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This media has a patented shape without any flat, parallel surface areas. On the one hand this unique design prevents media lodging in the work pieces, which can occur particularly in case of complex work pieces. Such lodged media can severely affect the finishing process and must frequently be removed by hand. On the other hand, the shape with…
The new machine design allows the easy switch from automatic to manual operation without time consuming re-tooling. This can be highly advantageous for processing of somewhat larger single components. All the operator has to do is to unlock the rotary basket and move it to the rear of the blast cabinet. This provides work space for the manual…
As surface finishing technology continues to evolve, so too does the demand for more efficient, stable and accurate finishing processes, especially when it comes to complex, high-value components. Rosler Metal Finishing has continually met this demand head-on by providing innovative surface finishing solutions, especially in the area of automated…
Introducing Rosler's new, patented MAX-IMP system.
Rosler announces its R-SF line of efficient mini-drag machines.
Rosler Metal Finishing USA LLC offers Rutten turbines.
Rosler's R series rotary vibratory bowls are automation-friendly machines that offer usable volumes from 1.8 to 30 cu. ft. and are ideal for processing a range of components from small, delicate parts to large marble slabs.
Rosler Metal Finishing introduced the FKS Centrifugal Disk Finishers.
Rosler's RDGE series Wire Mesh Belt Machines are for complete and continuous blasting treatment.
Rosler's KS series wet blast machines offer flexible, productive solutions while providing uniform media flow and unequaled finish control.
Rosler announces its new TSA line of plunge finishers.
Voestalpine Rotec GmbH, a global leader in the manufacture of precision steel pipes and tubes, integrated an automated Rösler drag finishing system, the R 4/700 SF, that doubled the usable life of stamping tools.
Experience lower costs, improved quality and absolutely consistent finishing results with drag finisher technology.
Improved productivity, increased production capacity, better quality and lower costs were the demands of a leading garden tool manufacturer when they invested in a mass finishing system for deburring and polishing of garden shear knives. Rösler met this challenge.
The Ottobock company in Duderstadt, Germany, a manufacturer of all kinds of orthopedic systems, recently commissioned two new mass finishing systems from Rösler. The equipment is utilized at a factory in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, which was opened in 2021.
Producing highly accurate parts for e-vehicles requires exacting deburring equipment. One German manufacturer turned to shot blast equipment to meet required specifications.
For tiny precision components with dimensions of < 1 mm and deep-drawn from 100-micrometer thick sheet metal, the surface finishing operation can be quite a challenge.

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