FANUC LR Mate 200i Robots

March 26, 2021
FANUC CNC Extends Machine Lifespan

UNITED GRINDING Adds New Automation to Old WALTER Grinders

MIAMISBURG, Ohio – To further enhance the overall customer benefits of its machine rebuild and remanufacture services, UNITED GRINDING North America now offers customers with older WALTER HELITRONIC POWER Series tool grinding machines the option of new advanced automation technology seamlessly retrofitted as part of a machine rebuild. The option replaces original gantry beam-type loaders that are now obsolete with faster, more productive FANUC LR Mate 200i robots, the same as are featured on brand new WALTER HELITRONIC machine models.

In addition to speed, the new robots handle an increased number of workpieces/tools, are more compact and consume less energy. They also support the latest WALTER HELITRONIC Tool Studio and Robot Manager software that allows users to load multiple trays with various workpiece diameters for lights out unattended production.

To allow for retrofitting modern automation when rebuilding the machines, WALTER reengineered and reconfigured its controls because the original offering lacked the functionality to support today’s robots. Now, as part of a rebuild, UNITED GRINDING outfits machines with the new FANUC CNC as well as all new electrics (FANUC drives and motors) that accommodate the robots and all necessary software.

The new FANUC CNC extends machine lifespan as well as adds features, functions and convenience. They can provide user-friendly conversational programming and advanced functions available on a machine that reached the market before these operator-oriented approaches debuted.

The primary benefit of rebuilding existing equipment through UNITED GRINDING North America Rebuild Department is cost. On average, a rebuilt grinding machine costs roughly 75% of new equipment. Once rebuilt, a machine looks, works and produces like new, with recommissioned geometry, renewed guideways and enhanced precision. Plus, depending on how a company classifies expenses, a rebuilt machine may qualify as a maintenance cost rather than as capital outlay, further contributing to potential savings.

Related Glossary Terms

  • computer numerical control ( CNC)

    computer numerical control ( CNC)

    Microprocessor-based controller dedicated to a machine tool that permits the creation or modification of parts. Programmed numerical control activates the machine’s servos and spindle drives and controls the various machining operations. See DNC, direct numerical control; NC, numerical control.

  • conversational programming

    conversational programming

    Method for using plain English to produce G-code file without knowing G-code in order to program CNC machines.

  • grinding


    Machining operation in which material is removed from the workpiece by a powered abrasive wheel, stone, belt, paste, sheet, compound, slurry, etc. Takes various forms: surface grinding (creates flat and/or squared surfaces); cylindrical grinding (for external cylindrical and tapered shapes, fillets, undercuts, etc.); centerless grinding; chamfering; thread and form grinding; tool and cutter grinding; offhand grinding; lapping and polishing (grinding with extremely fine grits to create ultrasmooth surfaces); honing; and disc grinding.

  • grinding machine

    grinding machine

    Powers a grinding wheel or other abrasive tool for the purpose of removing metal and finishing workpieces to close tolerances. Provides smooth, square, parallel and accurate workpiece surfaces. When ultrasmooth surfaces and finishes on the order of microns are required, lapping and honing machines (precision grinders that run abrasives with extremely fine, uniform grits) are used. In its “finishing” role, the grinder is perhaps the most widely used machine tool. Various styles are available: bench and pedestal grinders for sharpening lathe bits and drills; surface grinders for producing square, parallel, smooth and accurate parts; cylindrical and centerless grinders; center-hole grinders; form grinders; facemill and endmill grinders; gear-cutting grinders; jig grinders; abrasive belt (backstand, swing-frame, belt-roll) grinders; tool and cutter grinders for sharpening and resharpening cutting tools; carbide grinders; hand-held die grinders; and abrasive cutoff saws.


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