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The editors and staff at Cutting Tool Engineering proudly present this searchable Buyers Guide, which is the Web-based version of our print Buyers Guide that we have published annually for the past 38 years. The CTE Buyers Guide is the metalworking industry's most comprehensive, user-friendly resource for locating suppliers of cutting and grinding products and services. Looking for Machine Shops? View our Directory of Machine Shops.

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Company City, State Manufacturer Categories Distributor Categories
3M Abrasive Systems Div. St. Paul, MN Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated
Abrasive Technology Lewis Center, OH Abrasives, Abrasives/Electroplated, Drills, Grinding Wheels, Saw Blades
Advanced Diamond Products LLC Tranquility, NJ Abrasives, Cutoff Blades, Dressers/Diamond, Fly Cutters, Form Tools, Grinding Wheels, Grooving Tools, Inserts, Materials/Diamond (natural), Materials/Diamond (synthetic), Mill/Turn Machines
Advanced Superabrasives Henderson, NV Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Electroplated, Endmills, Grinding Wheels, Lapping Compounds/Equipment, Mounted Points
Anchor Abrasives Co. Tinley Park, IL Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Grinding Machines, Grinding Wheels
ATA Tools Inc. Cuyahoga Falls, OH Abrasives, Burs, Countersinks, Saw Blades
atto Abrasives New Ross, Co. Wexford Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Cutoff Blades, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Dressing Sticks, Grinding Wheels, Mounted Points Abrasives/Grinding Supplies & Equipment, Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products
Bates Technologies LLC Noblesville, IN Abrasives, Abrasives/Electroplated, Brushes, Honing Machines, Honing Stones, Laps, Measuring & Inspection Systems
Brush Research Mfg. Co. Inc. Los Angeles, CA Abrasives, Brushes, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Finishing Equipment, Honing Compounds, Honing Stones
Buffalo Abrasives North Tonawanda, NY Abrasives, Grinding Wheels
Century Machine Inc. Coulter, IA Abrasives, Heads, Honing Machines, Honing Stones, Workholding
CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels Niles, IL Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Cutoff Blades, Grinding Wheels
Dedeco Intl. Inc. Long Eddy, NY Abrasives, Boring Tools, Burs, Grinding Wheels, Polishing Tools
Fives Landis Corp.-Gardner Abrasives South Beloit, IL Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Grinding Wheels
Fives Landis Corp. (CITCO Tools) Concord Township, OH Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Electroplated, Boring Bars, Boring Tools, Chamfering Tools, Dressers/Diamond, Dressing Sticks, Drills, Endmills, Form Tools, Grinding Wheels, Grooving Tools, Inserts, Milling Cutters, Reamers, Routers, Threading Tools, Wear Parts
Gehring LP Farmington Hills , MI Abrasives, Automation Systems, Finishing Equipment, Honing Machines, Honing Stones
GMSi Group Inc. Oxford, MA Abrasives, Grinding Machines, Grinding Wheels, Honing Stones, Machine Tool Accessories, Machines/Sharpening, Mist Collectors, Pumps, Separators (Fluid)
Grainger Lake Forest, IL Abrasives, Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids, Drills, Grinding Machines, Inserts, Machines/Lathe, Milling Cutters, Milling Machines, Toolholders, Workholding Abrasives/Grinding Supplies & Equipment, Coolants/Lubricants/Related Products, Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, EDM Consumables/Equipment/Related Products, Grinding Machines, Machine Tool Attachments, Machine Tools/Metalcutting, Machine Tools/Non-Traditional, Material Handling Equipment, Materials, Measuring Tools/Quality Control Products, MRO Products, Safety Products, Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
Greenlee Diamond Tool Elk Grove Vilage, IL Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Electroplated, Saw Blades
