VERO-S WDB Clamping System

April 20, 2016

The new VERO-S WDB clamping technology modular system transfers the efficiency levels of the SCHUNK VERO-S quick-change pallet system specifically to machine directly clamped workpieces. By using clamping pillars with a modular structure, freely molded parts and other workpieces can be clamped directly on the machine table, without the need of additional equipment.

The modular system consists of the VERO-S WDB basic modules, clamping modules and stacking modules; all can be freely combined. The stacking modules are 30mm and 50mm, so that the height of the clamping pillars can be varied in intervals of 10mm to 80mm without needing any special solutions. Height differences can be bridged using the stepless, adjustable, hydraulically clamped VERO-S WDA compensation element.

All interfaces have a taper centering mechanism that is free from play and guarantees a repeat accuracy of less than 0.005mm between the individual components. The clamping modules can be actuated and the workpiece can be monitored by an integrated air feed-through, without the need for an external media supply. The actual workpiece clamping takes place by spring force; and is a self-locking, form-fit process. The workpieces remain safely clamped even if the air pressure suddenly drops. A pneumatic system of 6 bar opens the clamping module.

Related Glossary Terms

  • centering


    1. Process of locating the center of a workpiece to be mounted on centers. 2. Process of mounting the workpiece concentric to the machine spindle. See centers.