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November 09, 2022
48 DMH-Style Drill Heads Added for DrillMeister System

Tungaloy has added 48 new drill heads to its DMH drill head line of DrillMeister exchangeable drill head system.

DrillMeister is an innovative exchangeable head drill system that has both the efficiency of solid carbide drills and the productivity of indexable drills. The DMH drill head line now includes 48 new drill heads, expanding its drill diameter range from 10.0 to 20.0 millimeters (from .394 to .787 inches) with new drill diameters that previously did not exist.

The DMH drill head features a fracture resistant design that is suitable for applications that involve drilling holes through thin-walled sections of workpieces. In normal circumstances, thin walls tend to spring back on the drill after the drill pierces through and exits the hole. In the process, uncut material shifts and forms exit burrs that impose extra burdens on the drill edge. These problems inflict damage on drill corners, shortening tool life. The DMH drill head’s geometry protects drill corners from fracture damage, providing extended tool life and reduced downtime.

With the new drill heads in the line, DrillMeister can now address more extensive hole size requirements.


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