hydrostatically guided slides are wear-free and thus have an unlimited service life. The hydrostatically guided linear slide units are characterised by high reliability, long-term availability and low service costs. Since these properties exist independently of the service life, the machine end-customer can produce more effectively and…
With the use of the PM controller, several times stiffness is achieved compared to solutions using capillaries. This produces extraordinarily high stiffness with respect to radial, axial and moment loads. With the help of extensive computer programmes, an optimum in dimensioning is achieved regarding dynamic loads, so the best-possible damping is…
The pneumatically operated clamping force block SCHUNK TANDEM PGS3-LH 100 can be directly mounted on machine tables, dividing heads or VERO-S NSL 150 clamping stations of machining centers via an integrated flange. Its extremely compact design and square shape ensures optimum accessibility and enables a considerable stroke of 6 mm per jaw. With a…
The SCHUNK ROTA-M flex 2+2 clamping is done in a self-locking manner, and the clamping condition is signaled via indicating pins. The standard chuck sizes 260 to 1200 achieve jaw strokes from 9.5 mm to 17.8 mm and high clamping forces from 100 kN to 180 kN. As of size 800, users benefit from the weight-reduced design. The chuck face is equipped…
The toolless jaw quick-change system reduces set-up times to a minimum, therefore increasing the productivity and flexibility of the entire system. Dowel pins and a corresponding bore hole are available options, serving as additional mounting aides. For example, in the case of asymmetric finger pairs, this ensures that they can only be mounted in…
With its ergonomic slim outer profile for easy and comfortable actuation, the TENDO Platinum V2 is specifically designed for direct clamping the tool. Imbalance correction goes unnoticed and is carefully designed into the body profile. Constructed of durable hardened tool steel, the V2 improves stability, stiffness, and clamping force to give you…
The ROTA THW3 chuck with quick-change jaws has been completely redesigned to fit into today’s modern machine tool technology. Today’s machines allow multiple features for today’s manufacturing.  For example, quick change tooling, large tool storage, multi spindles, and modular machine controls, to name a few. This technology creates a better…
Electro-permanent magnets like the EMH can grip many different parts with no change over, making these end effectors more flexible than other designs. Electro-permanent magnets have high power density and compact size which improves the available payload for the robot to which it is mounted. Operation of electro-permanent magnets is energy…
The customized Plug & Work portfolios include pneumatic and electric grippers, co-act gripping modules for collaborative applications, and quick-change systems. Whereas the pneumatic grippers are easy to use, have a high-performance density and are attractive in price, they are especially predestined for conventional automated applications,…
The KONTEC KSC mini is the vise of choice for flexible use in efficient blank and finish part machining. Conversion on a larger clamping range is even possible without requiring additional accessories. Different jaw widths of 45 and 70 mm can be used on the same basic vise, allowing optimal adjustment to different clamping tasks.
Glass fibers as light as feathers; the smallest SMD components or micro-mechanical parts; sensitive battery components; plastic films; paper and glass - all can be handled by the ADHESO gripper. Gripping of automotive or mechanical engineering components of a weight of 33 pounds and more is also possible. Automated separation of breathable…
The AOV orbital sander tool is specially designed for grinding and polishing workpiece surfaces. The pneumatic unit is driven by a vane motor and achieves rotational speeds of 10,000 RPM. The MFT-R is the ideal solution for manufacturers who require a particularly flexible and robust polishing spindle for polishing and brushing of workpieces with…
SCHUNK has developed a completely sealed miniature clamping module specifically for compact applications in the metalcutting industry, assembly and handling, as well as for measurement technology. It combines compact dimensions, high pull-down and holding forces, a high dimensional stability and a high repeat accuracy of < 0.005 mm.
Introduced as part of SCHUNK's Plug and Work portfolio, the new EGH Co-act gripper is an effective way to easily implement automation with a cobot. Easy to install and control and fully programmable to ensure flexible workpiece handling, the EGH is particularly suited to the handling, assembly and electronics industries.
SCHUNK Electronic Solutions has developed Magnoplate – a universal workpiece holder for depaneling machines that places magnetic carrier pins with a milling head on a support plate. This results in lightning fast brackets for new assembly groups.
