The blast specimen created by the Guyson Institute of Standards determines a specific Ra value on a calibrated profilometer which will enable the user to correctly match that Ra Value on a product finish. All previous Ra measurements up to this point, are inconsistent because there was no scientifically certified specimen to determine the gloss…
Guyson Corp. has designed and built an automated tire mold cleaning system that features a precision nozzle manipulator with three axes of movement. The custom pressure-blast machine is engineered to quickly and non-destructively clean both two-piece and segmented molds.
The Guyson Corp. of U.S.A. just completed an extended-height custom RSSA-6 for precision shot peening critical helicopter main gear box rotor shafts. This system complies with AMS 2430 and is capable of bar-code scanning customers routing’s containing alpha numeric part numbers.
The WBS/Guyson Model 72x36 dual-operator system is for cleaning and surface preparation of low-volume, high-value aircraft engine components up to 55 inches in length and 24 inches in diameter. It is fabricated of 12-gauge 304 stainless steel material having a #4 polished finish.
Guyson completed a precise shot peening machine for a customer in the automotive/marine industry. This small footprint machine is equipped with a spiral separator (media shape separator) to ensure that the S-70 Mil Spec media is correct spec shape to guarantee the intensity that is required to adhere to AMS-2431/ 2E.
Guyson's new multiple-axis CNC grit blaster was designed for a prep prior to coat application in the aerospace industry. The heart of this system is based around the blast manipulation with 4-axis controls directed by a Siemens CNC system and roof-mounted 2-axis cartesian gantry with table positional capability of 0° to 360°.
Guyson’s Multiblast 3D is tailored for use with post-processing of 3D-printed parts. The Multiblast 3D has the ability to create a wide array of surface finishes for both cosmetic and/or functional purposes.
This precision machine from Guyson Corp. was designed and built for grit blasting of medical implant devices. The expanded, two-station RXS-400 system has a small footprint and offers simultaneous dual operation.
Guyson just completed a custom grab bar peening machine for the commercial restroom industry. The cabinet was equipped with 100” linear actuator with encoder to blast parts up to 105”. The part enters the cabinet and is rotated at high velocity while (4) pressure nozzles blast the part to create a selective etch.
Guyson has just completed another one of its popular RB-9 robotic blasting systems. The customer had a demanding surface preparation specification that could only be achieved by precise robotic gun manipulation and part fixturing and the use of high-performance model 75/12 media cyclone.
Guysons Model RXS-400 (rotary indexing spindle) system is designed to accommodate specific shot peening specs. The system is equipped with a Model 75-12 Cyclone reclaimer classifier for size control, spiral separator for shot shape control and D-2000 dust collector.
Guyson’s model RXS-400 (rotary index, twin spindle) machine, designed for cellular manufacturing, is a platform to use for building a precise robotic grit blaster. The Expanded version utilizes a FANUC M710 Robot which carries a bank of (8) Guyson Model 900 guns, mounted in a custom designed heavy duty cabinet with powered sliding door.
When a major fortune 500 aerospace company, who had built their reputation on being “dependable ,“ selected Guyson to design and build a custom grit blaster for batch processing gas turbine blades; its engineering team realized that this was something truly unique. The customer was involved throughout the design of the system and was impressed…
Guyson Corp. has designed and built a robotic blast system with an extended lance nozzle for precision grit blasting and surface preparation of the inside diameters of industrial gas turbine components in manufacturing and repair operations.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a robotic blast system with two turntables on a shuttle transfer cart that facilitates loading and unloading during the automated grit blasting cycle.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a rotary table wet blast system with manual and semi-automatic modes of operation.
Guyson Corp. has designed and built a robotic grit-blasting machine that is specially adapted for processing aircraft turbine blades in production lots.
Guyson Corp. has engineered and built a work cell for grit-blast descaling of forged automotive components with three automated blasting machines that are loaded and unloaded by a vision-guided material handling robot.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a 72 x 72-inch wet blasting machine with a 1,500-pound capacity powered transfer cart and a gun manipulator that moves the blast nozzles vertically and horizontally in a repeatable programmed routine.
Guyson Corp. has designed and built a robotic blast machine that precisely repeats programmed surface preparation routines on individual components and automatically processes a tray-full of parts without interruption.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a rotary indexing spindle-blast machine that incorporates a robot nozzle manipulator and two auxiliary axes of coordinated robotic motion of its servomotor-driven spindles.
Guyson Corp. has engineered and manufactured a seven-axis robotic grit-blast system that automatically changes between blasting tools to perform critical surface preparation work around the exterior of complex-shaped components, as well as recesses and interior surfaces of the parts.
Guyson Corp. has designed and built a 7-axis robotic grit-blast machine that is configured for precision roughening of component surfaces in a production thermal spray coating cell.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a lean robotic blast system that is designed for single-piece-flow processing of precision components and is offered with special adaptations for shot peening or surface preparation of turbine buckets and blades.
Guyson Corp. has extended its range of robotic surface treatment equipment to include a 7-axis direct pressure blast machine with a work envelope of 30 x 40 x 30 inches and a small overall footprint for lean, cell-based component processing.
Guyson Corp. offers its Model TR-900 through-belt conveyor blast systems with an oscillator to provide reciprocating motion of the blast guns, reduce the number of nozzles required for uniform coverage and lower the blasting machine's compressed air requirements.
Guyson Corp. has integrated a machine-tending robot to automatically load and unload its RXS-900 rotary spindle blast system in an unmanned blast finishing work cell.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a mid-size robotic grit-blasting machine for precision surface preparation in coatings work cells.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a robotic blasting system that incorporates a component-manipulating 6-axis robot and a shuttle transfer cart to automate processing of tray-loads of components.
Guyson Corp. has introduced a robotic blasting system based on one of its compact rotary suction-blast cabinets.