Model HS8-181224 Dual-Chamber Furnace

December 07, 2016
Model HS8-181224 Dual-Chamber Furnace

Lucifer Furnaces delivered a dual-chamber, high-temp furnace to Compacting Tooling Inc. (CTI), McKeesport, Pa. Model HS8-181224 is a custom size designed to meet Compacting Tooling’s load requirements. Powered with 42 KW, this furnace, ideal to heat treat high speed steel, reaches 2,450° F in the upper chamber and 1,200° F in the lower, tempering oven.

A combined 6.5” of ceramic fiber modules with mineral wood backup insulation allows for faster heating/cooling cycles. Silicon-carbide heating elements operate off-the-line through an SCR power supply with a current limiting circuit, which auto adjusts the voltage to elements as their resistance increases, resulting in longer element life.

Heat treating recipes can be stored in the Honeywell digital temperature controllers with a 7-day timer. High limit controllers were added for safety.

CTI, an ISO 9001-2008 certified shop, is a specialized tool and die company manufacturing high-quality tooling for the powder compaction industry. The new Lucifer furnace will be used to heat treat CPM high speed steel (Crucible Particle Metallurgy). CTI does most of their heat treating in-house for faster turnaround time of customer orders. This furnace will supplement the other Lucifer Furnaces currently in use.

Related Glossary Terms

  • lapping compound( powder)

    lapping compound( powder)

    Light, abrasive material used for finishing a surface.

  • tempering


    1. In heat-treatment, reheating hardened steel or hardened cast iron to a given temperature below the eutectoid temperature to decrease hardness and increase toughness. The process also is sometimes applied to normalized steel. 2. In nonferrous alloys and in some ferrous alloys (steels that cannot be hardened by heat-treatment), the hardness and strength produced by mechanical or thermal treatment, or both, and characterized by a certain structure, mechanical properties or reduction in area during cold working.