Remote Service offers simple and fast assistance. For example, in the event of machine downtime, UNITED GRINDING North America customers can request service with the press of a button. The Service Monitor relieves those responsible for maintenance by clearly displaying all the important maintenance tasks based on the current machine's…
STUDER has brought two new cylindrical grinding machines to the North American market with the release of the S100 and S36. BLOHM continues its tradition of customer-centric surface and profile grinding innovation with the release of the PLANOMAT XT Essential. WALTER is focused on packing more tool grinding functionality into a compact space with…
The dual gripper system on the versaLoad allows manufacturers to reduce part loading times by as much as 50% when compared to a single gripper setup. This allows the automation cell to operate with maximum efficiency, enabling versaLoad users to boost productivity without having to increase headcount.
The S100 can be configured to meet each customer’s individual needs. It can be equipped with up to two internal grinding spindles, or one internal and one external spindle. In addition to a fixed wheelhead, it can be supplied with a manual wheelhead and a 2.5 degree Hirth coupling. The optimal combination consists of an automatic wheelhead with a…
The basis for the extraordinary flexibility of the HELITRONIC MINI PLUS is the unique WALTER gantry design. The economical production of common and complex geometries of tools with a diameter range of 1mm - 16mm (0.04" - 0.63") in one clamping is guaranteed by the powerful HSK belt spindle with two spindle ends for up to six grinding…
The blue laser, paired with an intelligent measuring system, provides high-precision measurement of various tool parameters on cylindrical tools with diameters from one to 52 mm. Since it does not contact the surface, the Laser Contour Check avoids possible damage to cutting edges or measuring errors that can occur due to wear on the probe tip…
The S36 has a fixed grinding head, with grinding wheel angles of 0, 15 or 30 degrees available. The distance between centers is 650mm and the maximum workpiece weight is 150kg. Proven components have been used in the machine. These include a Granitan® machine bed and a workhead with high-precision roller bearings.
uniLoad is offered on the basis of a linear portal cell with two parallel grippers and is suitable for shaft components up to a length of 350 mm and a diameter of max. 100 mm. It thus covers a large proportion of the component ranges produced on these machines. The parts are supplied via a standardized, adjustable V-belt. The housing for the base…
In a floor space of less than 2.3 sqaure meters (24.8 square feet), the cost-efficient HELITRONIC G 200 offers tool grinding at its best. Grinding and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical cutting tools ranging from 1 to 125mm (0.039” to 4.92”) in diameter with a grinding wheel up to 150mm (5.91”) is possible. The HELITRONIC G 200 can…
C.O.R.E. brings to life a new machine interaction concept based on a modern hardware and software architecture. It standardizes the operation of all machine tools from the UNITED GRINDING Group, with a new 24-inch multi-touch C.O.R.E. panel that offers intuitive controls—similar to a smartphone—and personalized customization options. The clean…
As an external loader, STUDER roboLoad measures only 59.06" (1.50 m) wide: half the width of the machine itself. This saves valuable shop floor space, and yet the system offers plenty of room for workpieces manually loaded on six trays – each measuring 42.52" x 12.6” (1080 mm x 320 mm) – within a comparatively small work area. 
In addition to speed, the new robots handle an increased number of workpieces/tools, are more compact and consume less energy. They also support the latest WALTER HELITRONIC Tool Studio and Robot Manager software that allows users to load multiple trays with various workpiece diameters for lights out unattended production.
Because cleanliness is essential for accurate measuring, the cleaning module runs tools through an ultrasonic bath. After the bath, an airstream – adjusted according to tool length – then dries the tools. After the tools are cleaned and measured, the laser- marking module imparts static or dynamic data on to tool shanks or end faces.
