EGB With IO-Link Mechatronic Gripper

August 02, 2019
EGB With IO-Link Mechatronic Gripper

The Schunk EGB with IO-link is a compact mechatronic 24 V gripper for small components that allows flexible processes during fast-paced pick & place. It is based on the tried-and-tested Schunk EGP, and scores with a high speed and high gripping force.

In the version with IO-Link, the electric gripper satisfies the IO-Link Class B Standard suitable for increased power consumption, and can be directly connected with an IO-Link Class B Master. Its gripper fingers can be freely positioned within every cycle, allowing the highest level of flexibility. Due to the pre-positioning, the shortest cycle times can be ensured. The gripping force can be adapted to the respective workpiece using software settings in four stages, so handling scenarios with deformation-sensitive parts can also be achieved. Within the permissible finger length, both the gripping force and the gripping speed remain virtually constant over the entire stroke.

The position of the gripper fingers are detectable using the integrated measuring system over the entire stroke, and no external sensors are required for monitoring. Quite the opposite in fact: intermediate positions or varying workpiece sizes can be monitored at any time. An integrated diagnosis tool permanently monitors the voltage, current, temperature, and condition of the gripper, and transmits errors automatically to the superior control system. If need be, systems operators can also store maintenance intervals for the system on the tool. As the entire electronics of the Schunk EGP is space-saving in its interior, the gripper doesn't take up any space at all in the control cabinet. Brushless and therefore maintenance-free servomotors and a clearance-free junction roller guide ensure a high level of efficiency, constant gripping forces across the entire finger length, and make the Schunk EGP with IO-Link a dynamic, precise, and powerful expert for challenging handling of small and mid-sized parts.

Just like its predecessor the pneumatic Schunk MPG-plus, the Schunk EGP takes screws on the side or at the base, which increases its flexibility within a system design. In order to increase the dynamics and the energy efficiency of higher-level systems, the gripper housing consists of a special high-performance aluminum. In addition, the design is rigorous in eliminating superfluous materials. The pick and place expert fits seamlessly in the program for modular high-performance assembly from Schunk. It fulfills protection class IP30 and is suitable for the most various applications in the area of small component handling and assembly.

The EGP will initially be available in sizes 40, 60, and 64 with a finger stroke of 6 mm/8 mm/10 mm, and maximum gripping forces of 140 N/210 N/300 N. The repeat accuracy during the gripping operation is 0.02 mm, and during positioning of the gripper fingers it is 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm. However, this depends on whether the finger position is reached from one or two directions. The gripper is suitable for handling parts up to 0.7 kg/1.05 kg/1.25 kg. In addition to the version with IO-link, the 24 V gripper is again available with actuation via digital I/O.