One of the primary benefits of vibratory feeders in the nut processing industry is the simple and clean construction of the feeder tray. The trays can be easily and quickly wiped down or washed out for product changeover or sanitation protocol.
Positioned upstream from an eddy current separator, the high-strength Dynamic Pulley Separator uses a Rare Earth permanent magnet pulley rotating at an off-set speed from the belt, creating an agitating magnetic field. This improves ferrous recovery or removal and allows non-ferrous material to continue to downstream equipment.  
Eriez Round Spout Separators are available with manual easy-to-clean or automatic easy-to-clean functionality.  The manual easy-to-clean design provides for a push/pull operation to strip accumulated tramp metal from the grates without physically handling the magnet. The automatic easy-to-clean version uses a set of pneumatic cylinders to…
Eriez sells both standard and custom equipment to handle the unique requirements of manufacturers around the country in diverse industries. Eriez stocks parts that integrate with Eriez equipment as well as competitors’ products.
Eriez Ultra High-Frequency Eddy Current Separators offer an economic solution to improve Zorba recovery without the requirement for expensive sensor-based or optical sorting equipment. Each unit ships with an Eriez Brute Force Vibratory Feeder to ensure even presentation of material across the width of the machine to help maximize recovery.
The Oil Skimmer squeezes oil between rollers, a method of stripping the oil from the belt that does not require scraping. This skimmer is designed for use on large machine tools with tanks deeper than two feet. The Oil Skimmer Jr. is designed for machine tools with shallow tanks. 
Eriez now offers CP-20 and TP-25 Suspended Permanent Magnets as part of the company’s Quick Ship program. Models in the line are available in both self-cleaning and manual cleaning designs. Manual clean magnets include a drawer type stripper plate and cable sling suspension. All models are simple to install and require no power, keeping operating…
Eriez Xtreme Rare Earth+ and Rare Earth+ magnetic plates offer a superior holding force in a smaller footprint than conventional magnets. These advanced separators create a magnetic field so powerful that wash-off is virtually eliminated, making them ideal for shallow burdens in applications where fine magnetic particles can cause product…
Models in this industry-leading sump cleaner line include the 120 volt electric units which are the most powerful on the market with suction rates up to 85 GPM, as well as air venturi models which use the most efficient powerhead for best suction performance with the least amount of feed air.
All Eriez Xtreme Metal Detectors are designed with a focus on sensitivity, convenience and productivity. Features include 7-inch touch screen interface, multiple pre-programmed languages, easy set-up and reporting, multiple USB and interface ports, remote access and 24/7 technical support capabilities.
The new Eriez NanoRanch A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) Sorter uses vision to identify and sort a vast and customizable range of nonferrous materials, providing greater than 95 percent accuracy when the machine is trained with samples.
The new air-operated Burn Table Lift Magnet System from Eriez easily and quickly moves multiple parts or cut-outs up and off of burn tables. With a powerful magnetic circuit design, this advanced transfer system can also lift single sheets or plates up to 3" thick from a stack to load the table.
Permanent magnetic chip and parts conveyors from Eriez safely and reliably move and elevate ferrous materials such as chips, turnings, small parts and stampings. These units are practically maintenance free and innovatively designed to ensure the highest level of operator safety.
Portable coalescers from Eriez Hydroflow are suitable for metalworking plants with multiple machines. These simple, effective, low-cost tramp oil separators can be quickly and easily moved from machine to machine.
Eriez HydroFlow sump cleaners provide effective, thorough and quick machine cleaning to maintain plant productivity and minimize machine tool downtime. With an extensive selection of sump cleaners, there is an Eriez HydroFlow solution to meet practically any application need.
Surface oil belt skimmers from Eriez HydroFlow are for use on machine tools subjected to oil contamination in the range of 1 to 2 gallons per hour, with tanks deeper than 2'. With their oleophilic belt that strips separated oil from both sides of the belt and requires no contact with a stationary scraper, these units offer excellent…
Eriez announces that 10 of its most popular Suspended Electromagnet models are now available for quick shipping to meet customers’ most urgent demands. With a variety of sizes and both manual and self-cleaning options, these magnets fulfill practically any application requirement for extracting large ferrous objects from deep material burden…
Eriez offers quick shipping on its two newest metal detector/magnetic separator “Double Team” systems to meet customers’ most urgent requirements for protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. These compact systems provide cost-saving benefits and produce as close to a perfect product yield as possible.
