Expansion of Grade AH9130 to DMP Drill Head Line

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April 20, 2020
DMP drill head are expanded in diameters from 10.3 mm through 19.8 mm

Tungaloy is expanding its AH9130 drill head grade series to include the DMP drill head line of the DrillMeister head-changeable drill series. 

DrillMeister features a unique self-locking interface that interlocks between the drill head and tool body, enabling a simple and quick tool exchange. Operators can replace the tool without having to remove the drill body from the adapter or re-measure tool offset values, thus saving a great amount of tool setup time. 

This AH9130 grade expansion encompasses the DMP line of general-purpose drilling, succeeding the popular DMC drill head for precision drilling. Developed for drilling applications, AH9130 is a nano-multilayer PVD coating consisting of three distinctive layers. This coating configuration adds multifunctional characteristics to the grade, including wear, fracture, and oxidation resistances, as well as eliminating build-up edge and delamination, providing all characteristics required for the grade to enable long and predictable tool life in drilling operations. 

  • At a Glance 
    • New DMP drill head are expanded in diameters from 10.3 mm through 19.8 mm 
    • Nano-multilayer PVD coating including three characteristic layers 
    • The coating offers multifunctional characteristics of wear, fracture, and oxidation resistances as well as eliminates build-up edge and delamination for improved insert life and predictability 
    • 19 new drill heads to be introduced 

Related Glossary Terms

  • physical vapor deposition ( PVD)

    physical vapor deposition ( PVD)

    Tool-coating process performed at low temperature (500° C), compared to chemical vapor deposition (1,000° C). Employs electric field to generate necessary heat for depositing coating on a tool’s surface. See CVD, chemical vapor deposition.