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The future development impetus for the internal combustion engine will focus on the reduction of CO2 emissions. This is dependent upon fuel consumption, which in turn is determined by the internal engine friction. The goal of form honing is a form optimized cylinder bore under typical operating conditions. Gehring has developed a surface finishing…
Technology capable of thermally coating cylinder bores is a highly sought-after solution. High-performance roughening is required to produce a reliable bond between the layer and substrate, ensuring all aspects of functionality. A positive interlocking connection is achieved by undercutting and the complete filling of the profile’s roughness;…
Gehring Technologies GmbH recently introduced a surface finishing process for internal combustion engines that reportedly reduces carbon dioxide emissions through form honing. 

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Gehring LP, Farmington Hills, Michigan, and copperING Group are uniting their global product portfolios, establishing themselves as a supplier for production systems in both conventional and electrical powertrain segments.