The Eriez HydroFlow redesigned SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine is winning new orders and generating an overwhelmingly positive response from users, according to the company. The modified design, which was developed based on customer input and unveiled in 2017, makes SumpDoc units more affordable and easier to use in a smaller…
Eriez HydroFlow reports that a growing number of leading manufacturers from around the globe are now utilizing the company’s Comat superfiltration systems on thousands of machine tools, superfiltering 530,000 U.S. gallons of metalworking oil every minute. This technology is opening up new opportunities for these customers by eliminating…
According to Eriez, an escalating demand for the company’s ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) Eddy Current Separators correlates with an increasing number of prospective customers who are taking advantage of Eriez’ sample testing capabilities. Material testing and existing installations are proving the Eriez UHF Eddy Current Separator typically recovers an…
The latest generation of theEriez RevX-E product line combines the same high performance separation of previous models with a variety of maintenance-friendly enhancements, including an innovative cantilever frame design, which enables 10-minute belt changes.
Eriez introduces two new metal detector/magnetic separator “Double Team” systems, which offer customers protection against ferrous and nonferrous metal contamination. In both of these system configurations, the metal detector and the magnetic separator work in conjunction to reportedly produce as close to a perfect product yield as possible.
Since introducing the Shred1 Ballistic Separator 6 years ago, Eriez has installed units in various shredding yards, steel mills and slag processing facilities throughout North America. These innovative separators utilize ballistics to upgrade frag by segregating the copper bearing materials from the rest of the ferrous materials. Customers using…
Introduced in 2010 and originally marketed primarily for scrap recycling, Eriez P-Rex rare earth scrap drums are now successfully operating across North America in a variety of recycling sectors. The P-Rex is proving its value in the field--beyond scrap recycling operations--by boosting ferrous recovery rates for waste-to-energy and slag recycling…
Eriez introduces a new magnetic separation technology with the Easy to Clean DSC (Dust-tight, Sanitary, Convertible) Grate in Housing Magnet. According to Eriez, dust-tight construction was its central focus when developing this magnet.
When properly installed and operated, SafeHold permanent lifting magnets from Eriez are a safe and efficient mechanical material-handling device. Customers who have upgraded to SafeHold magnets from older manual magnets report decreased workplace injuries and increased productivity.
MRF/MSW operators can utilize the advanced Eriez Metal Loss Monitor (MLM) to continually scan their residue stream for metal that has escaped the process and is headed for landfill disposal. By taking the guesswork out of metal recovery, the MLM gives users the ability to observe the performance of their systems for variations over time and make…
Eriez offers dry-type suspended electromagnets backed by third-party certifications for installation in hazardous locations with combustible dust and flammable gas or vapor environments. Notable certifications include Canadian Standards Association (series D800) and Underwriters Laboratory (series 700U).
In 2016, Eriez HydroFlow partnered with Milan, Italy-based Comat S.r.l. to bring SuperFiltration technology to North America, providing customers a long-awaited solution to remove particles down to 3-micron nominal from cutting fluid while maintaining a stable fluid temperature. Eriez reports this technology is generating strong activity and a…
Eriez Flotation Division (EFD) announces the commissioning of a fully automated, four-stage lab-scale column circuit for flotation testing on sulfide and industrial minerals. Operating parameters such as air flow rate, wash water flow rate, reagent addition rates and pH level are regulated using a programmable logic controller (PLC).
Eriez’ latest innovation in metal detector technology, SmartX7Link software, gives users the power to remotely monitor, control and download logs for one or more Eriez Xtreme metal detectors. Remote access is available from anywhere within the local network in which the metal detector resides.
With companies’ demands shifting from individual machines to central systems to support many different machines, Eriez HydroFlow continues to invest in improving and simplifying the design of their Rolled Media Vacuum Filter System. These state-of-the-art filters eliminate the need for multiple filters, free up valuable floor space and impart the…
Eriez suspended magnets, drum magnets and AIP magnetic pulleys are used to safely and efficiently recover ferrous metals. Technological advancements in separation equipment enable recovery of valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals less than 1-inch (2.54 cm) in diameter from the fines waste stream.
