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February 01, 2023
Sliding Locks Improve Set-Up Time, Reliability

Fixtureworks® (Fraser, MI), a leading North American manufacturer and supplier of clamps, fixturing accessories, machine tool components and rollers & bumpers, now offers a complete line of quick action, quick release workholding locks for sliding adjustment, without the need for tools. The adjustable sliding locks are ideal for applications that require frequent disassembly and/or changeover and help improve setup time and reliability in myriad devices.

The sliding locks are available in a variety of configurations from linear rail motion stops, square bar and slotted hole. They also include shaft locking clamps in plastic and zinc as well as pneumatic shaft locking clamps.

The sliding locks are particularly ideal for clamping in tight areas with non-swiveling handles. The body is made from nickel-plated 1045 steel. The handle is made from nickel-plated 4140 alloy steel, quenched and tempered. The push bar is made from 1045 steel.

In the square bar version, the sliding lock is mounted to a plate or table surface. A steel bar travels through the lock and can be locked in place with a quarter turn of the on/off knob. The locking mechanism consists of a wedge that forces a shaft against the surface of the steel bar. The body is made from die cast zinc with a plated chrome finish. The knob is made from reinforced polyamide. The shaft/wedge is made from stainless steel, and the flat spring is made from C519P phosphor bronze.

The slotted hole design locks in place with a quarter turn of the knob. If the lock is mounted to a plate or table surface, the user can lock a slotted metal bar or plate at varying distances. Alternately, the lock can be attached to a plate or another object below a slotted bar to be locked into position anywhere along the slot travel. The locking mechanism consists of a wedge that forces a shaft against the plate surface. The rated load is up to 112 lbs. The body is made from die cast zinc with a plated chrome finish. The knob is also made from polyamide. The shaft/wedge is made from stainless steel, and the plunger is made from polyacetal.

The shaft locking clamps are designed to positively lock a shaft quickly. As the handle is pushed, a locking block clamps the shaft into position. As the handle is released, a spring releases the locking block allowing the shaft to move freely. The bodies have mounting holes for use with a position indicator. The body and handle are made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic. The clamp collar is made from SUS630 stainless steel.

Pneumatic Shaft-Locking Clamps provide secure clamping of sliding shaft and spindle after position adjustment of parts and units in the machinery. Spring clamping occurs when air is removed, and unclamping when air is provided. Spring clamping and pneumatic unclamping mechanism prevents the decrease of clamping force by air leakage. The body and cover are made from 5052A anodized aluminum. Clamping shaft is made from 1045 steel with an electroless nickel-plated finish.

In addition to the quick action sliding locks, Fixtureworks offers quick release fasteners, spring plunger clamps, handle and levers, knobs and grips, equipment handles, hand wheels and cranks, hinges and latches, leveling supports, industrial rubber bumpers, stops and wheels, fixture clamps, clamping locating systems, work positioning elements, vises, grippers and mechanical linear actuators.

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    Device, often made in-house, that holds a specific workpiece. See jig; modular fixturing.

  • flat ( screw flat)

    flat ( screw flat)

    Flat surface machined into the shank of a cutting tool for enhanced holding of the tool.