TENDO Platinum V2 Toolholder

September 28, 2021
TENDO Platinum V2 Toolholder Maximizes Tool Life, Increases Productivity, Improves Part Quality

SCHUNK is excited to announce the launch of the new TENDO Platinum V2 hydraulic toolholder. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the TENDO V2 is a culmination of more than 40 years of ongoing research and development in hydraulic toolholder technology to bring manufacturers the most advanced direct clamping toolholder in the industry.

A critically thought out, modern toolholder

With its ergonomic slim outer profile for easy and comfortable actuation, the TENDO Platinum V2 is specifically designed for direct clamping the tool. Imbalance correction goes unnoticed and is carefully designed into the body profile. Constructed of durable hardened tool steel, the V2 improves stability, stiffness, and clamping force to give you a toolholder with longer sustained accuracy throughout its life.

Innovative since the beginning

The TENDO Original with three rings was developed in 1978 and was the first in the market to feature a run-out/repeat accuracy greater than or equal to 0.003, balance G2.5 25,000 rpm, and no risk of damage when clamped without the tool. SCHUNK continues to bring technological advances to the world of toolholding with the release of the TENDO Platinum V2.

Related Glossary Terms

  • stiffness


    1. Ability of a material or part to resist elastic deflection. 2. The rate of stress with respect to strain; the greater the stress required to produce a given strain, the stiffer the material is said to be. See dynamic stiffness; static stiffness.

  • toolholder


    Secures a cutting tool during a machining operation. Basic types include block, cartridge, chuck, collet, fixed, modular, quick-change and rotating.