In 2013 Eriez introduced the supersized 76 series vibratory feeder to satisfy customers’ largest application demands while enabling increased overhang. “Over the past 3 years, the 76 series vibratory feeder has demonstrated success in operations across various and diverse industries,” says Rob Yandrick, product manager-vibratory. “The 76 has…
Eriez introduces a rare earth roll conveyor that allows customers to reliably recover and concentrate stainless steel from one of two material streams: “Zurik” conductive fraction from a fines -1” sensor sorting machine or waste fraction (drops) from a fines -1” eddy current separator.
Eriez’ air-operated lift-magnet system moves multiple parts or cutouts up and off of burn tables. It also can lift single sheets or plates up to 3" (76.2mm) thick from a stack to load a table. The system improves productivity and safety by eliminating manual handling of multiple parts and the need for operators to climb on burn tables,…
By opting to have their vibratory feeders rebuilt by Eriez 5-Star Service rather than investing in new equipment, customers can save thousands of dollars.
Eriez introduces the Moisture Monitor.
Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges from Eriez HydroFlow provide continuous media-free filtration of both metallic and non-metallic solids from industrial fluids.
The Eriez HandyTec Model HH-10 hand-held metal detector has the ability to pinpoint small pieces of ferrous contamination in shallow layers of nonferrous product.
Eriez SafeHold permanent lifting magnets are for carrying semifinished products such as machined parts, castings, press molds, steel plates, bars and tubes without slings, hooks or cables.
Eriez says its HydroFlow comprehensive coolant and fluid management systems maximize coolant effectiveness and longevity, improving machine tool productivity and reducing fluid disposal costs.
Eriez HydroFlow Refractometers are simple yet rugged instruments that give users the ability to quickly determine the concentration of metalworking coolants and cleaners, heat-treating fluids, water-based hydraulic fluids and plating baths.
Eriez HydroFlow manufactures an array of compact filter systems. The products in this line include Gravity Filter Systems, Magnetic Coolant Cleaners and Hydrocyclone Separators.
Mechanical Concentrate Mixers from Eriez HydroFlow eliminate the need for traditional manual fluid mixing methods which often result in imprecise concentration control.
Eriez Sheet Fanners feature a powerful magnetic circuit to easily fan and separate semi-sticky, oily, bent and heavy gauge sheet steel.
Eriez circular lifting magnets provide an inexpensive and effective solution for handling all types of steel, especially scrap.
Eriez Electric Rotary Vibrators (ERVs) provide a powerful and efficient driving force for vibratory feeders, screeners and conveyors.
Eriez says its magnetic drum separators offer an ideal separation solution for metalworking applications that require separation of ferrous parts from abrasive media.
Eriez 5-Star Service provides a comprehensive rebuild program for vibratory feeders.
Eriez 5-Star Service includes a comprehensive Lift Magnet Certification Program.
Eriez says HydroFlow HYDROFIBER is a 100 pure and natural powdered cellulose filter media, produced from virgin pulp.
The Eriez 5-Star Service Team is available, even on short notice, to service and repair equipment on-site at customers' facilities.
Eriez HydroFlow has introduced the Deep Bed Gravity Filter.
Eriez HydroFlow Reversible Liquid Vacuums offer a simple, speedy solution to the usually time consuming and bothersome task of removing spent coolants, waste fluids and oils from machine sumps, reservoirs and storage tanks.
Eriez HydroFlow industrial filtration and fluid recycling systems are optimally suited for a range of applications, including machining, conventional grinding, creep feed grinding and CBN grinding/machining.
Eriez offers a wide assortment of magnetic separation equipment to effectively and efficiently remove ferrous chips, parts and fine contaminants in metalworking applications.
Eriez Bi-Polar Lifting Magnets enable users to safely lift and move steel without direct attachment by slings, hooks or cables.
Eriez Bar Magnets, available in a variety of sizes, can be used in a range of metalworking applications.
Lightweight Selecto Continuous Duty Electro Lifting Magnets from Eriez enable incredibly fast lifts and bring unbeatable power and reliability to hundreds of applications.
Eriez Magna-Rails and Magna-Rolls utilize the time-tested, practical application of magnetics to effectively enhance the efficiency of automated conveyor systems.
The patented STAR Filter from Eriez HydroFlow are for the machine tool industry.
Eriez HydroFlow permanent magnetic and rare earth coolant cleaners are for use with surface grinders, gear grinders, honing and lapping machines, broaches, milling and drilling machines, face grinders, oil reclaiming machines and essentially anywhere else clean coolant is needed.
