Model HA7-A9 Bench-Style Box Furnace

February 13, 2013

Lycian Stage Lighting, a leading American based manufacturer of theatrical followspot lights has updated its heat treating with a Lucifer Furnaces bench style box furnace. Lycian Stage Lighting's products can be found in venues from High School auditoriums, on Broadway, and in the Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Model HA7-A9 has chamber dimensions of 6"x6"x9" and heats to 1850°F. Temperature is controlled with a Honeywell microprocessor based digital time proportioning controller with accuracy of 0.25 percent.

Lycian Stage Lighting notes, "Our process is time sensitive, therefore the optional timer control on the furnace made a big difference in monitoring the temperature, thereby freeing up our technician and increasing our production efficiency."

Built with 5" insulating brick and mineral wool block for lower outside shell temperature and energy efficiency, the insulation is dry fit for better refractory expansion, contraction and replacement. Seams are overlapped to reduce heat loss and increase thermal storage. Heavy gauge coiled low watt density element wire in easy-to-replace radiant panels provide uniform heat. A 1" thick hearth plate supports the side heating elements, protects the floor insulation and provides a flat working surface.

The horizontal insulated swing door, constructed of heavy gauge steel to withstand distortion, is insulated with 5" multilayered insulation; a heavy duty hinge and cam latch insures a positive seal, and a safety microswitch automatically disengages power to the heating elements when the door is opened. Lycian Stage Lighting is using the furnace to heat treat a component of their followspot lights which controls the amount of light output on the followspots.

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