Expanded OK Vise Multi-Rail Solutions

March 30, 2021
Positioning, Clamping Additions for Low-Profile Modular Clamping

Jergens Inc. announces expanded Multi-Rail solutions for its OK Vise range of low-profile modular clamping. The additions include a number of Parallels and Side Guides for positioning, as well as Clamp and Stop Modules to hold workpieces securely during machining. 

T Slot, magnetic (including a tall version) and Snap-in Parallels assist in the positioning of a workpiece on the RM rail, avoiding contact with the serrations through a raised datum surface. Choose from T-nut, magnetic mount or snap-in for even faster installation. Mechanical and magnetic Side Guides also assist in positioning the workpiece on the Multi-Rail. They are mounted either to the tapped holes in the side of the rail or via the strong magnet for a wide range adjustment and the ability to move rapidly from one location to another. Users can adjust each side guide for a specific product while keeping the guide ready for the next production batch.

Holding workpieces securely with OK Vise is done with Clamp and Stop Modules. New B and D Series Clamp Modules feature a standard clamp combined with a riser plate (B Series only), socket head cap screw, and t-nut, as well as a choice of jaw faces – smooth, serrated, mixed and mounting jaw. Stop Modules hold fast against clamping pressure and are available in several styles including smooth, serrated, knife, V-stops – both vertical and horizontal – and more.

In total, these workholding innovations perform with high repeatability on Jergens OK Vise Multi-Rail system, a unique general-purpose workholding solution. Several advantages of this system include near-endless fixture configurations, holding and machining challenging workpieces both large and small including multiples clamped simultaneously, and the ability to mount to the Jergens QLS Grid System.

Related Glossary Terms

  • fixture


    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.