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April 20, 2020
DrillMeister Chamfering Holders for Small Diameter Holes

Tungaloy is expanding its successful exchangeable-head DrillMeister drill series to include additional lines of chamfering holders for machining smaller diameter holes.

DrillMeister features a unique self-locking interface that interlocks between the drill head and shank body allowing a simple and quick tool exchange. Operators can replace a drill head without removing the entire drill from the machine spindle or re-measure of tool offset vales, which saves time. 

DrillMeister offers the TIDCF chamfering holder that can be attached to the TID drill shank allowing chamfering and drilling in a single pass for reduced machining times. The chamfering inserts are available for 30°, 45°, and 60° chamfers. The new TIDCF holder line can accommodate smaller drills in diameters from 7.5 mm to 9.9 mm (.295" - .390") for improved machining processes.

  • At a Glance
  • Dedicated chamfering holder that can be assembled on the drill 
  • New drill heads are available in diameters from 7.5 mm to 9.9 mm (.295" - .390") 
  • Chamfer angles include 30°, 45°, and 60°
  • Total of 15 items to be added


Related Glossary Terms

  • chamfering


    Machining a bevel on a workpiece or tool; improves a tool’s entrance into the cut.

  • shank


    Main body of a tool; the portion of a drill or similar end-held tool that fits into a collet, chuck or similar mounting device.