Model 42-M24

July 01, 2011

Lucifer Furnaces Inc. recently shipped a Series 4000 Recirculating Heat Treating Oven to a machine parts manufacturer for stress relieving. Model 42-M24 has a stainless steel liner forming the interior 12" x 18" x 24" chamber. The liner baffles the work load from the fan and heating elements to create a horizontal airflow of uniform heat throughout the chamber. Heating elements of coiled low watt density wire are held in easy-to-replace element holders located on the side walls.

The oven is lined with multilayered lightweight firebrick and mineral wool block insulation to maximize heat retention. Precision heating is obtained with a Honeywell digital time proportioning controller along with a digital over temperature safety system and soak timer. A hearth with stainless steel rollers assists in loading and unloading the product. The unit is sealed with a horizontal swing door with adjustable latch for a firm seal. This freestanding floor oven is ruggedly built with heavy sheet metal shell construction and structural reinforcements.

Related Glossary Terms

  • stress relieving

    stress relieving

    Annealing designed to relieve internal stresses caused by machining, welding, casting, cold working, quenching or normalizing.