Fixture Pro Vises for Multiple-Axis Machining

November 19, 2018
Fixture Pro Vises for Multiple-Axis Machining

Jergens Inc. introduces a new range of vises for multiple-axis machining productivity. Available in 75mm and 130mm with a number of mounting options, the self-centering vises feature a low-profile design to allow for a greater part (machining) access.

Part of the Fixture Pro line of modular 5-axis workholding, the vises feature a pull-down jaw design to actively reduce jaw lift caused by flex and raising up during the clamping process. These vises have an easy centering/recentering adjustment and quick-change jaws that require no tools. Jaws are reversible and available in step jaws with serrated inserts, aluminum soft jaws, steel soft jaws and hardened step jaws.

Versatile mounting options are compatible with several Jergens platforms including Fixture Pro, Drop & Lock, Quick-Loc, Lang Quick Point and 5th Axis RockLock. Maximum clamping force is 3,600 lbs. at 50 ft-lbs. In combination with the full-line of Quick Loc pallet systems, the new vise offers versatility and quick-change on vertical, horizontal and multiple-axis machining centers.

Related Glossary Terms

  • centers


    Cone-shaped pins that support a workpiece by one or two ends during machining. The centers fit into holes drilled in the workpiece ends. Centers that turn with the workpiece are called “live” centers; those that do not are called “dead” centers.

  • fixture


    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.