Feed the Speed of Grooving and Parting Processes with TungFeed-Blade

Published Date
July 01, 2021 - 09:30:am

Tungaloy’s TungCut series of grooving and parting tools now offers TungFeed-Blade, an extremely rigid modular blade series for grooving and parting applications.

The latest grooving and parting tool system consists of a triangular CHGP style modular blade with three insert pockets which holds a CHTBR/L robust style tool block. The modular blade incorporates an insert support design that provides vibration free grooving and parting. The unique triangular blade configuration has three insert pockets allowing the blade to be rotated to a new pocket up to three times without setup. This saves tool costs and setup time for customers. 

Intended for high feed grooving and parting, the TungFeed-Blade system extends insert life, improves surface finish, and part straightness, while significantly reducing cycle time.

Download the TungFeed-Blade brochure by clicking here.

Related Glossary Terms

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.

  • grooving


    Machining grooves and shallow channels. Example: grooving ball-bearing raceways. Typically performed by tools that are capable of light cuts at high feed rates. Imparts high-quality finish.

  • parting


    When used in lathe or screw-machine operations, this process separates a completed part from chuck-held or collet-fed stock by means of a very narrow, flat-end cutting, or parting, tool.


Based on an article in Cutting Tool Engineering's June 2024 issue.

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