ROTA TB2 Power Chuck

November 01, 2014

The SCHUNK ROTA TB2 pneumatic self-contained power chuck is for machining rods and pipes for the oil industry, as well as in the mining and construction industries. This innovative power chuck has many features that help to fully utilize the productivity potentials of modern machining centers. It has a large through-hole up to 560mm, with an air pressure of 6 bar, making it possible to achieve clamping forces up to 280 kN, which can easily be adapted to any particular task.

An anticorrosive coating significantly increases the service life of the chuck and the base jaw guidance is equipped with a special seal to prevent penetration of contamination, dust and chips, reducing maintenance costs. An advanced lubrication system ensures constant clamping forces and high process stability and an optional integrated pressure sensor provides maximum process reliability and operational safety in daily use.

To increase the cycle time in the machining of pipes and rods, the ROTA TB2 features a double acting check valve with extra large channel bores, which considerably speeds up the clamping process. After completion of machining, a quick action ventilation system allows for a quick release of the clamping setup. If needed, the extended jaw stroke can be mechanically monitored by a radial stroke indicator on the outer diameter.

The TB2 is available in sizes from 470mm to 1,000mm with bore diameters from 185mm to 560mm.

Related Glossary Terms

  • centers


    Cone-shaped pins that support a workpiece by one or two ends during machining. The centers fit into holes drilled in the workpiece ends. Centers that turn with the workpiece are called “live” centers; those that do not are called “dead” centers.

  • chuck


    Workholding device that affixes to a mill, lathe or drill-press spindle. It holds a tool or workpiece by one end, allowing it to be rotated. May also be fitted to the machine table to hold a workpiece. Two or more adjustable jaws actually hold the tool or part. May be actuated manually, pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically. See collet.

  • outer diameter ( OD)

    outer diameter ( OD)

    Dimension that defines the exterior diameter of a cylindrical or round part. See ID, inner diameter.

  • through-hole


    Hole or cavity cut in a solid shape that connects with other holes or extends all the way through the workpiece.