Developed especially for the re-sharpening and production of rotationally symmetrical PCD tools, the Walter Helitronic Raptor Diamond is particularly well-suited for shops that do not require features such as automatic tool support systems or automatic grinding wheel/electrode changers, but still need a high degree of flexibility in the working…
The new Walter Helitronic Raptor from United Grinding Group is a flexible, cost-effective tool grinding machine. Created for the grinding and re-sharpening of rotationally symmetrical tools for the metal and wood industries, the new Helitronic Raptor offers both automation-ready flexibility and an economical, universal design.
United Grinding North America Inc. and Walter Maschinenbau GmbH have announced the release of the United Grinding North America Inc. and Walter Maschinenbau GmbH have announced the release of the Walter Tool Vision System, which allows for the automatic detection and alignment of tools, blanks and other workpieces. Developed by Walter for…
To ensure manufacturers can obtain the most productive machine for their particular part-production applications, United Grinding offers a full 360-degree range of Studer internal cylindrical grinding machines. This extensive portfolio of machines includes several universal-type models, as well as those designed for high production and for radii…
Based on a highly efficient and productive two-in-one concept, Walter Helitronic Vision Diamond 400 L, Helitronic Power Diamond 400 and Helitronic Diamond Evolution tool grinding machines, from United Grinding North America Inc., integrate both eroding and/or grinding capabilities into single grinding machine platforms. From a production…
Fritz Studer AG has introduced the S33 and the S31 machines, now with four distances between centers of 400, 650, 1000 and 1600 mm. The distances between centers of 400 mm and 1600 mm complete the portfolio for long and short workpieces.
Swiss cylindrical grinding specialist STUDER called on grinding experts to compete against the StuderTechnology computer. Seventy specialists took up the challenge. Each had the same grinding task: Six criteria had to be fulfilled for an optimum grinding result. The result? Only eleven percent of the experts achieved optimal values at the first…
The new BLOHM PROFIMAT XT is the next generation of heavy-duty continuous dress creep feed grinders. The machine combines exceptional rigidity and power with fast axis speeds for enhanced grinding productivity.
The new STUDER favorit 1600 universal cylindrical grinder offers a distance between centers of 1,600 mm. The new STUDER favorit 1600 grinds both single-part and batch production, combining cost-effective price with high productivity. With a center distance of 63" and a 6.89" center height, the universal machine handles long workpieces…
UNITED GRINDING offers the MÄGERLE MFP 51, which combines grinding with conventional machining operations within one production system. This flexible machine comes equipped with either 5 or 6 axes for grinding, milling and drilling operations to process parts in single clampings for improved accuracy and output.
United Grinding Group offers its newly redesigned Walter Helitronic Power 400 grinding machine and Helitronic Power Diamond 400 grinding and eroding machine.
UNITED GRINDING introduces the HELISET PLUS, a new manual measuring system from WALTER that contributes to the reduction of complex tool machining time by as much as 30 percent. Once integrated into tool production processes, the HELISET PLUS concurrently performs measurement operations previously done in separate tool preparation areas or within…
For machine types STUDER S31 and STUDER S33, United Grinding offers a loader solution featuring a portal loader system with dual grippers. The loader system is said to be suitable for shaft components up to a part length of 300mm and a grip diameter of 4mm to 75mm, which covers the majority of the spectrum of parts produced on these machines,…
UNITED GRINDING recently launched Fine Pulse Technology that significantly boosts surface and cutting edge quality and, therefore, overall resulting tool performance reliability in the production of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) metalworking tools. All UNITED GRINDING’s WALTER erosion machines, such as those in the HELITRONIC line, will offer the…
UNITED GRINDING has introduced a compact wheel changer for use on its WALTER HELITRONIC MINI POWER grinding
machines and HELITRONIC DIAMOND EVOLUTION two-in-one eroding and grinding systems. The automated changer provides more setup and part processing flexibility as well as boosts overall output through continuous uninterrupted machine…
The Studer S121 radius internal cylindrical grinding machine from United Grinding North America Inc. has a swing diameter of 250mm (9.84") and can grind a maximum part length, including the clamping device, of 300mm (11.81"). The workpiece weight capacity, including the clamping device, is 100 kg (220.5 lbs.).
