The locators are available in quarter-turn on/off knobs, adjustable handle, cam handle and hex head styles, and are supported with receivers, covers and adjustable torque wrench.
The lineup includes solid carbide grippers for high wear and high load applications. While the SofTop™ urethane grippers are available in a variety of durometers and are permanently bonded to a 300 series stainless steel pad. The non-marking, non-staining urethane provides excellent protection against damage on delicate work surfaces.
The clamps provide quick, secure, and precise workpiece workholding and are manufactured to the highest quality specifications. The product mix includes many clamp accessories such as mounting brackets, adaptors, bars and caps. In both mini and heavy-duty styles, the various clamp configurations provide clamping forces from as little as 2 lb. on a…
The sliding locks are particularly ideal for clamping in tight areas with non-swiveling handles. The body is made from nickel-plated 1045 steel. The handle is made from nickel-plated 4140 alloy steel, quenched and tempered. The push bar is made from 1045 steel.
Quick release clamp fasteners help increase productivity by reducing set up times, eliminating errors in assembly and installation and simplifying procedures. They are ideal for frequent set ups, regularly or to reconfigure production equipment. Most specifically, these fasteners may be used in automation to attach conveyors, star wheels, guide…
The quarter-turn knobs allow for quick locking and unlocking without the use of tools. The ON/OFF markings and perceptible "click" indicate the locked and unlocked states. Red indicator band is visible when fastener is in the OFF (unclamped) position.
Compact in size and completely modular, this versatile and simple clamping system allows easy height adjustment by stacking the modules. The pins or screws can be easily attached to the underside of a plate or a workpiece for a standardized locating.
The products can be custom modified in various dimensions, shapes and sizes to meet the specific application requirements. For example, the outside diameter (O.D.) of a roller could be turned down, or a bumper of a certain width could be produced. These modifications eliminate the typical design and production time necessary for a custom roller or…
Flex Locator System consists of tapered pins and receiving bushings. In combination, these parts are designed to be mounted on fixture bases and plates to allow for highly accurate locating and positioning with repeatability of 0.01 mm. Fastener-receptacle pairs replace nut-and-bolt assembly so that operators swap out fixture plates and other…
Fixtureworks introduces Vise Force wedge clamps from Paws Workholding to its extensive lineup of manual clamps and workholding solutions. Vise Force wedge clamps provide a fast and flexible workholding solution and are ideal for clamping multiple workpieces.
Fixtureworks has introduced its new lineup of ring-handle detent pins in steel and stainless steel. Detent pins provide a secure, quick, easy and positive engagement for fastening, locating and alignment applications. They are ideal for applications that require frequent, repetitive use. The pins, with ring handle, work within commercial drill…
Fixtureworks offers the Kurt DX6 vise with TG GripSert jaws and gripper inserts to its lineup. With a clamping capacity of up to 9 in., the Kurt DX6 CrossOver vise, the latest of Kurt D-series vises, provides improved bearing pack, all-directional alignment and a reduction in jaw lift.
Fixtureworks introduces an extensive lineup of bearing wheel covers from Fairlane Products. These bearing wheel assemblies are in stock and ready to ship to help reduce potential lead times and eliminate sourcing problems and tooling costs.
Fixtureworks LLC offers TriMax production vises, which help users maximize a machine’s potential with multiple-part clamping, quick-change components and easy adjustment, and TG GripSerts carbide gripper inserts, which are designed for ultralow-profile clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation.
Fixtureworks has introduced its lineup of ultra-low profile TriGrip carbide gripper inserts and TriMax vises. TriGrip carbide gripper inserts are designed for ultralow profile 0.14 in. (3.5 mm) clamping with no dovetail workpiece preparation.
Fixtureworks offers an extensive new lineup of One-Touch manual clamps. One-Touch clamps offer easy and efficient clamping and unclamping of a workpiece in one simple operation. Each clamp is designed to eliminate the need for tools when applying the clamping force and helps reduce setup time and increases productivity. The lineup of One-Touch…
Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of Imao "One-Touch" fasteners.
Fixtureworks offers Fairlane Products Urethane Covered Bearings.
Fixtureworks says the Quarter Turn Clamps from Imao are a highly visible and safety lock mechanism for quicker fastening than a typical SHCS.
Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of Kipp hand retractable index plungers to its workholding and fixturing technologies.
Fixtureworks offers an expanded lineup of Kipp Spring Plungers to its offering of workholding and fixturing technologies.
Fixtureworks offers an expanded lineup of Imao "One-Touch" style clamps with the addition of higher clamping force, compact and mini-sized selection.
Fixtureworks offers the integrated mPower workholding system from Modern Industries.
Nothing is more fundamental to successful manufacturing than ensuring that parts are not marred, scratched or otherwise damaged during the manufacturing process. That is why Fixtureworks makes available a wide range of rollers and bumpers from Fairlane Products, all designed to protect parts ranging from those that are delicate or fragile to…
As part of its ongoing drive to provide customers—OEMs, shop owners, manufacturing engineers, tooling specialists, setup technicians, fixture, workholding and jig designers—with the innovative tools and technologies needed to enhance quality and productivity throughput, Fixtureworkscontinues to expand its product offering to…

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Fixtureworks, a supplier of clamps, fixturing accessories, machine tool and material handling products, will showcase several product lines at the 2023 Automate Show.