Lucifer Furnaces supplied several convection ovens to a manufacturer of small medical parts in the southern U.S. Model 42-B18 has a working chamber size of 9”H x 9”W x 18”L and heats to 1,200° F.
Lucifer Furnaces supplied a forced-air recirculating oven to a manufacturer of medical and aerospace parts. Model 42-M36 will be used to heat treat 17-4 stainless steel.
Lucifer Furnaces delivered a large dual chamber unit to a metal stamping manufacturer in the Midwest. Model HL82-P24 is a hardening furnace over tempering oven, built as a space saving combination for multipurpose heat treating.
Lucifer Furnaces’ delivered a dual-chamber, fiber-lined furnace to a leading manufacturer of punches and dies in North America. The upper chamber of this customized Model LI84-M24 heats to 2,200° F and the lower draw chamber to 1,600° F with 23 KW power.
Lucifer Furnaces has delivered a general-purpose box furnace to a manufacturer of precision metal stampings. Model HL7-M24 has chamber dimensions of 12”H x 18”W x 24”D and heats to 2,300° F.
Lucifer Furnaces has designed a furnace to meet the heavy loads of a supplier of automotive safety equipment. Model DL7-R24, a box furnace with a chamber size of 24”H x 24”W x 24”L was customized to support a 1,000-lb. load of molds for heat treating at 750° F.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. received an order for an electric ceramic fiber-lined box furnace from a leading U.S. stamping manufacturer of automotive products. Model LI7-M18, with a chamber size of 12” W x 18” L x 18” H, quickly heats to a uniform 2,200° F.
R. Hueter Co, Beverly, Mass., a CNC machine shop specializing in male and female RF connector contact production, has added a Lucifer Furnaces’ heat treating oven to meet their growing heat treating needs. Adam Hueter, operations manager, chose Lucifer Furnaces because of their reputation for delivering high-quality products at an affordable price…
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has designed and delivered a dual-chamber furnace ideal for heat treating high-speed steels. The HS8 series, built with rugged 12-gauge sheet steel and reinforced throughout, heats to 2,450° F in the upper chamber with silicon-carbide heating elements mounted across the roof and below the hearth.
Lucifer Furnaces delivered a dual-chamber, high-temp furnace to Compacting Tooling Inc. (CTI), McKeesport, Pa. Model HS8-181224 is a custom size designed to meet Compacting Tooling’s load requirements.
Century Die Company LLC, a blow mold specialist in Fremont Ohio, has added to their heat treating capability with a Lucifer Red Devil single-chamber furnace. Model RD7-H21 has a working chamber size of 9”H x 12”L by 21”D and heats to 2200° F.
Lucifer Furnaces delivered a bench-style box furnace for batch heat treating small loads of low carbon steel. Model RD7-KHE24, with 7KW power, heats to 2,200° F with easy-to-replace wire wound heating elements in removable holders.
Lucifer Furnaces says it originated the dual-chamber furnace design and perfected it with its 8000 Space Saver series. From high-temperature hardening to convection tempering, the dual-chamber design delivers a full range of heat treating capability in a rugged, compact unit that will maximize the productivity and efficiency of any toolroom.
Laboratory Testing Inc., a full-service materials testing lab in the Philadelphia area, has added a Lucifer Red Devil dual chamber furnace to its line of analytical equipment.
Vermont Custom Gage LLC selected Lucifer Furnaces to create manufacturing capability with the addition of an air recirculating oven, a salt bath pot furnace and a quench tank.
Lucifer Furnaces delivered a Red Devil Series furnace to Precision Solutions, Richmond, Utah.
This July, Lucifer Furnaces provided a new Model 7GT-M24 Box Furnace to Quantum Machine Works Ltd. in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.
Lucifer Furnaces was the equipment choice for University of Washington students who petitioned the Dean of Engineering for a model HL7-P36 for their Engineering Instructional Shop as a replacement for an antiquated, unreliable, smaller unit.
Custom Window Systems Inc. (CWS), Ocala, Fla., a major manufacturer of high-quality window and door products, has added a Lucifer Red Devil Furnace to its toolroom.
Voss Manufacturing, Sanborn, N.Y., a leading manufacturer of heat transfer tooling and equipment, has expanded its facilities with the additional of an 86AM-K24 Lucifer Atmosphere Furnace.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has designed and manufactured a heat treating box furnace for use with inert atmosphere for stress relief of springs under nitrogen atmosphere.
Lycian Stage Lighting, a leading American based manufacturer of theatrical followspot lights has updated its heat treating with a Lucifer Furnaces bench style box furnace.
LMC Industries, a full service metal stamping and molding company in Arnold, Mo., has added a Lucifer Dual Chamber furnace to its cadre of equipment.
Lucifer Furnaces recently supplied several top loading pot furnaces to a customer for use with glass and ceramic research.
ETREMA Products Inc., a leading supplier of magnetostrictive materials such as Terfenol-D, has recently installed a Lucifer Furnaces High Temperature GT furnace in its Ames, Iowa facility.
Lucifer Furnaces recently delivered a model HS84GT-R24dual chamber heat treating furnace for use with inert atmosphere to Standard Alloys, Port Arthur, Texas.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. recently delivered a single chamber bench model box furnace to Power Plant Services, an ISO 9001certified provider of parts and repairs for the power generation and steel mill industries.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has shipped a Red Devil Dual Chamber heat treating furnace, Model RD8-H14, to Anomatic Corp. in Newark, Ohio, a supplier of anodized aluminum packaging.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. delivered an industrial heat treating box furnace for use with inert atmosphere to Mott Corp., a provider or porous metal products and filters.
Lucifer Furnaces recently delivered a large fiber lined forced air recirculating oven to The Lincoln Electric Company in Cleveland, Ohio.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. recently shipped a Series 4000 Recirculating Heat Treating Oven to a machine parts manufacturer for stress relieving.
Lucifer Furnaces has shipped two Red Devil Furnaces to Crystex Composites LLC, producer of Mykroy/Mycalex glass-bonded mica material used for electrical and thermal-insulating.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. recently built an HL7-A12 box furnace for SunCoast Automation 2000 Inc., which designs and builds automated systems for various industries.
Amarillo College, in the Texas panhandle, has installed a Lucifer Furnaces Model HS84 Dual Chamber Furnace in their Manufacturing Technologies Department.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has delivered a large tempering batch oven to a leading East Coast manufacturer of precision grinding equipment.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has designed a large heat treating box furnace for a leading provider in the aerospace industry.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. has supplied a leading ISO 9001 certified analytical testing facility in the Midwest with a model 7000 AM box furnace for stress relieving.
Lucifer Furnaces Inc. shipped two dual-chamber atmosphere muffle ovens to a customer for the purpose of heat treating superconducting wire used in medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.
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