Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise

June 12, 2024
Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise is One of the Most Adaptable Vises Available

The patented Multi-Jaw Rotating Bench Vise from Palmgren is one of the most versatile vises on the market.

The jaws of the exceptional Bench Vise swivel 360° on the base and can lock in any position. Its unique shaped body houses the straight-line pull, super strong power tunnel that assures that the spindle and nut will never wear out. Made from 65,000 PSI ductile iron, the vise is 50% stronger than all gray iron vises and 20% stronger than competitive ductile iron vises.

The vise features an anvil which provides a convenient work surface and bolt lugs on the base for secure mounting.


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