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Two of the three new vises are engineered to use with Jergens Quick-Loc™ pallet system and include industry standard patterns 52mm and 96mm. With a single drive screw, Quick-Loc™ provides fast and repeatable fixture changes for small tooling platforms. A square aluminum adapter base provides the connection to either of the two patterns. The third…
Four types of clamps are available with the locking mechanism including Vertical Handle, Horizontal Handle, Pull (Latch) Style and Push (Straight Line) Style toggle clamps. The added feature ensures that the toggle clamp will remain in the closed / hold down position for maximum security in workholding applications. Additionally, it also ensures…
Jergens’ 130mm hydraulic vise offers users the ability to position the jaws just outside of the dimension of the workpiece to minimize travel when clamping. This, in combination with the speed of hydraulic workholding, reduces clamping and unclamping operations to about one second. The ease of use of these double-acting vises allows users to…
T Slot, magnetic (including a tall version) and Snap-in Parallels assist in the positioning of a workpiece on the RM rail, avoiding contact with the serrations through a raised datum surface. Choose from T-nut, magnetic mount or snap-in for even faster installation. Mechanical and magnetic Side Guides also assist in positioning the workpiece on…
The first set of additions includes a choice of six different pneumatic subplates, each featuring pre-installed low pressure pneumatic clamping modules. The second set of additions is comprised of aluminum or steel fixture plates with pre-installed pull-studs.
The engineered solutions offer three versatile mounting options. Direct-to-table uses t-slots, center pin and timing key, and is secured using t nuts and Socket Head Cap Screws (SHCS). QLS accurately locates and clamps the pyramid to a base element, such as subplates, using a combination of QLS shoulder screws and SHCS. Quick-Loc™ pallet systems…
Jergens Inc. announces fixture plate machining kits and new receiver bushing plugs for its popular line of Ball Lock quick-change mounting systems. The machining kits consist of one fixture plate, four extra-long Ball Lock shanks and four spacers that provide clearance between the fixture plate and subplate below. This open space allows cutting…
Jergens Inc. announces three key additions to the company’s range of OK Vise compact, low-profile edge clamps. Among them are Multi-Rail (MR), Knife Grip and hydraulic kits.
Jergens Inc. announces its Quick Loc (QL) pallet system for fixturing solutions on horizontal, vertical and rotary operations. These low-profile adapters and pallets ensure repeatability of 0.0003″ and provide clamping forces of nearly 14,000 lbs. A single drive screw is used for fast operation.
Jergens Inc. introduces a new range of vises for multiple-axis machining productivity. Available in 75mm and 130mm with a number of mounting options, the self-centering vises feature a low-profile design to allow for a greater part (machining) access.
Jergens Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its offering by adding custom design and build workholding to its existing Fixture-Pro, Multi Axis and other workholding products. The addition of custom design and manufacturing capabilities will enhance Jergens’ time to market and allow customers to enhance their manufacturing productivity…
Jergens Inc. introduces its new forged line of center pull hoist rings to expand the company’s range of lifting products. The compact, high strength construction delivers reliable performance, economy and is ideal for OEM and industrial use.
Jergens Inc. introduces its 125mm vise and 96mm Drop & Lock pallet as a universal quick-change solution. The two work together on vertical and horizontal machining centers, and significantly open up possibilities on 5-axis and multiple-axis machining centers for increased machining access and the quick changeover of both top tooling and…
Jergens Inc. introduces two of its latest top tooling solutions.
Jergens Inc. range of pallet solutions has been expanded to include two more styles, a 4-Pin pallet and a manual version of the company's popular ZPS (Zero Point System).
Jergens Inc. announces its universal multiple-axis rotary adapters for a range of 3-, 4- and 5-axis applications.
Jergens Inc. has introduced a line of Standard Duty Detent Pins that further expands the company's growing line of Quick-Release Detent Pins for a multitude of holding and removal applications.
Jergens Inc. has released the 2013 edition of its Master Product catalog.
Now available in high grade 17-4 stainless steel, Jergens popular Ball Lock Quick-Change Mounting & Fixturing System can now be expected to provide a long service life when installed in the most extreme operating environments.
Jergens Inc. announces the addition of Shackle-Lok, a shackle-style hoist ring.
Jergens Inc. announces the addition of Full Strength Stainless (FSS) hoist rings
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Jergens Inc., Cleveland, and MachiningCloud Inc., Camarillo, Calif., partnered to provide Jergens product data in the cloud.
Cleveland OH, Jergens, Inc. announces that Ken Marvar assumed the role of National Sales Manager, Jergens Workholding Solutions Group.
Cleveland OH – Jergens’ General Manager, Bob Rubenstahl, announced his retirement after seven years of successfully directing the entire division which includes the Workholding Solutions Group, Specialty Fasteners Group, and Lifting Solutions Group.
Jergens Inc. announced Nov. 4 that Steve Schmidtke is Group Manager for the Cleveland, Ohio-based company's Workholding Solutions Group. “In his new role, Steve will be responsible for all of the Workholding Group’s activities including Application Engineering, Product Management, New Product and New Market development as well as sales and…
Cleveland OH – Jergens announces that Matt Schron will succeed Bob Rubenstahl as the next General Manager.