As the only micro tool grinder with nanometer control, optimized mechanical layout and axes travel, integrated tool measurement and progressive automation, this six-axis grinder is the ideal solution for volume production of tools down to 0.03mm.
Flexibility is a key feature of the tap grinding process on the TapX. The specially designed machine and powerful ToolRoom software ensure a vast range of tap types and sizes can be designed and manufactured in one set-up. Combine this with the benefits of quick changeover time and it's not hard to see how TapX can increase productivity and…
The FX7 ULTRA not only grinds tools faster than other machines, but also produces tools with both finer surface finishes and greater accuracy — which means superior tool performance and quality.
Utilizing ANCA’s machine platforms with a robot cell, blanket grinding offers flexibility across a range of tool sizes and applications. Blanket grinding allows for full automation of tools of similar geometries, by consolidating all tool grinding processes into one single machine. A batch of complete finished tools can be produced without…
With the ANCA RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) regrinding solution, tools of various types and diameters and from different orders can be dynamically loaded, rather than having to sort them by diameter or customer as was previously necessary in mixed batches.
To increase the stiffness of the C-axis, the MX7 ULTRA combines developments to the nanometer or micro degree resolution in the linear and rotary axis, tuning parameters, several system enhancements, and major mechanical changes.
ANCA has designed a special dental drill loading kit including tailored RoboMate pallets for FX machines using a Fanuc 200iD robot loader. The pallet top allows a reduction of the insertion depth of the shank with an 8mm pocket depth, so that drills with only 10mm of available shank length can be loaded. The robot grippers have also been modified…
The FX5, with the new 12kW spindle delivers increased productivity up to a diameter of 10mm. At 19kW, the new high-powered spindle option can enhance productivity further for tools up to 12mm and above. The high-powered spindle option on FX5 matches the grinding spindle fitted to the FX7 machine with 6-wheel packs, suited for a more industrial…
The 70% reduction in measurement time compared to Laser Plus is achieved through the new Analog measurement. The Analog measurement is a continuous edge scan instead of number of digital points along the cutting edge. This process also eliminates variations caused by machine standing idle, errors due to manual wheel corrections and the requirement…
Manufacturing high quality, high performance tools requires the Total Indicator Runout to be perfect or minimal for overall tool life and surface finish. Runout on blanks before grinding can be achieved by either spending a certain amount of time for work holding setup or alternatively, compensating the runout in software. The latest software…
The ANCA Insert Solution, based on the MX tool grinding machine platform, offers work-holding, automation and supporting tool programming software to produce a diverse range of rotary endmill and drill inserts. Inserts that feature common locating datums and clamping features are an ideal fit for the ANCA Insert Solution.
RoboMate LaserEtch is an integrated laser system that can be added to the ANCA RoboMate loader for the TX and MX platforms, allowing laser marking of individual tools in-process. An automatic stand-alone laser marking station, the AutoMarkX is the latest addition to ANCA’s family of tool production solutions. The operator simply loads up to two…
In developing a measurement and feedback process, for each parameter/feature listed, ANCA and ZOLLER have worked together to agree upon a fixed ZOLLER measurement process and a fixed ANCA grinding parameter adjustment to which it is directly linked. Wheel adjustments are not supported as an option for this method of compensation. Adjustments are…
Tool manufacturers are seizing options that streamline processes and save labor costs. AutoMarkX is capable of automated pallet loading and takes care of the tool laser marking process, freeing up operators to perform more value-adding tasks. AutoMarkX is designed for integration with AIMS, being able to automatically receive and dispatch pallets…
AIMS offers functionality that is adaptable to each factory’s needs; from smaller scale, data-based options to the full AIMS setup across a series of machines with endless possibilities. Central to any AIMS system is the AIMS Server that manages data flows between the elements of the AIMS system and established IT platforms, such as your ERP…
BSB and DCR tool types are high performance endmill cutters, mainly used for finishing requiring high accuracies. They may be more familiar to some as circular segment or high feed endmills. In the current market, cutting tool manufacturers may be looking to enter new markets and this software release makes diversification with high-quality…
ANCA’s new CIM3D V9 release of the industry-leading CIMulator3D software has an upgraded interface with fresh colors and icons and is even easier to use with intuitive functionality. The latest technology and software design has been packed into this release offering time-saving benefits and interactive visualization across the entire grinding…
ToolRoom RN34 is the latest generation of ANCA’s successful software package that has been specially designed for the aerospace, die and mold, general machining and power generation industries.
