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Norton for Aluminum wheels have a range of features and benefits including a 5/8"- 11" hub for quick, tool-free wheel changes. Helping to keep metal surfaces clean for defect-free, corrosion-free welding, the new wheels have a contaminate-free bond which does not need any waxes or lubricants. Also, a double coarse layer construction adds…
The APS Automation Cell is capable of delivering abrasive-to-part and part-to-abrasive applications, wet/ dry processing and uses a full range of abrasives such as coated, non-woven, thin wheel, bonded and superabrasives. Equipped with a verified turnkey solution, manufacturers can then contact an automation system integrator to implement the…
Explained in the guide, Norton abrasives are classified in BEST, BETTER, and GOOD performance/ price tiers to help users choose the right product for a specific application. The product guide is color-coded for the eight key application processes found in metal fabrication including cutting, heavy-duty grinding, stock removal, blending/ refining,…
The wheels feature an innovative Norton Quantum Prime nano-crystalline ceramic grain, embedded in an optimized matrix of Norton Vitrium3 bond. The combination of the micro-fracture properties of the new ceramic grain from Saint-Gobain Abrasives and the retention capability of the bond ensures long wheel life, excellent grinding efficiency, and…
Norton Quantum Prime Wheels have several important advantages including a new micro-fracturing grain that has unparalleled sharpness and cutting efficiency which reduces power draw and cycle times, while increasing material removal rates. The unique grain is free cutting, which combined with advanced bond technologies such as Norton Vitrium3,…
V-PRIME grinding wheels significantly increase productivity and reduce cycle times due to requiring lower grinding forces and permitting higher feed rates. User-friendly off-line dressing optimizes grinding wheel preparation, saving time and cost. The new wheels also offer an excellent price/ performance ratio.
Educational content on the new Online Safety Resource includes Safety Data Sheets which are accessed by entering the UPC code found on Norton products. Safety Guides for Norton’s most popular products such as Grinding Wheels, Portable Wheels and Coated/ Non-Woven Abrasives are offered. Ten informative Safety Videos cover a range of applications…
Norton Winter AEON Grinding Wheels have a single usable abrasive layer design, with diamond or cBN particles mechanically fixed onto the core surface by an electrochemical process of nickel deposition. This unique layer design provides high grit retention levels for long wheel life. To save costs, the wheel core can be re-used. Once the abrasive…
Norton Winter Ironclad Wheels offer several additional benefits including reduced downtime due to longer wheel life which extends time between setups.  There is less bluing of castings even towards the end of the wheel life. Promoting a cleaner, healthier work environment, the new wheels generate significantly less dust and odor compared with…
Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced the introduction of its new Norton Stellar inserted-nut grinding wheels for double- and single-disc grinding that offer improved wheel life, increased parts per wheel and lower cost per part. The new grinding wheels are suitable for a wide range of industries including automotive, bearing, tool manufacturing,…
Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced the introduction of its new, innovative Norton FAB (Fixed Abrasive Buff) buffing wheels that virtually eliminate the need to use buffing compounds. Norton FAB wheels feature a patent pending design, which incorporates abrasive grains into the buffing wheel and consistently results in excellent single digit Ra…
Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced the introduction of its new Norton Winter Vitron⁷ CBN grinding wheels. The wheels feature a high-precision vitrified bond specifically designed for the high-performance external grinding of cam and crankshafts and internal grinding applications in automotive and bearing industries.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced the introduction of its new division, Performance Grinding Solutions (PGS). Saint-Gobain Abrasives created PGS in response to a strong demand for grinding process knowledge. This trend has been building due to a changing workforce, as well as the evolution of data collection and communication with customer…
Norton ׀ Saint-Gobain Abrasives announced the introduction of its new Norton Xtrimium range of gear solutions for high-performance gear grinding in extreme, tight-tolerance environment. The newly structured portfolio of gear grinding products is specifically designed by category to provide higher profile accuracy, enhanced form holding and burn-…
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced its new Norton Die Grinder, the latest addition to the company's new professional tool line.