Hyperion Materials & Technologies Columbus, OH Abrasive Grain & Powder, Abrasives, Die Blanks, Inserts, Lapping Compounds/Equipment, Materials, Materials/Carbide, Materials/Diamond (synthetic), Materials/Powder Metals, Wear Parts
Lach Diamond Inc. Grand Rapids, MI Abrasives, Blanks & Tips, Boring Bars, Boring Tools, Countersinks, Dressers/Diamond, Drills, Endmills, Grinding Wheels, Inserts, Materials, Materials/Diamond (natural), Materials/Diamond (synthetic)
Laser Research Optics, Div. of Meller Optics Inc. Providence, RI Abrasive Grain & Powder, Abrasives, Laser Machines & Components
The Mill-Rose Co. Mentor, OH Abrasives, Brushes, Deburring Tools & Equipment
Mitchell Abrasives Middleton, MA Abrasives, Abrasives/Coated, Hand Tools, Polishing Tools
New Jersey Diamond Products Paterson, NJ Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Dressers/Diamond
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives Worcester, MA Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Abrasives/Electroplated, Brushes, Burs, Mounted Points, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Grinding Wheels, Dressing Sticks
Ohio Tool Works LLC Ashland, OH Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Abrasives/Electroplated, Finishing Equipment, Honing Machines, Honing Stones
Osborn Richmond, IN Abrasive Grain & Powder, Abrasives, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Finishing Equipment
Particular Technology Inc. Waukegan, IL Abrasive Grain & Powder, Abrasives, Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids, Lapping Compounds/Equipment, Materials, Materials/Diamond (natural), Materials/Diamond (synthetic)
PFERD Inc. Milwaukee, WI Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Brushes, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Grinding Wheels, Mounted Points
PTS Group Warren, MI Abrasives, Adapters, Boring Bars, Boring Heads, Boring Tools, Burs, Chamfering Tools, Chucks, Clamps, Collets, Counterbores, Countersinks, Cutoff Blades, Dies, Digital Readout Systems, Drills, Endmills, Fasteners, Grinding Wheels, Hand Tools, Inserts, Machine Tool Accessories, Machines/CNC, Machines/Lathe, Measuring & Inspection Systems, Mill/Turn Machines, Milling Cutters, Milling Machines, Pumps, Reamers, Routers, Safety Equipment, Saw Blades, Spindles, Tapping Attachments, Tapping Extensions, Tapping Heads, Tapping Machines, Taps, Threading Tools, Toolholders, Vises, Welding, Workholding
Radiac Abrasives, a Tyrolit Co. Oswego, IL Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Electroplated, Brushes, Burs, Cutoff Blades, Grinding Wheels
Rosler Metal Finishing USA Battle Creek, MI Abrasives, Barrel/vibrator Finishing, Blast Finishing Media, Surface Coating/Finishing, Finishing Equipment, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Polishing Services, Waste Treatment Equipment
S.L. Munson & Co. Columbia, SC Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Coolants/lubricants/related Fluids, Dressers/Diamond, Grinding Wheels, Honing Stones, Reamers, Spindles Abrasives/Grinding Supplies & Equipment, Coolants/Lubricants/Related Products
Southwest Tool Services Inc. Phoenix, AZ Abrasives, Boring Tools, Drills, Endmills, Inserts, Keyseat Cutters, Reamers, Taps Abrasives/Grinding Supplies & Equipment, Cutting Tools/Toolholders/Related Products, Machine Tools/Metalcutting, Machine Tools/Non-Traditional, Workholders/Fixtures/Related Products
Starrex Inc. Warren, MA Abrasives, Honing Stones
Turner Tooling Co. Bedford, NH Abrasives, Abrasives/Electroplated, Coatings & Recoating Services, Drills, Endmills, Files, Grinding Wheels, Inserts, Saw Blades
Weiler Abrasives Cresco, PA Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Abrasives/Electroplated, Adapters, Automation Systems, Brushes, Burs, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Grinding Services, Grinding Wheels, Honing Stones, Mounted Points
Weldcote Kings Mountain, NC Abrasives, Abrasives/Bonded, Abrasives/Coated, Deburring Tools & Equipment, Grinding Wheels, Welding