The new GCX Linear builds on the best aspects of ANCAs proven technology to offer a purpose-built solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters. With a 5-axis CNC grinder powered by LinX linear motor technology on X, Y and Z axes, the GCX Linear also comes with features specially designed for skiving cutters and shaper cutters.
From 3D simulation software to LaserPlus, an in-process measurement system, to RoboTeach, which makes robotic loaders accessible and easy to program – ANCA has been building a toolbox of technology for our customers to reap the benefits of automation and Industry 4.0.
For customers that require increased flexibility or more spindle power, or the increased automation capacity that a robot can provide, the FX7 Linear from ANCA offers these. The FX7 Linear offers a wide range of options for those looking to increase productivity and accuracy. Available as an option is the AR300 robot loader to increase efficiency…
Thread milling is a versatile, cost-effective process for cutting a variety of threads, parts and workpiece materials on the same machine. This process produces an internal or an external thread by doing a helical interpolation on a CNC machine, which can make helical paths.
ANCA's iView measuring system that can measure the ground tool in its original clamping inside the grinding machine. This feature has recently been further enhanced with a new camera bracket design that allows operators to visually inspect and perform manual measuring of parameters like endface land width, lip distances, chisel angles and…
ANCA second-generation PremierPlus technology ensures consistent and efficient tool runout. With three times greater clamping force, tools are held more securely when grinding, increasing the consistency of tool geometry across a batch of tools. As the clamping force is increased it means more force is required to open the collet. This is enabled…
The CPX Linear has a large working envelope and powerful grinding spindles to achieve high precision and productivity for blank preparation. Using the pinch peel method of grinding, it offers the same strength, rigidity and thermal stability expected from an ANCA tool grinder.
Cloud-based management software is helping CNC machining to design, test and produce tools faster and more accurately than ever before. ANCA has developed its own Redax 2.0 software package to network grinding machines to send and receive data.
ANCA’s EDGe-Spark erosion power generator controls the energy level of the eroding spark for optimal surface finish, material removal and cycle time. It also enables a double-ended HSK wheel spindle for eroding PCD and grinding carbide and HSS.
ANCA offers the FCP4 high-production drill grinder (FCP4). Producing drills from 0.8 to 4mm with the new technology provides an exciting opportunity for drill makers, with important efficiencies and cost benefits by manufacturing a complete HSS drill on a single machine, according to the company. From a blank piece of raw material, the FCP4 grinds…
ANCA has delivered to market a single setup machine for complete tap manufacture. Continuing this tradition of industry firsts, ANCA offers the TapX Linear range of machines – a single setup tap grinding machine with LinX linear motor technology on X, Y and Z axis.
Once again, ANCA says it is launching new technology to bring tremendous benefits to its customers with the LaserPlus system on their EDGe machine. The EDGe is used to erode PCD cutting tools, which in turn are widely used in aerospace, automotive, electronics and wood industries.
ANCA Inc. custom-designed and built a new industrial robot loader for exhibition and demonstration purposes and is currently not available for sale.
ANCA’s new Management Suite provides customers the technology to monitor the performance of their machines remotely and enables companies to run smart factories by providing live production information to make data-based decisions for operational improvements. Management Suite monitors machine and production in real time and delivers up-to-date…
Highly polished flutes and gash surfaces improve chip evacuation and aid tool performance. The smoother surface enables swarf (or chips) to exit more freely, preventing chip packing and material build up during machining. ANCA has addressed this goal with innovations reportedly found only at the ANCA Group.
Toolmakers can now easily grind small PCD insert pockets in one simple process. The new Spindle Speed Increaser from ANCA enables customers to easily grind PCD tool blanks, allowing for greater speed and efficiency.
ANCA’s new RoboTeach solution enables greater efficiency and accuracy when setting up robot automation on their CNC grinding machines. By automating the teaching of the RoboMate FANUC 200iD robot, the new product significantly decreases downtime, supports greater productivity, and reduces the need for specialized operator skills.
A new laser measuring system provides repeatable measurement to 0.0001” and automatic machine compensation while reducing scrap during production of precision cutting tools. The ANCA LaserPlus is said to assure tight tolerances and grinding process stability.
ANCA offers the all-new 2017 TX7 Linear CNC tool and cutter grinder. Built upon the TX7+, the new TX7 Linear has been updated with ANCA innovations that ensure its users stay competitive as the production and quality requirements of precision CNC tool grinding become more demanding.
