Dual-Chamber Atmosphere Muffle Ovens

March 01, 2010

Lucifer Furnaces Inc. shipped two dual-chamber atmosphere muffle ovens to a customer for the purpose of heat treating superconducting wire used in medical, pharmaceutical and industrial applications.

The superconducting wire will be processed inside the muffle under a positive flow of protective nitrogen atmosphere. Each furnace has two 12"x12"x18" chambers capable of temperatures to 760° C with a uniformity of +/-5° C. Unique door-mounted fans circulate the heated atmosphere inside the work chamber, providing uniform temperature throughout.

A Honeywell cascade programmer coupled with an SCR power supply provides precise temperature control inside the muffle around the workload. The furnace is designed with lightweight insulating firebrick, a silicon-carbide hearth plate and heavy-gauge coil-wound heating elements located on both sides as well as under the muffle.

A double-pivot horizontal swing door with alloy cladding and a high-temperature gasket seals against the muffle to minimize heat loss while providing easy access to the work chamber and safety for the operator.

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