting-off diameters.
Tungaloy Corp. has introduced the AH8000 series of PVD grades and chipbreakers for turning heat resistant alloys. The new PVD grades feature impressive resistance to both wear and fracture due to the world’s first nano-multi-layered AlTiN coating with high Al content and dramatically reduces notch wear, crater wear and built-up edge in machining…
Tungaloy Corp. has introduced SH725, the new PVD grade for turning on Swiss-style lathes, and an expansion of toolholders for the DoMiniTurn external line.
Tungaloy Corp. introduces the AM chipbreaker that increases efficiency in medium cutting of steel.
Tungaloy Corp. introduces T515, the new CVD-coated grade for cast iron turning.
Tungaloy Corp. announces the expansion of newly designed drill bodies and new insert grades for TungdrillTwisted.
Tungaloy America Inc. has expanded its line of TungCut grooving and parting tools. The two-cornered inserts reduce tool costs while the clamping system used with them delivers stable tool life and machining accuracy, according to the company.
Tungaloy Corp. introduces TungFineBall, the new series of indexable endmills for high-precision finishing.
Tungaloy Corp. announced the expansion of PVD-coated grade AH3135 for milling operations.
NTK Cutting Tools has released a new proprietary group of advanced composite cutting tool materials called "BIDEMICS."
With ever greater importance being put upon the productivity, accuracy and overall quality of holemaking, the Tungaloy Corp. has developed its new TungSix-Drill to enhance all these facts for end users.
Tungaloy Corp. has launched the expansion of items in the TungCap tooling holder range.
Tungaloy America Inc. reports that its DoFeedMini milling tools from are suitable for high-feed milling on small and midsize machines without chatter.
For parts that are less than 0.125" (3.18-mm) in diameter, Tungaloy America Inc. introduced a series of high-positive, low-cutting-force, screw-down, dead-sharp inserts and toolholders last year. There are four chipbreakers: JS features a molded chipbreaker and the JRP, JPP, and JSP inserts.
To improve productivity and reduce tooling costs, Tungaloy America has introduced the new TecMill series of shoulder milling cutters.
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The new cutter ensures high productivity and economy
BallRoughNose - New line of indexable ball nose end mills, designed to provide maximum reliability during roughing and semi-finishing.
Tungaloy has expanded its T9200 CVD grade insert series to include T9205 and T9235 grades as well as the -TSF and -TM style chipbreakers.
Tungaloy America Inc. demonstrates the hard turning capabilities of its T-CBN, AH8000 and LX11 insert grades in a two-minute video that runs through a series of turning operations. The video also provides recommendations for which insert grades to use for continuous, light interrupted and heavy interrupted turning applications.
Tungaloy’s TungFeed-Blade is an extremely rigid modular blade series for grooving and parting applications. TungFeed-Blade consists of a triangular CHGP style modular blade with three insert pockets which holds a CHTBR/L robust style tool block. Intended for high feed grooving and parting, the TungFeed-Blade system extends insert life, improves…
Tungaloy America's DeepTri-Drill indexable gundrill series is easy-to-handle and capable of delivering outstanding performance, exceptional efficiency and stability in deep hole drilling.
DoMultiRec multifunctional milling cutter with center cutting capability enables a single tool to perform multiple milling operations, including shouldering, pocketing and drilling. A uniquely designed insert integrates a center and peripheral cutting edge on one side of the insert; the same insert can be used either for the center or peripheral…
Experience maximum productivity and turning efficiency with Tungaloy’s TurnFeed on steel. Engineered with a unique cutting edge for high-feed machining, this tool boasts double clamping technology for unparalleled rigidity and performance. The WPMT-ML Trigon insert with ML chipbreaker minimizes cutting force, while producing thin, manageable chips…
During a brief interview at IMTS 2018, Steve Howard, marketing and engineering manager for NTK Cutting Tools, discussed the significance of the company's patented BIDEMICS material, calling it "the first real improvement in ceramics in 20 or 30 years."
NTK's Shaper Duo tools are effective alternatives to traditional approaches for socket machining
Components for the aerospace, power and heavy equipment sectors require high material removal rates and extended machining hours.
DoTriple-Mill is Tungaloy’s face milling cutter featuring a dovetail clamping system that dramatically reduces insert lift up and excessive shear force imposed on the screws during heavy duty milling.
Tungaloy’s CVD grades in the T9200 series offer outstanding performance in steel turning. This new generation of grades features Tungaloy’s innovative PremiumTec post surface treatment technology making T9200 hard to break.

As a pioneer in the industry, Tungaloy has three decades of know-how developing the most efficient solutions for High-Feed Milling. Feed the speed with Tungaloy!
Tungaloy going small. Small inserts, outstanding productivity. Featuring the AddDoFeed for maximum speed and efficiency at minimum size, Tung-Tri for small shoulder milling operations with cost-efficient inserts and outstanding chatter stability ...
AddMultiTurn – Front turning, back turning, profiling, and face turning with ONE SINGLE TOOL. Tungaloy's 6-corner inserts with the company's ultra-secure Y-PRISM clamping design for high versatility, economy, and productivity. Available in 80° or 35° corner angle.
Tungaloy’s DrillMeister and AddMeisterDrill lines of head-changeable drills offer stable performance, long tool life, with significant cost-savings thanks to the elimination of tool reconditioning and reduced inventory. Our new modular drill body, combined with the TungFlex system, ensures increased reliability of long-reach drilling for hole…
TungCut has a wide selection of inserts and toolholders applicable for all grooving operations.  Its innovative, rigid clamping system offers stable and long tool life.
Tungaloy’s TungForce-Rec, a new miniature shoulder milling series, features a unique clamping system offering exceptional stability in machining small pockets and slots.
Tungaloy expands its DoForce-Tri line of square shoulder milling cutters to include a size 07 insert, with 6 cutting edges for precision milling and insert economy.
This corporate video offers an overview of Tungaloy Corp.'s origins and growth since its inception in 1929.
Tungaloy's TungEight-Mill face milling cutter is for extremely light cutting with low power consumption, perfect for low rigidity and low horsepower machines with a BT-30 connection. TungEight-Mill incorporates single-sided positive inserts with eight economical cutting edges for heavy roughing to mirror finishing of various material faces.
Tungaloy’s TungCut series of grooving and parting tools now offers TungFeed-Blade, an extremely rigid modular blade series for grooving and parting applications.
Extra-fine cutting edge offers high-precision machining for a wide range of internal applications. With optimized geometry and new sleeve with 4 coolant holes offers high chip evacuation, stable tool life, and decreased machine downtime.
Take advantage of discounted pricing and special offers on select tools across our milling, drilling, turning, and grooving lines. Boost productivity, simplify tool inventory, and decrease downtime with Tungaloy’s ADDForce accelerated lines. Headquartered in Japan, we provide our products to customers all over the world in automobile,…
Take advantage of discounted pricing and special offers on all of our best-performing milling, grooving, turning, parting, threading, and drilling tools!
T9215 CVD grade provides unparalleled wear and fracture resistance for turning ISO P15 materials.

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