ANCA has launched the EDGe erosion and tool grinding machine.
MicroPlus, ANCA's new high accuracy workholding and tool support system, significantly reduces tool runout during grinding, enabling the production of higher precision tools with no additional cycle time.
The FastGrind CNC tool and cutter grinder from ANCA Inc. is for resharpening tools from 0.35mm to 12mm in diameter. The $120,000 machine uses a double-ended HSK 40 wheel spindle to enhance flexibility and reduce setup time, according to the company.
Jet Tool & Cutter launched in 1968 as a small cutter regrind shop, taking orders on paper and mailing quotes back to the customer. Since then, the bustling, growing firm has worked out the solution that allows it to quickly produce a wide variety of high-quality carbide cutting tools for aerospace, firearms and general machining applications.…
Schunk, a premium tooling and resharpening company in Germany, utilizes state-of-the-art grinding systems and an ANCA workflow RFID system to finish job packets in a chaotic fashion driven by production needs rather than by job order.
Many countries are moving to end the sales of fossil-fueled cars, and auto manufacturers are experimenting with electric vehicle technology to meet these requirements. The trend may have an impact on cutting tool sales, according to a new post by ANCA, a manufacturer of cutting tools.
ANCA honors its history by producing technology for the need of manufacturers today and in the future.
While smart factories are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry through innovation, being connected comes with new risk factors that must be addressed. A Deloitte study revealed that 48% of manufacturers identified operational risks—including cybersecurity—as the greatest danger to their factories.
Marlor Tooling has been designing and manufacturing cutting tools for more than 20 years. The company has invested in a new linear grinder with robotic loading and RFID technology.
Shortly after Mike Winters started his company in his garage on Nov. 10, 1982, first as Winters Carbide Tools and now TJ Grinding, in Waukesha, Wisconsin, he had the good fortune of being at a K.O. Lee facility in South Dakota and saw an interesting piece of equipment -- the FastGrind TG4 from an Australian company called ANCA.
Poly Crystalline Diamond (PCD) products are widely used in industry for their superior abrasion resistance and longevity when machining non-ferrous materials.
The tool manufacturing industry is embracing automation solutions at an unprecedented pace. This is a worldwide trend driven by several factors, and manufacturers need to be more flexible and responsive than ever before.
Coming to the aid of a medical system crushed worldwide by the pandemic, Anca Pty Ltd. has joined an important consortium to rapidly manufacture invasive ventilators in Australia.
Industrial automation is changing the way cutting tool manufacturers operate. Machines can take on the heavy lifting at each stage of production letting workers get on with less repetitive tasks. And while automation may sound costly and complex to implement, it’s not reserved just for big business.
Fast, flexible custom tooling, easy access to tool data through cloud technology and automation are some of the technologies driving tool production processes, according to a recent discussion between two industry executives.
A look inside the launch of a digital marketing campaign.
New technology has enabled F.O. Select to easily achieve greater quality, efficiency and durability of cutting tools.
Orthopedic hip surgery numbers are forecast to increase at a rate of 5% year-to-year until 2026, and with this trend, an increased demand for tools and components to support these procedures will emerge.
Growth in the animal health industry saw the company invest in an FX5E to keep up with demand.
Building a smart factory requires a smart approach. Over the past decade, new technologies have increasingly permeated the factory floor. Automation, always a part of manufacturing, has quickly escalated thanks to ever-increasing computer processing power and data storage.
At IMTS 2024, ANCA CNC Machines is celebrating its anniversary and showing new and upgraded technologies, including its new high-precision tool grinder, the MicroX ULTRA, and the next generation of integrated manufacturing technology, AIMS Connect.
Tooling manufacturers must machine tools to cut an evolving array of materials from exotic metals to composites and meet ever-more exacting tolerances and produce more complex shapes and radii.
Utilizing intelligent and adaptive control and monitor technology, ANCA CNC Machines has developed a new electro discharge grinding (EDG) machine that monitors and controls sparks and the erosion gap to decrease cycle times for PCD tools by 50%.
Branding for Gorilla Mill, a manufacturer of carbide drills, endmills and cutting tools, is simian-themed, aggressive and fun, and it comes with the tagline “Weapons of Mass Production.” The company has grown in employees, distributors and a diverse spread of customers. ANCA's CNC machines have played a large role in Gorilla Mill's…
How simultaneous high-current and high-frequency have positioned the ANCA EDG as the benchmark for PCD manufacture.