Eriez HydroFlow Portable Tramp Oil Separators, including a high speed, manually cleaned disc bowl centrifuge, feature a compact, mobile design to provide metalworking plants with true, high speed centrifugation.
The new 76 Series vibratory feeder from Eriez is the largest unit in the company's expansive line-up of compact vibratory feeders and reportedly offers all of the same features and benefits of existing models in a supersize design to meet larger application requirements.
Eriez Finishing Mill Unloaders quickly and automatically remove ferrous parts from finishing mill media, helping to improve productivity and efficiency in busy parts finishing operations.
With the Eriez E-Z Slide Horizontal Motion Conveyor (HMC), damage to friable or delicate products caused by the hopping and tumbling action common to typical conveyors and feeders is a thing of the past.
The Eriez HydroFlow 15-gallon (56 liter) Tank Side Coalescer removes tramp oil and fines and returns clean, reusable coolant to machine tool sumps and parts washers.
Eriez HydroFlow offers a complete line of the most commonly used test equipment and titration kits for keeping metalworking fluids in peak operating condition.
The Eriez HydroFlow line of centrifuge filter systems feature an open rotor bowl fitted with a long-life, removable flexible liner.
The Eriez HydroFlow line of Coolant Recycling Systems (CRS) can recycle any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential, minimize or eliminate disposal and reduce usage of the fluid concentrate.
Eriez Hi-Powr Magnetic Sheet Fanners feature a strong magnetic circuit that makes semi-sticky, oily, bent and heavy steel separate with incredible ease.
Mechanical Concentrate Mixers from Eriez Hydroflow eliminate the traditional manual fluid mixing methods which often result in imprecise concentration control.
Eriez Bar Magnets, available in a variety of sizes, can be used in a wide range of separation and automation applications.
Metal chips and fines that collect in machine tool sumps and large central systems can now be effectively removed with Eriez Hydroflow's Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges using media free filtration.
The Eriez Hydroflow line of heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum sump cleaner units clean virtually any machine tool sump, tank or pit quickly and thoroughly.
Eriez Hydroflow Automatic Vacuum Filtration Systems work continuously with minimal operator attention and provides consistent solids separation, maximum coolant life and increased productivity for the metalworking industry.
Eriez offers the 5-Star Service Lift Magnet Certification/Refurbishment Program. This program includes certification, refurbishment and magnet exchange.
Eriez Hydroflow introduces SumpDoc, a portable inline fluid reclamation machine that provides complete coolant restoration and rejuvenation treatment of the metalworking fluids in the machine tool sump with minimal operator interface.
Eriez Chip and Parts Conveyors provide a practically maintenance free solution for moving and elevating ferrous materials.
The Eriez Hydroflow Star Filter is a packaged system combining the dirty tank, filter and clean tank in one assembly, eliminating the balance problem of multiple components.
Portable Coalescers from Eriez Hydroflow are for metalworking plants with multiple machines.
Through its Hydroflow Division, Eriez can now provide a complete reverse osmosis system for pure water treatment.
Eriez' 5-Star Service helps eliminate or reduce equipment downtime by ensuring that customers' magnetic, vibratory and inspection processing equipment is quickly back in operation and functioning at peak performance.
Demands for higher production rates and closer tolerances at lower costs spurred the development of state-of-the-art Eriez Coolant Cleaners.
Eriez Magna-Rails and Magna-Rolls magnetically convey, transfer, control, elevate, reposition, hold or orient basic ferrous materials and finished parts.
The Eriez Hydroflow Tank Side Coalescer is designed to sit behind a metalworking shop's machining center and skim free-floating tramp oil out of the machine coolant.
The compact design of the Eriez Hydroflow Portable Tramp Oil Separator is an ideal choice for small metalworking plants.
Eriez Hydroflow offers complete filter system products for a variety of metalworking applications, including standard machining, conventional grinding, creep feed grinding and CBN grinding/machining.
Surface Oil Belt Skimmers from Eriez Hydroflow feature a new oleophilic (oil-attracting) belt to strip separated oil from both sides of the belt.
Eriez announces the availability of the Eriez Pull Test Kit.
SafeHold MPL Series permanent lifting magnets from Eriez make quick work of difficult, time-consuming steel handling.
SafeHold XPL series magnets from Eriez enable users to lift flat and round materials.
Eriez is now stocking the E-Z Tec 9100 Metal Detector.