WALTER says it offers a completely new type of loading system for new machines of the types HELITRONIC MINI POWER, HELITRONIC DIAMOND EVOLUTION and HELITRONIC ESSENTIAL. The new space-saving and cost-effective automation solution "Top loader" is integrated directly into the machine, therefore requiring no additional floor space and no…
With regular new developments every 6 months, Fritz Studer AG says it has surprised users of internal cylindrical grinding machines in the last 2 years. What still appeared as a separate machine with the S141 universal machine (component length up to 1,300 mm) in May 2014 has evolved into a complete machine platform with the universal machines in…
With the new Helicheck 3D machine, Walter, a member of the United Grinding Group, introduces a CNC measuring machine for the complete digitization of tools and production parts, resulting in a 3D model that can be saved, processed, analyzed and measured.
United Grinding introduced the new Studer S141 universal I.D. cylindrical grinding machine that offers the ability to internally grind longer workpieces common to the machine tool, drive element, aerospace and toolmaking industries.
United Gringing has introduced its Walter Helitronic Mini Automation grinding machine.
With the recent addition of the Studer CT internal cylindrical grinding machine series, United Grinding has substantially increased their ID grinding capabilities.
United Grinding Technologies Inc. announces the introduction of a new and advanced addition to its Studer line of high-performance CNC universal ID/OD cylindrical grinders, the new S33.
United Grinding Technologies announces the new Studer S41 CNC universal cylindrical grinder, featuring outstanding technology and cost-effectiveness.
United Grinding Technologies says the new Studer favoritCNC universal cylindrical grinder provides unheard of versatility for small budgets and high standards.
United Grinding Technologies offers the new Magerle MFP 50 5-axis CD Grinding Center featuring automatic grinding wheel and tool changer, representing one of the most flexible, multi-tasking CD grinders in the Magerle family.
With the recent addition of the Studer CT internal cylindrical grinding machine series, United Grinding has substantially increased their ID grinding capabilities. In the area of internal grinding of chucking components, the Studer CT550 sets new standards.
United Grinding Technologies announces the launch of CAREview Version 1.0, a means of equipment and production monitoring.
United Grinding Technologies Inc. offers eight Studer CT ID grinding machines for small- to medium-size internal cylindrical grinding applications, such as die plates, spring collets, toolholding fixtures, hydraulic components and thread ring gages.
As a specialty toolmaker, Dew Tool Grinding Services Inc. always has relied heavily on the software of tool grinding machines.
To update more than 60 members of the press from across the globe about Studer's business activities and new developments, the company hosted Motion Meeting Expedition 2023 on Feb. 10 at its headquarters.
Grinding jobs requires strict tolerances. On grinding machines, the tolerances for the dimensions, form and position of finishing processes run tight, and in many cases, shops check these specifications against hard data. Studer machines can use cameras and laser systems to in-process measurements.
Music was in the air at the press conference Fritz Studer AG held at its headquarters in Steffisburg, Switzerland, Feb. 9. With a theme of “The Sound of Studer,” the Music Motion Meeting 2024 event began with presentations by the cylindrical grinding machine builder’s board of directors: Jens Bleher, CEO; Sandro Bottazzo, chief sales officer;…
United Grinding North America Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio, will host "The Artistry of the Grinding Universe Event" April 18-19 at its new 110,000-sq.-ft. headquarters. The free 2-day educational event will give attendees an opportunity to explore the latest grinding technologies, automation and measurement systems that provide the turnkey…
Combined drive technologies and e-mobility require a multitude of precision-ground components. The manufacturer of high-quality grinding technology, Fritz Studer AG in Thun, considers itself ideally equipped to meet this requirement with its productive machining concepts and high-quality grinding machines.
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Productive Times
United Grinding unveils new machine at IMTS 2014.
Peter Kummerle, applicationsengineer with United Grinding Technologies, offers an on-camera overview of the Helitronic Vision Long, which is said to expand production capabilities on tools up to 700mm long without exceeding the working envelope of the classical Helitronic Vision.