Three years ago, SCHUNK launched the slim hydraulic expansion toolholder TENDO Slim 4ax, which received great attention. Its precision mounting combines the outside geometry of heat shrinking mountings according to DIN 69882-8 with the proven qualities of SCHUNK hydraulic expansion technology. SCHUNK now launches a version with cool-flow…
In response to high demand, Schunk has increased its product line of power-amplified 5-axis vises, which are now equipped with an adjustable center. The maintenance-free Schunk Kontec KSX-C is now available in four base body lengths (330 mm, 430 mm, 500 mm and 630 mm) and two heights (174 mm and 125 mm).
The SCHUNK ROTA NCR-A sealed 6-jaw pendulum compensation chuck has special seals at the jaw interface and the piston to keep the grease from being washed out and the clamping force from being gradually lost. Even in the case of low clamping forces, precise functioning of the chuck is ensured, and at the same time the seals ensure than an ingress…
The Schunk EGB with IO-link is a compact mechatronic 24 V gripper for small components that allows flexible processes during fast-paced pick & place. It is based on the tried-and-tested Schunk EGP, and scores with a high speed and high gripping force.
Vibrations, chatter marks, tool failure – what has so far robbed many a machine operator of sleep will soon be a thing of the past: With the smart iTENDO hydraulic expansion toolholder, SCHUNK and startup company TOOL IT present an intelligent toolholder that monitors the machining process directly at the tool, and allows real-time control of the…
The SCHUNK Co-act EGL-C long-stroke gripper is a milestone on the way to a comprehensive human/robot collaboration: The long-stroke gripper developed for collaborative operation achieves high gripping forces up to 450 N, and combines them with a long stroke of 42.5 mm per finger. The intelligent 24 V powerhouse is suitable for handling workpiece…
SCHUNK Electronic Solutions is bringing two depaneling machines with large installation spaces onto the market: the SAR-1300-Mono-Smart and the SAR-1700. The machines mill and saw individual PCBs from a large PCB panel - the maximum panel size is 600 x 500 millimeters.
SCHUNK has introduced several improvements on the original PGN-Plus and has announced the newest generation gripper, PGN-Plus-P. Enlarged supporting dimensions between the six load-bearing shoulders of the multiple-tooth guidance allow higher moment capacity, which can accommodated longer fingers and greater loads.
The SCHUNK ELP can be adjusted in two simple steps, making it a very user-friendly electric linear module. The end positions can be mechanically adjusted with a screw, and the speed of extension and retraction is adjusted using rotary switches on the side of the unit.
The SCHUNK Vero-S Aviation product line is designed to rigidly clamp large parts accurately, and through its unique design enable the user to release the part enough to allow the part to move (compensate) due to the stresses of machining without fully releasing the part. Therefore, the clamp/unclamp and reclamping of the stress relieved part can…
SCHUNK says the intelligent jaw design of the SCHUNK UVB-HS soft chuck jaws defines a new class of efficiency in lathe chuck technology. With a combination of overheight and angle cutting, it achieves a whole bundle of efficiency effects during finish machining of workpieces.
With more than 75,000 implemented, customer-specific solutions, SCHUNK has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic expansion arbors for high-precision applications in milling, hobbing, turning, grinding, assembly, inspection and balancing for over 35 years. The hydraulic expansion technology is now with VERO-S Module quick-change capabilites.
SCHUNK says its MAGNOS parallel pole, square pole, and radial pole plates ensure reliable workpiece clamping, quick workpiece changes, and particularly efficient processes in grinding applications. Among other things, SCHUNK MAGNOS square pole grinding plates boost productivity by up to 200 percent, compared to conventional solutions using…
TRIBOS polygonal clamping technology has been setting standards in high-precision micromachining for many years. Numerous companies in medical and dental technology, watchmaking and jewelry, as well as moldmaking and optical engineering have put their confidence in SCHUNK’s patented toolholding system. Due to the high demand, SCHUNK has further…
With the TENDO E compact, SCHUNK says it has started a new era in tool clamping with this universal toolholder that is suitable for applications such as milling, drilling, and reaming. SCHUNK now offers new extended lengths in CAT 40 (4“) and CAT 50 (6“). Both are great for long-reach applications and in multiple-axis machines.
With the SCHUNK TENDO Slim 4ax hydraulic expansion toolholder, it is possible to combine the complete outside geometry of heat shrinking mountings with SCHUNK hydraulic expansion technology. The slim mounting makes it suitable for use in series production, particularly in the automotive industry.