Eriez' Chip and Parts Conveyors employ a unique self-contained, continuous series of permanent magnets to automatically move and elevate ferrous turnings, chips, parts and small stampings along the outer surface of the stainless steel slider plate.
Eriez says its magnetic belt conveyors are fast, safe and space-saving systems with a firm magnetic control to continuously convey ferrous materials such as parts, stampings and containers.
The Eriez Metalworking Demo Truck, a 32-ft. Peterbilt diesel rig with a 24-ft. equipment showroom belonging to Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., is once again traveling across North America to deliver hands-on training and education to customers and distributors. The 2018 tour has started with West Coast stops.
Fluid recycling is valuable. Companies can save up to 60 percent of the coolant concentrate by removing tramp oils and solids through filtration.
The paper serves as a guide to improving safety, speed and efficiency on cutting and burn tables.
The Eriez Xtreme RE7 Rare Earth circuit helps remove metals and other impurities and is now incorporated in the company’s tube and grate magnets.
Permanent lifting magnets are powerful magnetic devices that can load and unload burn tables and, when properly installed and operated, provide greater safety than many other mechanical material handling devices.
Family-owned and -operated since 1968, Brannon Steel built a strong reputation as one of North America’s premier suppliers of carbon steel parts-to-print.
Eriez’ new white paper, “Six Ways to Attack Metal Contamination to Improve Product Purity and Avoid Recalls,” covers best practices processing plants should implement to achieve the highest product purity and avoid costly tramp metal damage.
A new white paper from Eriez details how shred yards can obtain maximum profitability by upgrading to low copper shred.
Eriez released a white paper for the metalworking industry, “A Guide to Portable Sump Cleaners: Lower Labor Costs, Eliminate Machine Downtime and Maximize Coolant Life.”  The white paper, written by Eriez technical sales representative Clay O’Dana, explains that powerful portable sump cleaners generate up to 110 gallons per minute of suction to…
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Separation technologies manufacturer Eriez, Erie, Pa., promoted Andrew Goldner to director of export sales. In addition, the company’s affiliate Eriez-Australia celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016.
Eriez, a supplier of separation technologies, expanded its Wager Road manufacturing and testing facility that will support Eriez’ strategic growth initiatives for global research and development, aftermarket repair and testing, and recycling equipment technology.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., hosted its 2017 Business Conference at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie.
Eriez, a US-based separation company, has appointed Eric Adams as its managing director for the newly established subsidiary Eriez Germany.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., appointed Modern Tools Inc., Stoneham, Mass., the company’s exclusive HydroFlow Fluid Filtration Systems sales representative agency for Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.
Eriez’s recycling test center gives customers a full-scale laboratory opportunity to test their own materials on state-of-the-art recycling equipment to determine the most effective solutions for the toughest separation challenges.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pennsylvania, President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth and Vice President of Sales and Marketing Charlie Ingram announced the promotion of John Blicha to the newly created position of director of global marketing and communications.
The partnership between Eriez and manufacturer’s representative Dominion Carolina Sales, forged by a handshake agreement amongst the companies’ principals in 1947, is stronger than ever 75 years later.
Erie, PA—Eriez® Executive Vice President of Strategy and Development Lukas Guenthardt announces that Jaisen Kohmuench has been promoted to the newly created position of Senior Director of Asia-Pacific Operations and Strategy.
Eriez, a global leader in magnetic, metal detection, and materials handling solutions has appointed Alpha Industrial & Mining Supplies as its new sales representative agency in the Northern Ontario, Canada, region.
Erie, PA—Vice President and General Manager of Eriez-USA Tim Gland announces that Dan Zimmerman has been promoted to the position of Operations Director of Eriez-USA.
Erie, PA— Senior Sales Director of Eriez-USA Dave Heubel announces that John Klinge has been promoted to the newly created position of Director, Strategic Sales-Aftermarket.
Erie, PA—Senior Sales Director of Eriez-USA Dave Heubel announces that Jeff Kaveney has been named Director of Sales and Product Management.
Erie, PA—Eriez® announces the promotions of John Blicha, Greg Nowak and Chris Knoll to new positions within the company’s corporate leadership team.
Charlie Ingram, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Eriez Manufacturing, plans to retire at the end of the year.
Eriez Vice President of Global Technology, Michal J. Mankosa, Ph.D., was named the 2021 Robert H. Richards Award for his contributions in further mineral beneficiation.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., named Ezio Viti as the sales director at Eriez-Australia, Epping, Australia.
