True-Lok Toggle Clamps

August 18, 2021
True-Lok Toggle Clamps Include Additional Locking Mechanisms

Jergens Inc. expands its range of True-Lok™ toggle clamps with versions that include an additional locking mechanism for added security over a range of applications. Four types of clamps are available with the locking mechanism including Vertical Handle, Horizontal Handle, Pull (Latch) Style and Push (Straight Line) Style toggle clamps. The added feature ensures that the toggle clamp will remain in the closed / hold down position for maximum security in workholding applications. Additionally, it also ensures that the clamps remain in the unclamped / open position to facilitate part change and operator convenience.

True-Lok™ toggle clamps are available with flanged-base in either steel or stainless steel and are suitable for numerous applications in many industries. The secondary lever that actuates this feature has been designed for thousands of cycles and to be easily accessed and engaged by the operator. Holding capacities range up to 7,700 lbs. Twenty-five new line items are offered in total.


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