The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC-F single-acting clamping vises with fixed jaw, achieves high clamping forces at comparably low torque. Due to the 160 degree “Quick Clamp” force intensifier, workpieces are clamped in less than a second, and the vise is safely locked, making retightening with a torque wrench no longer necessary.
The SCHUNK TENDOturn utilizes a sealed hydraulic system which allows for fast and accurate tool changes. Users benefit from the advantages of the innovative hydraulic expansion toolholder technology, even with applications on lathes and milling centers.
The EGP from SCHUNK is the electric small part gripper. SCHUNK expanded the EGP series with a smaller size (25) which weighs 110g and has a stroke of 3 mm per finger.
The new VERO-S WDB clamping technology modular system transfers the efficiency levels of the SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system specifically to machine directly clamped workpieces. By using clamping pillars with a modular structure, freely molded parts and other workpieces can be clamped directly on the machine table, without the need of…
The ROTA NCX, a power lathe chuck from SCHUNK, Morrisville, S.C., features a quick jaw change system and a large through-hole, according to a Feb. 17 announcement from the company. Optimized with reduced-weight, the ROTA NCX is described by the company as an essential upgrade over conventional lathe chucks.
Schunk Inc. offers modular clamping columns that enable direct clamping of molding plates, freeform parts and other workpieces on the machine table without additional clamping devices or interfering contours. The clamping pillars ensure collision-free processes, a defined clamping situation and a reliable simulation of the machining process,…
Applications that require minimal batch sizes, high precision requirements, and complex geometries need high-tech solutions to get the job done. SCHUNK’s new modular system for direct workpiece clamping is ideal for complex jobs. Modular clamping columns enable direct clamping of molding plates, freeform parts, and other workpieces on the machine…
According to Schunk, set up changes are reduced by 90 percent with this fast, accurate quick-change, workholding and positioning system.
SCHUNK is broadening its program for high performance hydraulic expansion toolholders with the TENDO AVIATION.
The SCHUNK KONTEC KSC centric clamping vise is a multifaceted component that has optimal jaw support for ID and OD clamping with long base jaw guidance.
The SCHUNK PRISMO3 tool grinding toolholder directly clamps every shank diameter between 3mm and 20mm without the use of collet chucks or sleeves.
With more than 75,000 implemented, customer-specific solutions, SCHUNK has been developing and manufacturing hydraulic expansion toolholders and hydraulic expansion arbors for high-precision applications in milling, boring, turning, grinding, mounting, inspection, and balancing for more than 35 years.
SCHUNK says it paid attention to the market trends and has released the new TB2 Chuck to support the highest demands every step of the way.
With a module height of 20mm, the VERO-S NSE mini module from SCHUNK provides ideal conditions for retrofitting existing machines, making full use of the engine room, and direct clamping of small workpieces.
The SCHUNK ROTA TB2 pneumatic self-contained power chuck is for machining rods and pipes for the oil industry, as well as in the mining and construction industries.
The Tendo-Tech is a line of special toolholders offered as standard from Schunk.
The SCHUNK ROTA NCO chuck has a high clamping force, low jaw stroke, and low height, ensuring more space in the engine room, short cycle times, and high versatility.
The KSO from Schunk Inc. is a specially developed single-acting clamping vise and can be easily adjusted to customer-specific specific requirements.
Combined with a SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system, MAGNOS magnetic chucks are more efficient, according to Schunk.
SCHUNK has developed the manual chuck ROTA-S flex, particularly for machining a wide workpiece range on mill/turn machines.
The SVP-Mini and SVP-RM from SCHUNK are manually actuated clamping devices that run on factory-defined set pressure, reportedly saving time and energy, reducing setup costs, and eliminating operating errors.
The TANDEM KSP plus clamping force block from SCHUNK is reportedly setting new standards in automated manufacturing.
The TRIBOS-Mini HSK-E 20 polygonal toolholder is a standardized precision toolholder for micro machining with the HSK-E 20 spindle interface from SCHUNK.
SCHUNK's VERO-S SPM-138 diaphragm clamping system allows users to machine the contour of their workpieces into the SPM unit.
With a change-over time of 5 seconds per jaw, the SCHUNK PRONTO quick jaw change system offers turbo-charged set-up times for all standard lathe chucks with fine serrations of <sup>1</sup>&frasl;<sub>16</sub>" x 90 degrees and 1.5mm x 60 degrees.