Norton |Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers a new line of Norton carbide burs for surface removal, for those more demanding production runs with less changeovers. The Norton double-cut carbide burs quickly and comfortably remove surface stock, weld splatter, burrs, and are for chamfering applications, along with medium to light cleaning.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers its new Norton QUANTUM3 combination Wheels addition to the recently introduced Norton QUANTUM3 (NQ3) line of depressed-center grinding wheels. In comparison tests, NQ3 combo wheels have several key benefits over competitive wheels. NQ3 Combo Wheels have 50 percent longer life, which significantly reduces the need for…
Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives announces its new Norton Rapid Prep XHD Coarse and Medium Discs to solve users’ most aggressive stock removal and blending challenges. The extra heavy-duty nonwoven discs remove weld lines, weld splatter, weld discoloration and blend surfaces in a single step.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced CarbonForce, a new lightweight line of vitrified CBN wheels for OD grinding. With proprietary high-strength carbon fiber cores, CarbonForce wheels are 75 percent lighter than heavier steel-hubbed wheels and provide the safety and performance-enhancing benefits of a precision superabrasive wheel, according to…
Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers a new line of centerless grinding wheels to its bonded abrasives portfolio. The Norton Century45 centerless bond platform features an exclusive chemistry that greatly improves grain retention in the wheel. Better grain retention means wheels are constructed with more porosity for a given hardness. This translates into…
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced Norton QUANTUM3 (NQ3) depressed-center grinding wheels. Featuring a proprietary grain along with a tough bond system that contains a unique combination of fillers and bonding agents that reportedly allow for much better mix quality in manufacturing, NQ3 provides substantially faster grinding for more metal…
Norton | Saint-Gobain has introduced a major upgrade to its Norton Gemini RightCut Wheels, reportedly providing an optimal aluminum oxide option for cutting steel and ferrous metals.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has launched of a new line of longer-lasting high-performance Norton Bear-Tex aluminum oxide (AO) surface conditioning materials.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives Inc. has introduced Norton Finium abrasive microfinishing film rolls for precision applications.
The Norton brand of Saint-Gobain Abrasives has launched the next generation of grinding products engineered for reportedly maximizing performance and delivering cost savings in precision applications.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced a Norton Abrasives Grinding App.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced Norton Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels which are positioned in the "Best" tier of Norton grinding products.
Norton is implementing a performance upgrade across their "Better" tier of metal fabricating abrasives products for portable grinding applications. Products in the tier will now be sub-branded as Norton BlueFire and feature a zirconia alumina grain with properties that enable significantly improved performance.
Norton has introduced BlueFire zirconia aluminum portable foundry wheels for the metal fabricating industry.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Norton brand introduced a new non-woven depressed center stripping and light stock removal disc.
Saint-Gobain Abrasive Inc.'s Norton brand has introduced two new Norton Quick Trim Flap Discs for the metal fabricating industry.
Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Norton brand has introduced Norton Vortex Rapid Finish Non-woven Right Angle Discs for the metal fabricating industry.
Norton Abrasives has introduced Norton NorZon BlueFire F826 Fiber Discs for the metal fabricating industry.
When considering upgrading a cylindrical grinding process from a conventional vitrified aluminum oxide or ceramic wheel to Vitrified cBN (VitcBN), there are 5 main reasons that can help justify the use of cBN over conventional abrasive grains. 
Pinch grinding offers aggressive material-removal rates, excellent concentricity and low part runout when prepping cutting tool blanks.
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Norton Abrasives video focuses on Norton Vitrium3, which has been engineered for maximum performance and cost savings in precision grinding.
Alfredo Barragan, Senior Corporate Application Engineer for Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives, discusses the new Paradigm Plus grinding wheel that offers a new premium grain technology for lower grinding forces, lower cutting energy, and is said to be ideal for customers utilizing lights-out production.

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WORCESTER, MA, USA (September 6, 2018) – Saint-Gobain Abrasives, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers, announced the introduction of its new division, Performance Grinding Solutions (PGS).
Saint-Gobain Abrasives, one of the world’s largest abrasives manufacturers and primary sponsor of the USA Luge Team, celebrated the 40th anniversary of its partnership with the luge team during the Olympic Games in Beijing.