DeepTriDrill Indexable Gundrill Series

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July 12, 2018
DeepTriDrill Indexable Gundrill Series

Tungaloy further expands its popular indexable gundrill series, DeepTriDrill to include a diameter range of 28.01 mm – 40 mm or 1.1” – 1.57”.

Deep-hole drilling is a challenging operation, often inducing bottlenecks in many manufacturing shops. Brazed gundrills and solid twist drills are traditional tools for this operation. The typical brazed gundrills usually accommodate a single-flute, noncoated carbide tip, which constrain its applications to low parameter drilling. The solid twist drill is better for high feed drilling; however, curved holes and chip clogging are common setbacks. Reconditioning and inventory management also incur significant extra costs with manufacturers.

The new DeepTriDrill range incorporates three inserts and two guide pads oriented in an optimized position on the drill head. This helps achieve high accuracy regarding hole circularity, straightness, and surface finish, which was traditionally reserved for brazed gundrills. The insert features chipbreakers designed to create optimal chip flow during deep hole drilling. Improved chip evacuation and reduced cutting forces enable higher feed rates than traditional gundrills. The coated inserts and guide-pads also allow DeepTriDrill to reach higher cutting speeds, which is difficult with brazed gundrills.

DeepTriDrill not only increases drilling performance while maintaining machining stability, but also facilitates inventory management thanks to its indexable system. This large diameter range expansion complements DeepTriDrill, further enhancing its product positioning in the deep hole drilling market for high productivity and economy.

Product at a glance:

Optimized insert and guide-pad orientations, based on BTA drilling technology, for high accuracy with hole circularity, straightness, and surface finish

Allows 1.5-3 times higher feed rates than that of brazed gundrills

Economical two-edged inserts and double-ended guidepads

Chipsplitters on the chipbreaker geometry for optimized chip evacuation

Service free: no reconditioning or tool inventory management required

Two drill body types available: MCTR for use in machining centers and lathes; and TRLG for use in dedicated gundrill machines

Related Glossary Terms

  • centers


    Cone-shaped pins that support a workpiece by one or two ends during machining. The centers fit into holes drilled in the workpiece ends. Centers that turn with the workpiece are called “live” centers; those that do not are called “dead” centers.

  • chipbreaker


    Groove or other tool geometry that breaks chips into small fragments as they come off the workpiece. Designed to prevent chips from becoming so long that they are difficult to control, catch in turning parts and cause safety problems.

  • feed


    Rate of change of position of the tool as a whole, relative to the workpiece while cutting.

  • gundrill


    Self-guided drill for producing deep holes with good accuracy and fine surface finish. Has coolant passages that deliver coolant to the tool/workpiece interface at high pressure.

  • twist drill

    twist drill

    Most common type of drill, having two or more cutting edges, and having helical grooves adjacent thereto for the passage of chips and for admitting coolant to the cutting edges. Twist drills are used either for originating holes or for enlarging existing holes. Standard twist drills come in fractional sizes from 1¼16" to 11¼2", wire-gage sizes from 1 to 80, letter sizes A to Z and metric sizes.