Eriez magnetic separation equipment solves unique processing challenges

January 11, 2021 - 06:15am

The chemical processing industry relies on magnetic separation products to recover fine iron contamination and reduce product wash off. The Eriez Xtreme RE7 Rare Earth circuit helps remove metals and other impurities and is now incorporated in the company’s tube and grate magnets.

According to Eriez, the RE7 has high gauss, greater holding force, and improved separation efficiency that is ideal for chemical applications, where the level of inspection or ability to attract small metal pieces is most demanding, said Eriez Light Industries Market Manager Eric Confer.

There are vast differences in chemistry among polymers, acids, rubbers, plastics, wet and dry chemicals and essential factors to consider when choosing magnetic separation equipment. For example, the Eriez Dry Vibrating Magnetic Filter (DVMF) is specifically designed to remove extremely fine iron contaminants from fine powders such as lithium. Chemical producers pulverize lithium before it goes to the user as a very fine powder.

Eriez offers a variety of grate magnetsplate magnetsgrates-in-housing and tube magnets for the majority of dry chemical applications. Product particle size determines which magnetic separator is most effective in removing fines and tramp iron, according to Confer.

The company also offers a series of magnets for wet chemical applications which require the removal of fine to large ferrous contamination. Selection is based on the diameter of the pipeline, the slurry or density of the liquid, the pressure of the flow and the required installation position.

“As an example, a U-trap is recommended when a liquid containing five or more percent solids is present,” said Confer. “A High-Intensity Magnetic Filter may be specified for applications where a higher quality end product is required.”

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