The NSA plus module for the VEROS quick change pallet system from Schunk Inc. reportedly ensures maximum precision for automated machine loading.
SCHUNK introduces the TENDO Platinum toolholder.
SCHUNK has two new programs to help users quickly find the right type of jaws for their chuck.
The slim design of the TRIBOS-SVL toolholder extensions from Schunk allows precise and smooth machining of workpiece areas that are difficult to access.
The KONTEC KSX NC vise from SCHUNK is a powerful clamping system for simultaneous 5-axis machining.
The new HLM Stroke Module from SCHUNK is compact, precise and resilient.
SCHUNK is introducing their new hydraulic expansion extension TENDO-SVL.
All functional components of the new VERO-S module from Schunk Inc. are made of hardened Stainless Steel.
Micron precision is always required for drilling, reaming, and line boring. SCHUNK now offers a hydraulic expansion toolholder with a run-out accuracy of 0.000mm which can be quickly adjusted.
SCHUNK presents PRISMO, the new holder for automated tool and cutter grinding. Unique features are the ability to clamp diameters between five and 20mm, without additional components or time-consuming changeovers, and high repeat accuracies of less than 0.005mm.
Clamping force blocks are a classic among stationary clamping systems. SCHUNK presents a major development in miniature self centering clamping technology.
SCHUNK continues to improve its offering of hydraulic toolholders.
SCHUNK introduces a new line of power chucks, the ROTA NCK-plus.
With the TENDO E compact, SCHUNK has reportedly started a new era in tool clamping.
The SCHUNK VERO-S is paving the way to more precision, efficiency, process reliability, and set up reduction in metal cutting.
For exact machining of thin-walled rings on rotary tables, cylindrical grinding machines, and lathes, Schunk Inc. now offers a vast program of standardized magnetic chucks with radial pole pitch.
When facing quality demands that are constantly increasing in today's machining industry, the ROTA NCS is a forward looking development that ensures the user a maximum degree of security in investment. The ROTA NCS sealed 3-jaw power chuck from SCHUNK combines high clamping force with maximum precision affording sound workholding for the…
SCHUNK Inc.'s TENDO-ES is a short hydraulic expansion toolholder, which allows the tool to be clamped directly in the mounting taper.
The KONTEC KSM vise from Schunk Inc. helps to increase efficiency in production and nonproduction applications with its multiple part-clamping features where several workpieces of the same size or different sizes can be held at the same time.
Schunk Inc. continues to expand the TRIBOS toolholding family by now offering Mini toolholders and SVL extensions.
The clamping of thin-walled and easily deformed components is challenging. With its ROTA NCR 6-jaw compensation chuck, Schunk Inc. offers a standard solution for this type of workpiece.
The Tribos-RM toolholder for micromachining from Schunk Inc. has a one-piece, rotationally symmetric design to reportedly ensure long life of the machine spindles and the complete transmission of power.
The Kontec KSK 5A from Schunk Inc. is an encapsulated 5-axis centric clamping device.
Schunk Inc. says its Tendo-E hydraulic expansion toolholder combines performance and value, along with enhanced runout accuracy of less than 0.005mm (0.0002") and vibration dampening.
The new SINO-R from Schunk Inc. is a maintenance free toolholder especially well suited for rough milling.
Get improved machining quality, higher availability and longer working life with hydrostatic machine tool components.
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Schunk GmbH & Co. KG, Lauffen/Neckar, Germany, appointed Bo Shomaker vice president of sales, tooling and workholding.
SCHUNK will now be assembling grippers in the US.
Schunk USA, Morrisville, N.C., started construction on an expansion project at its U.S. headquarters that will more than double the size of the facility.
The aerospace industry faces complex issues, such as environmental issues and the need for efficient designs, lightweight materials and 3D-printed parts. To help address these and other issues, Seco Tools hosted the Inspiration Through Innovation (ITI) 2021 virtual event Dec. 1.
SCHUNK customers now have a fully equipped facility where they can view a demonstration, receive advice and support for their specific application, or get an expert technician for repair or service. The Tec-Center has a milling machine, lathe, air chuck display and robotic machine-loading display, giving people the ability to see a variety of…
SCHUNK is proud to announce the promotion of Matt Steele to Director of Sales for Tooling and Workholding.