Custom Grab Bar Peening Machine

May 03, 2017
Custom Grab Bar Peening Machine

Guyson just completed a custom grab bar peening machine for the commercial restroom industry. The cabinet was equipped with 100” linear actuator with encoder to blast parts up to 105”. The part enters the cabinet and is rotated at high velocity while (4) pressure nozzles blast the part to create a selective etch.

The reclaim is equipped with a 300/28 cyclone separator with 6.5 cubic foot pressure media delivery. The cyclone reclamator provides media separation, consent downward flow of shop air ensuring good visibility and reduces the possibility of particle contamination. To balance the reclaim and ensure negative pressure in the finishing enclosure a D-2000 dust collection system was selected.

Related Glossary Terms

  • peening


    Mechanical working of a metal by hammer blows or shot impingement.

  • shop air

    shop air

    Pressurized air system that cools the workpiece and tool when machining dry. Also refers to central pneumatic system.