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May 12,2012

Fixtureworks offers a complete lineup of Kipp hand retractable index plungers to its workholding and fixturing technologies. The index plungers, available in a variety of styles in both inch and metric sizes are used to locate, stop, align and hold parts in a variety of applications. They are available in both locking and non-locking styles and are ideal for use in fixturing applications where pressure and indexing are needed. The locking style allows the plunger to remain in the retracted position.

The index plungers are available in stainless steel pull knob, Novo-Grip pull knob, plastic pull knob, threaded end, cam action and L-handle configurations. Both hardened and non-hardened plunger pins are available with many of the options.

The stainless steel pull knob plungers are available in metric size diameters from 4 to 10mm; the Novo Grip pull knob variety from 5 to 10mm diameter; the plastic pull knob plungers are available in both inch (0.197 to 0.394") and metric (3 to 16mm) diameter sizes; and the threaded end plungers are available in inch (0.197 to 0.397") and metric (4 to 10mm).

The cam action index plungers are available in both inch (0.157 to 0.472") and metric (4 to 12mm) diameter sizes, while the L-handle are available in inch (0.157 to 0.394) and metric (4 to 10mm). Overall lengths of the variety of index plungers range from 31 to 102mm and 1.7 to 4.0 inch. Based on the style of plunger spring force ranges from initial 1.0 lb to 31.3 lb final oxide finish or stainless steel with natural finish. The pins are available with or without jam nut.

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