A technical guide on creating the perfect endmill.
Industrial automation is changing the way cutting tool manufacturers operate. Machines have taken on the heavy lifting at each stage of production, letting workers get on with less repetitive tasks.
What do tool and cutter grinders and buildings have in common? The importance of having a solid foundation.
Different types of CNC machines will appear in smart factories. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading and updating your machines.
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ANCA USA introduced its tubular linear motor technology in three machines at IMTS 2014. The line of FX linear tool and cutter grinders incorporate the new LinX tubular linear motor technology developed by ANCA Motion. The LinX motor is said to be an efficient, high-performance cylindrical motion system that provides improved performance at alower…
Launched in November, the FCP4 High Production Drill Grinder is capable of producing a completed drill in 20 seconds, according to ANCA Inc., Wixom, Mich. Intended for tradespeople within the high-volume commodity drill market, the company said the new FCP4 High Production Drill Grinder can produce drills from 0.8mm to 4.0mm.
Capable of achieving a surface finish better than 0.2 Ra with run out of less than 2 microns, this four axes grinder for grinding tool blanks complements ANCA's full machine range.
With its GCX Linear machine, ANCA CNC Machines brings a complete solution for manufacturing and sharpening skiving cutters as part of a comprehensive gear cutting tool package.
Each month, the ANCA Academy show will cover a different technical topic—from set up through to grinding —to help ANCA machine users understand new applications and features. The first episode covers the fundamentals of collet adaptors, what makes them unique and how with some simple tricks, you can reduce your setup time and increase your…
View an end-to-end tour of the ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS) in this 17-minute on-demand webinar presented by ANCA Inc. The pre-recorded webinar describes how the AIMS automation system can help shops increase productivity, reduce cost per tool and improve quality.
Looking for a way to reduce grinding cycle times and improve cutting tool quality in order to satisfy customer requirements, Myles most recently invested in an ANCA MX7 Linear CNC tool grinder with linear motors. The LinX Linear Motor consists of a shaft containing magnets and a forcer containing wound copper coils. The symmetric design results in…
Though it can be difficult to understand how soft axes work, they can add a great deal of flexibility to the grinding process. Not only do soft axes help reduce programming time, they simplify complex calculations. 
With LaserPlus from ANCA, operators can measure tool geometries in process to within +/- 2 µm or less. The laser measurement and compensation system is available as an option in select ANCA machines.
AutoMarkX is an automatic stand-alone laser marking station replacing manual and labour-intensive processes. It is AIMS compatible which means it could work in a fully automatic mode without human intervention, if required.
ANCA USA General Manager Russell Riddiford visits with various ANCA experts during IMTS 2022 to discuss several of the machines on display, including the new ANCA Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS).
Part of CTE's October cover story, this video sidebar follows tool grinder Jim Clark as he employs the ANCA CNC toolgrinding machine at Hamill Manufacturing to create custom geometry onan endmill for a military application.
Management Suite is ANCA’s new software that enables its customers to run a smart factory. The software suite is capable of monitoring the operational performance of machines and providing live production machine data to achieve premium grinding efficiencies in or out of the office.
Watch the video to see how ToolRoom RN34 can help you design and manufacture complex tool geometries and getting them balanced perfectly for optimal cutting conditions.
In addition to showing off the company's new AutoMarkX automated laser etching machine, ANCA CNC Machines President Russell Riddiford highlights new features of its FX7 Linear machine for medium to light manufacturing. 
ANCA CNC Machines displayed its MX7 Ultra tool and cutter grinder as well as the AutoMarkX automatic laser marking station at its booth during Eastec 2023.

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Turcar, a Turkey-based company, was the winner of the virtual tool category in 2020, and this year it took home the #MadeonANCA and Most Innovative Tool categories. Coming in second in the #MadeonANCA category was Poland-based FANAR, and third place went to Bloomfield Hills, Mich.-based ARCH Cutting Tools.
ANCA will showcase its technology range at the GrindingHub trade show in Stuttgart, enabling customers to grow capacity, improve profits and gain efficiencies.
Cutting tools are essential components across many industries, and as these industries expand their own product range and complexity, manufacturers increasingly demand high-quality cutting tools that meet unique requirements. For cutting tool manufacturers, deciding what technology to invest in should be driven by business goals, and at IMTS, ANCA…
ANCA USA, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, has named Amanda Bakun to the newly created position of marketing and communications manager for the Americas.
