Gas-Tight Box Furnace

November 01, 2011

Lucifer Furnaces Inc. delivered an industrial heat treating box furnace for use with inert atmosphere to Mott Corp., a provider or porous metal products and filters. Model 7GT-R48 is a gas-tight unit with 24" x 24" x 48" of work space that heats to 2100°F. The unit is designed for a positive flow of inert atmosphere, with 6-½ inches of insulation for energy efficient heating. A 1-½ inch thick ceramic heath plate serves as the work surface while protecting the floor insulation.

Fifty KW of heat is provided by coiled low density Kanthal wire in easy replaceable radiant panels located on the side walls and door of the furnace. An inlet port for the atmosphere is mounted through the rear wall and an adjustable outlet port with gas cock through the front of the unit. This furnace is sealed with a double pivot horizontal swing door which keeps the hot face away from the operator. Temperature to the chamber is regulated by a Honeywell digital time proportioning temperature controller with a separate controller which serves as an over temperature safety system. The Mott Corporation will be using the heat treat unit to dry castable brick material in a nitrogen atmosphere.