Eriez, the Erie, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of separation technologies, has established Eriez-Deutschland GmbH (Eriez-Germany), headquartered in Recklinghausen, Germany.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., marked 70 years of partnership with High Point, N.C.-based manufacturers’ representative agency Dominion-Carolina Sales Inc.
Repair center offers quicker turnaround times and proactive solutions to rebuild customers’ equipment.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., announced that Michael J. Mankosa, executive vice president of global technology, was elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
North American sales award recognizes one Eriez manufacturers’ representative annually for outstanding service, sales and support.
Carol Z. Perez, U.S. ambassador to Chile, presented Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pennsylvania, with the Export Leadership Award during Expomin 2018 in Santiago, Chile.
Eriez named Eric Nelson as vice president-international operations and business development.
Erie, PA—Eriez® has appointed James Cooke to the position of Managing Director of Eriez-Australia, according to an announcement by Eriez Senior Director of Asia Pacific Operations and Strategy Jaisen Kohmuench.
Erie, PA—Vice President and General Manager of Eriez-USA Tim Gland announces that Dave Heubel has been promoted to the newly created position of Senior Sales Director of Eriez-USA, effective January 3, 2019.
Erie, PA— Eriez® announces that ARMAC, Inc., its longtime manufacturers’ representative based in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, has expanded its sales territory for the company to include upstate New York, western Vermont and Berkshire County, Massachusetts.
Erie, PA—Eriez® Senior Director of Asia-Pacific Operations and Strategy Jaisen Kohmuench announces the promotion of Ezio Viti to Regional Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific Region (APAC).
Erie, PA—Eriez® announces the appointment of Brian B. May Co. as the company’s exclusive manufacturing sales representative for the Metalworking market in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
Eriez-USA awarded Weinacht & Associates, a Collinsville, Illinois-based metalworking equipment distributor of Eriez products, with the company’s 2019 Merwin Award.
John Blicha has been named global senior director of marketing and brand management for Eriez. Blicha joined Eriez in 2012 as manager of marketing communications.
Charlie Ingram, vice president of sales and marketing at Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., announced Adams Brothers Inc., Atlanta, as the winner of the 2016 Merwin Sales Award.
In response to growth in Europe, the Middle East, India and Northern Africa, Eriez in Erie, Pennsylvania, has promoted Gareth Meese to Regional Sales Director-EMEA.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., celebrated its sales representative agencies that have been partners with the company for 50 years or longer.
As a global pandemic raged, Material Transfer was called upon to engineer a solution to maintain ice pellet size consistency, meter ice evenly to protect each vaccine, and monitor ice discharged during packaging. Eriez' vibratory feeder was a key component of the automated system.
Eriez Manufacturing Co., Erie, Pa., announced that Hi Pro Equipment Inc., Kalamazoo, Mich., earned the 2017 Merwin Sales Award.
Eriez’ new “Processing Zurik to Zorba” white paper highlights separation equipment that efficiently upgrades Zurik to a more desirable and profitable Zorba fraction while also reducing scrapyard fire hazards.
Erie, PA—Tim Gland has been promoted to the newly created position of Vice President & General Manager of Eriez® USA, according to an announcement from Eriez President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth.
Eriez, a global leader in separation technologies, appointed Jaisen Kohmuench as president and CEO, effective January 1, 2024.
Erie, PA—Eriez® President and CEO Tim Shuttleworth announces that Charlie Ingram has been promoted to the newly created position of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, effective January 1, 2019.
Erie, PA— Senior Sales Director of Eriez-USA Dave Heubel announces that Hareza Technical Sales, Inc. of McMurray, Pennsylvania, is the recipient of the company’s 2018 Merwin Sales Award.
Erie, PA—Senior Sales Director of Eriez-USA Dave Heubel announces the promotion of Darrell Milton to Director of Heavy Industry.
Eriez Director of Heavy Industry Darrell Milton announces that Goodyear, Arizona-based Industrial Applications Group has been appointed as a new Eriez manufacturers’ representative for the metalworking market. The Industrial Applications Group sales team will exclusively market Eriez metalworking equipment and cover the states of Colorado, New…
Eriez, an exhibitor at the PACK EXPO Connects Virtual Trade Show, is presenting four live demonstrations featuring the company’s  Xtreme Metal Detectors and vibratory equipment.