ANCA Americas in Wixom, MI, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, is scheduled to exhibit at Expo Manufactura, a trade show in Monterrey, Mexico, from Feb 7 - 9.
ANCA Americas in Wixom, Michigan, a longtime Eastec exhibitor and a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, will return to the West Springfield, Massachusetts, show May 16–18 at Booth 1118.
Melbourne, Australia-based machine tool builder ANCA has been granted a U.S. patent for Motor Temperature Control, a technique that dramatically improves the stability of precision machine tools.
ANCA has appointed Edmund Boland as general manager of ANCA CNC Machines. Boland is the son of ANCA co-founder Pat Boland and has a 15-year tenure at ANCA.
Lena Risse, precision toolmaker at Risse Tool Technology is a master craftsperson and precision tool mechanic. She is the first-ever winner of ANCA’s Female Machinist Award.
ANCA Inc., which makes CNC tool and cutter grinders and manufacturing software, invites the industry to attend the opening of its plant expansion May 23 and 24 in Wixom, Mich.
 Edmund Boland takes the role of General Manager Europe; Martin Winterstein, who is an external appointment, was named Sales Manager Europe, and Jan Langfelder moves to Global Key Accounts Manager.
On ANCA's new television show - the ANCA Academy - viewers can learn how to set up a collet adaptor, a fundamental skill that all operators need to grind accurate tools and maintain stability of batch grinding
"The ANCA Academy," the series of videos from ANCA that cover a different technical topic each month, has a new host. The third video in the series is called "Introduction to ANCA Software Applications," and introduces Hugh Ingham to the series.
In this video, users can see how to connect, automate and create with ANCA’s Integrated Manufacturing System (AIMS).
Representatives from ANCA and Fravic Daunert signed a distribution contract at IMTS 2022 to sell ANCA products in portions of Mexico.
ANCA Americas in Wixom, Michigan, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, will exhibit for the first time at the annual meeting for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
ANCA will have a Technology Days open house at its Wixom, Michigan, facility May 9 and 10.
Do you know a grinder operator using an ANCA machine? The company, a global manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, has launched the Female Machinist Award to recognize the achievements of female machinists in the tool and cutter grinding industry.
ANCA Inc., a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, is exhibiting at the Motion + Power Technology Expo from Oct. 17 to 19 at Huntington Place in Detroit.
Family, fulfillment, and a fascination with technology are all part of a formula that has seen ANCA lead the demanding niche of CNC tool and cutter grinders for a half-century.
Christopher Hegarty was appointed ANCA Group CEO, succeeding Grant Anderson.
Now in its fourth year, ANCA Tool of the Year has raised the profile of cutting tools and those companies who make them.
ANCA recently launched "The ANCA Academy," a series of videos that cover a different technical topic each month. The second video in the series is called "Machine Basics: Starting Up Your Machine Before Grinding."
In an industry moving at lightning speed, ANCA Tool of the Year (TOTY) celebrates the deep experience and creativity of the craftspeople who create the next generation of cutting tools.
Mexican cutting tool manufacturer SJ Tools wins #ANCATooloftheYear2022 for a cutting tool with five operations in one.
JG Group from Poland was a two-time winner in the virtual category.
In the latest episode of ANCA Academy’s video series, host Hugh Ingham, an ANCA mechanical and application engineer, has an in-depth discussion of machine fundamentals.
ANCA Americas in Wixom, Michigan, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, has announced its participation at PMTS in Cleveland from April 18 to 20 at Booth 4077.
Touted as the Oscars of the cutting tool industry, #ANCATooloftheYear2023 is your chance to achieve global brand recognition as well as cash and other prizes.
ANCA will showcase grinding and automation solutions and announce the Tool of the Year winner for 2023.
Based in Detroit, Michigan, ARCH Cutting Tools provides an experienced team of application specialists and custom tooling designers, who provide customers with a line of standard cutting tools and custom tooling. 
Join ANCA, a manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, at its Open House May 7 and 8 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at its Wixom, Michigan, headquarters. The company is celebrating its 50-year anniversary.
With 28 entries, 1.2 million social impressions and almost 4500 votes, ANCA’s Tool of the Year winner was ARCH Cutting Tool’s entry that demonstrated the use of multiple ANCA’S iGrind machine operations with several complex profiles.