Now, LACH DIAMOND doubles this efficiency by offering an insert with 2 tips: CBN-Duo-power.The development of new CBN cutting materials like the types B610 and B600 used by LACH DIAMOND met the demand of the automotive and component industry for a cutting material with long-term stability for the turning of hardened steels – and this with highest…
Rotary-dress diamond dressing rolls feature highest repetition accuracy at lowest dressing costs. Recommended for high-precision components such as bearing tracks, valves, gear wheels, turbine blades or turbochargers. Precision diamond dressing rolls HiTech rotary-dress are manufactured in the following versions, depending on the machining task.
PCD- and CBN-tipped engraving tools are offered in standard or customized dimensions; as semi-finished or finished (incl. side-cut); with highest reachable surface qualities.
Lach Diamond offers many ways to use diamonds as wear protection and to profit from its superior hardness.
A software update is available for the »Dia-2200-mini« product line of Lach Diamond EDG (Electrical Discharge Grinding) eroding machines – sharpening machines; it allows for a transition to extreme axis angles up to 80°.
Following its tradition still today, Lach Diamond Inc. offers service for setting single-point dressing diamonds and regrinding of profile diamonds. “We owe this to our customers,” emphasize the managing directors who are looking back to an almost 100-year anniversary; while they also reaffirm that “purchasing diamonds is a matter of trust.”
Lach Diamond Inc. developed «mini-contour» machines, a special sharpening machine that can produce high-precision concave and convex profiles from 2 to 4 µm and is suitable for re-sharpening the company's »contour-profiled« grinding wheels.
Lach Diamond Inc. offers a grinding wheel with a metal bond for deep grinding – hitherto almost unthinkable. For the first time, newly developed bond variations are available for profiling during the deep grinding of carbide, high-alloyed steel, ceramics and, in a special specification, even unhardened steel.
As often happens, world innovations stay hidden in the background, and no one thinks further about the manufacturing of various products in daily life, or did you ever worry about how exactly hair clippers are manufactured? LACH DIAMOND says it addressed this subject matter and proved once again the unlimited possibilities of »contour-profiled«…
In November 2004, when LACH was awarded the German Innovation Prize for a newly developed technology for the cost and time efficient machining of aluminum components with a monoblock diamond cutter »dia-compact«, it was already said, “Nothing is more efficient than this … .” However, there was still something more efficient – as proven by the…
LACH DIAMOND can look back on 20 years of experience in the development of PCD chipbreakers. The first CO-type patent was issued on January 26, 1999: A laser cut chip groove for PCD materials.
Metal-bond profiled diamond and CBN grinding wheels are available for serial grinding of workpieces made of carbides, hardened steels and ceramics.Lach Diamond says its »contour-profiled« procedure is a cost killer in the best possible way. Previous grinding times with resin/hybrid-bond grinding wheels can be reduced by up to 60 percent.
Lach Diamond says dressing with the diamond dressing roll »drebojet-plus«, which emerged from the PCD diamond dressing roll »drebojet« at the beginning of the 80s, is a noteworthy innovation simply because the presented type of drebojet dressing rolls for the CNC dressing respectively profiling of conventional grinding wheels are maintenance free…
The spark grinding machine »Dia-2200-mini« from Lach Diamond is for the production and service of diamond tools for the wood and composite industry. Its universal 5-axis CNC system is designed for the automatic sharpening of diamond tools and saw blades with up to 530 mm in diameter.
Based on the previous success of PCD drill type »PS« during burr and delamination free machining of fiber composites – also in combination with aluminum – so-called stacks components – Lach Diamond developed the PCD drill type »PS-plus«.
While CO-type chipbreakers only redirect the chips, LACH DIAMOND's new »IC-plus world`s best« chipbreaker will already guide chips with a cutting depth (ap) of 0.01 mm. The cutting depth can be increased up to the maximum length of the cutting edge, e.g. up to 5.0 mm maximum for an ISO cutting insert VCMT.
LACH DIAMOND says its newly developed PCD twist drill type PS saves up to 75 percent of time by reducing three previously necessary steps to one process. The new PCD twist drill completes piloting, drilling and reaming all in one “shot.”
In 1978, LACH DIAMANT discovered the use of spark erosion as a means of forming polycrystalline cutting materials and allowing for the production of rotating PCD tools, e. g. step drills and profile tools. Since then, PCD diamond tools have established themselves in metal, wood and plastic industries all over the world.
LACH DIAMOND says its solution to combine the »Cool Injection« process, during which the cooling jet is guided by a PCD surface, and the chip controller »Plus« into one single tool proved to be ideal for manufacturing. Now it is possible to work with extremely high cutting speeds and feeds required for HSC machining.
LACH DIAMOND PCD milling cutters, with diameters from 0.6 to 450 mm (and with integrated dust extraction systems for larger diameters), scoring saws, saw blades, drills, step drills and other tools are now successfully established in the composite industry – CFRP, GRP, wood, and plastic machining - for more than 3 decades. They are also used in…
Diamond dressing plates, such as sintered versions, were the innovations of yesterday. »Dia-Fliese-perfect« from Lach Diamond Inc. is today’s new standard diamond dressing tool for perfect cuts, particularly in series production.
LACH DIAMOND introduces its newly developed PCD cartridge milling cutter »dia-blue-power«. A PCD monoblock milling cutter with brazed cutting edges, chip and shear angle and a large chip space created the basis for better performance and cost reductions in the automobile and composite industries, according to the company.
The drebojet®-plus, a new diamond dressing roll from Lach Diamond Inc, Grand Rapids, Mich., will make its debut at GrindTec, which is set for March 16-19 in Augsburg, Germany, according to a company news release issued today. The drebojet-plus is intended for contour-controlled dressing and profiling of grinding wheels.
By combining the PCD milling cutters developed and patented by LACH DIAMOND with the PCD chip breaker patented by Audi AG, this process reportedly assures and guarantees controlled and economic machining of aluminum.
Owing to new processing technologies, 15 years ago, Lach Diamond pioneered to place ;a chipbreaker guide step three-dimensionally as a chipbreaker into the diamond layer of a PCD insert. From this the company developed several variations for their chipbreaker program for the machining of nonferrous metals, especially for aluminum. This became a…
Lach Diamond offers the >>Cool Injection-Plus<< PCD cutter developed in cooperation with the AUDI AG.

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“When I founded my diamond grindery in 1922, I never would have thought that LACH DIAMANT would one day be a pioneer in the manufacturing of diamond tools…” said Jakob Lach, the founder of LACH DIAMANT, Germany in the early 80s.
In 1969, during a spring trade show in Hanover, Germany, Lach Diamond reports that the company was the first manufacturer worldwide to demonstrate the grinding of HSS and high-alloy steel on a tool grinding machine.