You are looking for a powerful, flexible, reliable, and rigid tool and cutter grinding machine with an easy-to-use control and a variety of available options, including part loading and tool changing automation.
Join United Grinding Technologies for an in-depth look at cylindrical match grinding in an on-demand Webinar that addresses the need for match grinding, the principles behind match grinding, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the process.
A Studer brand S242 machine, which combines hard milling and grinding, is shown hard milling a toolholder without coolant, then grinding the holder's taper with coolant to achieve the required surface finish.
Quick overview of the Helitronic Vision 400 at the United Grinding booth during IMTS 2014.
Larry Marchand, vice president of the Profile Grinding Technologies Division at United Grinding Technologies, provides a brief look at the company's Magerle MFP 50, which features an automatic tool changer that enables grinding, milling and drilling in one setup.
The marketing folks at Fritz Studer AG, Thun, Switzerland, understand the importance of having a distinctive, eye-catching location for introducing grinding machines. In March, they selected the Hagerbach Test Gallery in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland to host the Studer Press Event 2019.

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Just over a year after breaking ground, United Grinding North America Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio, opened its new 110,000-sq.-ft. headquarters.
MIAMISBURG, Ohio – UNITED GRINDING North America earned recognition for the outstanding growth of its sales of FANUC robotic systems at the 20th annual FANUC Authorized Systems Integrators (ASI) Meeting.
United Grinding North America will host industry leaders and manufacturing professionals at the first-ever Precision Summit in Miamisburg, Ohio, on May 24-25. The event includes new machines, including three never shown in North America, and live demonstrations.
Four individuals have joined United Grinding North America's four-year apprenticeship program.
United Grinding North America, a subsidiary of Swiss-based United Grinding Group, recently appointed Alonso Acevedo to the Managing Director position for its Mexico territory.
United Grinding North America Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio, appointed two regional sales managers to further strengthen applications, service and sales support for the company’s full array of cylindrical solutions.
Markus Stolmar has been elected as the new president and CEO by the board of directors for United Grinding North America Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio.
Custom PCD and carbide cutting-tool maker West Ohio Tool has enhanced its production capabilities with the addition of two Walter Helitronic Power 400 SL tool grinding machines with ECO Loader Plus automation for unattended loading.
United Grinding North America has launched a four-year apprenticeship program to provide aspiring individuals with an opportunity to earn a full scholarship from Sinclair College in Ohio while gaining invaluable hands-on experience.
The United Grinding Group is showcasing 16 grinding machines, new innovations and updates at the EMO 2023 trade show in Hannover, Germany.
United Grinding North America recently added to its continental footprint with two new distribution partners and a new regional sales manager for the Cylindrical Division.
United Grinding, Miamisburg, Ohio, in March appointed Michael Gebhardt as Vice President of Operations. In the position, he will manage the company’s first-ever Operations Division at its new facility, and serve as a member of the company's Executive Management Team.
MIAMISBURG, Ohio – UNITED GRINDING North America welcomes nationwide solutions provider Ellison Technologies as a key distributor, serving as the exclusive representative of the company's grinding solutions in Texas and Louisiana.
United Grinding North America Inc., Miamisburg, Ohio, announced it has entered into a partnership with Dynamic Machine of Detroit, a Troy, Michigan-based CNC equipment dealership. For those United Grinding North America customers in the Michigan territory, the partnership will further strengthen grinding machine sales, service and application…
United Grinding North America opened its doors for Evolution to Revolution, a precision CNC grinding industry event filled with live machine demonstrations, technology innovations, breakout discussion sessions and keynote presentations from some of the industry’s best-known companies.
Fritz Studer AG, a market and technology leader in universal, external, internal cylindrical and noncircular grinding, will present a new automation solution on the S31 universal external cylindrical grinding machine at EMO 2023 in Hanover.

The United Grinding Group strengthens its Southeast Asian footprint and establishes a subsidiary in Singapore.