Abrasive Technology’s DualForce fluting wheels are manufactured using the company’s proprietary, controlled-structure process, which creates space between the abrasive particles, for a freer-cutting, low power-consuming wheel that withstands cutting forces generated when grinding carbide and high-speed steel. These wheels maintain high grind…
Alan Richter
Feature Article
Feature Article
The Abrasive Technology culture is built around finding creative ways to solve problems for our customers, mostly with diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tools.
Abrasive Technology Inc. discusses how superabrasive grinding wheels and tools with electroplated bonds are able to maintain tight-tolerance forms, provide freer cutting, and hold form or profile from the first cut to the last. In addition, the tools can be stripped and replated.
Presented as an online supplement to Cutting Tool Engineering's June 2012 report on "Replacement Parts," CTEplus offers a closer look at some of the superabrasive tools and technology offered by Abrasive Technology Inc., Lewis Center, Ohio.
Abrasive Technology’s P.B.S.® braze bond grinding products promote high diamond exposure with optimal coverage for aggressive tooling that lasts longer, cuts faster and runs cooler.

People & Companies

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Abrasive Technology announces it has increased the strength of its leadership team. Bart Carter has joined the company and will be responsible for sales and marketing. He will relocate to Abrasive Technology’s Lewis Center, Ohio, corporate offices.
Abrasive Technology LLC has named Guy Topping as its managing director of Abrasive Technology Ltd.
New opportunities are expected with the new investment in the company.
Abrasive Technology LLC, a manufacturer of superabrasive products for the dental, aerospace, medical and industrial end markets, has named Jim Barnhart managing director of Abrasive Technology Ltd., headquartered in the United Kingdom.
Abrasive Technology LLC, a manufacturer of superabrasive products, has named Clement Wiekrykas as the company’s chief executive officer.

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