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Cutting Tool Engineering magazine, published 12 times a year by CTE Publications Inc., helps manufacturing professionals enhance the productivity of their companies' cutting and grinding operations. Browse through the issues below and select the digital format you prefer: via our CTEplus digital edition app, a PDF file, or a digital edition designed for desktop computers.

April 2015 | Vol. 67 | Issue 4
April 2015 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Vertical machining centers play a central role in the growth of S&S Machine Shop. PLUS:

  • Software developers raise the bar with improved toolpaths, integration and simulation
  • When grinding complex cutting tool profiles, attention should be paid to the software, the wheel and the tool blank for best results
  • And columns covering the importance of keeping employees' personal matters separate from professional ones; some methods for minimizing chatter; boring heads that improve productivity; how quick-change tooling can boost profits; how flame hardening works, and some answers to queries about barreling and scrubber nozzles.
March 2015 | Vol. 67 | Issue 3
March 2015 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

High-efficiency software makes roughing of molds smoother, more efficient. PLUS:

  • Modular automation increases productivity and flexibility at a lower price point than custom solutions
  • Small shop becomes big aerospace manufacturer with a little help from its friends
  • Learn details about the numerous new products manufacturers are offering the metalworking industry
  • And columns covering the need to protect a shop's digital information; correcting linear positioning errors of machine tool axes; some advice on selecting wire EDM workholders; creating process visibility with cloud computing; how to select and use the best gages; the lost art of flame straightening, and creating a plan to replace retiring workers.
February 2015 | Vol. 67 | Issue 2
February 2015 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Cryogenic machining systems can extend tool life and reduce cycle times. PLUS:

  • Table-type horizontal boring mills add versatility to a machine shop
  • A journey of waste reduction and continuous improvement for machine shops
  • And columns covering how to manage requests for pricing discounts; how to keep seeing clearly through machine vision panels; the need to check the tailstock when parts go bad; finding shop apps for mobile devices; shop fundamentals, some essential elements for successful endmilling, and battling burn and other grinding issues.
January 2015 | Vol. 67 | Issue 1
January 2015 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Collaborative robots lend a helping hand. PLUS:

  • Hybrid machining expands a part designer’s pallette and speeds the art-to-part cycle when prototyping
  • Shops are deep-hole drilling on standard machine tools, but certain applications still require specialized machines
  • Shops have plenty of choices when gripping small parts
  • And columns covering the need to adapt to today's shop customer; measuring with capacitance sensors; the closing of the programming-to-production gap; how coordinate measuring machines benefit part manufacturers of all sizes; the use of roll grinding to finish corners, and the importance of following—and saving—instructions for new and existing jobs.
December 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 12
December 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Machine tools for cutting composite materials have unique requirements. PLUS:

  • The pros and cons of turning with the ‘perfect’ insert
  • While many machine shops have an EDM, they still have to decide when to outsource certain jobs
  • Choosing the best marking method for delicate workpieces
  • And columns covering the cultivation of machining's future; an interview with an enterprising Colorado manufacturer; when to turn to a turnkey solution; more tips and tricks for parts finishing, and some methods to purposely burn workpieces.
November 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 11
November 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

2015 Buyers Guide issue:

  • Manufacturers index
  • Disributors index
  • Machne Shop index.
October 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 10
October 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Cloud-based CAD gains momentum. PLUS:

  • Simultaneous machining on multiple spindles enhances efficiency and lowers cost per part for high-volume production
  • Thermal and mechanical methods can increase part surface hardness while leaving the inside ductile
  • Machine-integrated inspection systems can improve quality and profitability
  • Integrating digital tool libraries into CAM software enables process improvement
  • And columns covering the benefits of taking shop workers to IMTS; the advantages of preloading ball nuts; how workholder modeling slashes setup time; metrology software benefits; some significant advances in deep-hole drilling, and still more tips for effective finish work.
September 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 9
September 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Heavy-duty multitask machine tools provide numerous benefits for producing large, complex components—when the application is right. PLUS:

  • 3D printing is poised to turn prototyping on its head
  • When tool presetters are integrated into a shop, a key question is who will take the measurements
  • Rotary broaching allows machine shops to bring broaching in-house
  • Growing U.S. auto market needs supply flexibility and more lightweight parts.
August 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 8
August 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

CTE’s 2014 Salary Survey shows the earnings of metalworking professionals have headed upward. PLUS:

  • A tool inventory management system shows who’s using what and for what purpose
  • Teach your vertical machining center to ‘dance without a partner’
  • Thread milling is an attractive alternative to tapping
  • Certification helps machine shops develop consistent QA practices—and new business
  • Get a grip on machined parts with face drivers
  • Advances in software, sensors and connectivity create more choices and greater accessibility for machine monitoring
  • Tapered-pipe tapping calls for interrupted-thread taps
  • Gear makers embrace indexable-insert tools.
July 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 7
July 014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Toolholder vibration negatively impacts all aspects of machining. PLUS:

  • JDA Aqua Cutting and JDA Custom offer both machining services and motorcycle-related products
  • Portable coordinate measuring machine arms bring sophisticated inspection to the shop floor
  • Solutions for 10 of the most challenging deburring applications
  • Bremen Castings celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, but doesn’t look back
  • An examination of wheel performance shows the ups and downs of creep-feed grinding
  • Ultrasonic machining is a sound but unsung option
  • How needles and other medical ‘sharps’ are ground.
June 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 6
June2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

Despite setbacks and challenges, orthopedic implant market set to grow; and shop makes one-of-a-kind knee implants with CAM templates. PLUS:

  • Ways to keep machines and operators cool, clean and calm
  • 10 questions about machining titanium alloys
  • Preventive maintenance is an important part of a machine shop’s routine—and every shop handles it differently
  • The importance of effectively cooling the cutting zone when grooving.
May 2014 | Vol. 66 | Issue 5
May 2014 issue of Cutting Tool Engineering magazine

‘More of everything’ boosts Swiss machining productivity—and complexity. PLUS:

  • Hydraulic vises offer accurate workholding for workpieces large and small
  • When selecting a boring or reaming tool to finish a hole, the application is everything
  • Cutting fluids make it easier to keep your cool when workpieces are difficult to machine
  • Despite setbacks, South Carolina shop thrives, develops winning production strategy
  • Gage repeatability and reproducibility studies improve measurement systems.