The recently launched tools, toolholders and chipbreakers move manufacturers toward better results easier, more quickly and with cost savings. "We're focused on developing new ways for our customers to solve age old problems while taking full advantage of their machine tools," said Mia Bökmark, Vice President Product Offer &…
Due to its shorter cutting length, the JS754 Stub end mills provide full cutter engagement along the entire length of the tool. This maximizes cutter edge use, which helps reduce carbide waste for improved efficiency and increased sustainability.
The three performance levels encompass the product designations of T32 and T34 in thread cutting taps and T33 in forming taps. At the base level are universal general-purpose type taps. The second T34 mid-level range consists of higher performance taps that work well in a variety of workpiece materials, making them especially well-suited for high-…
For simple, easy-to-use, versatile tool holding, the three versions of Seco Hydraulic Chucks include the HC Conventional, HCR Reinforced and the HCS Slim. The HC Conventional version delivers precision holding for drilling, reaming and light milling. As a universal solution, the HCR Reinforced version provides effective holding for all…
Packed with versatility, one High Feed SP tool handles a complete range of high feed milling operations and materials. The tool optimizes such operations as copy milling, ramping, pocketing, face milling and plunging to further reduce tooling inventories. Users optimize milling performance while eliminating the need to switch among numerous tools…
Built for difficult applications involving ISO P, M, K and S materials, the cutters offer application-specific sub- family designs featuring left or right-hand helixes, half- or full-effective teeth options, two front insert and many radii choices for long tool life and maximum chip evacuation. Reliable and user-friendly, the Helical SN8-13 also…
Milling heads mount to a variety of available shank lengths for even greater versatility, with short and long- reach capability for a variety of overhang lengths. Head changes only require a simple turn of a wrench, eliminating the need to remove the holder from the machine to change the cutter. Users also eliminate the need to reset tool lengths…
Done in real time and remotely, Seco Machine Monitoring solutions sample production data on a continuous basis to build a full picture of what happens on a manufacturer's shop floor and beyond. These insights build an in-depth profile of daily activity and trigger alerts for onsite response or remote notification of production- critical…
Versatile Turbo 16 square shoulder milling cutters deliver outstanding results and process security with exceptional ramping capability. Optimized insert pocket angles enhance the cut and deliver outstanding surface finishes. With a high helix angle for smoother workpiece entry and exit, these cutters also feature efficient Next-generation Helical…
Not only does this solution make it easier to machine sticky materials, but it is designed for easy, ergonomic indexing and the pocket and screw designs simplify positioning. The cutters themselves feature a new environmentally friendly coating and their outstanding high feed milling performance reduces the amount of power used in roughing. Yet…
The reoptimized design of the new JSE510 offers unparalleled versatility based on the previous version of this product range. The new series targets general engineering, contract manufacturers and job shops, as well as the aerospace, medical and automotive industries. The design is reoptimized to stand up to tough milling applications with a…
Thanks to an impressive list of optimized features, the cutter generates exceptional tool performance across a broad range of applications and materials. A smooth cutting action and low cutting forces mean reduced power consumption and tool wear — tool life can actually be boosted by up to 130%.
The CW100 grade expansion encompasses four new round insert formats with two geometries, E-01020 and T-01020, and four grooving insert geometries with widths of 3.175 mm (0.125”), 6.35 mm (0.25”) and 7.925 mm (0.312”). An aluminium-oxide-based grade with silicon-carbide whiskers (Al2O3-SiC), the SecomaxTM CW100 grade not only boosts machining…
Seco Assistant’s machining calculator gives you turning, milling and holemaking data for any brand including feeds, speeds and material removal rate. The Tool Comparison function gives you Seco tool recommendations and alternatives to other manufacturer’s inserts, while the Suggest function helps you find the right tooling option and cutting…
This system features a highly accurate geometry with the most positive helix angle possible to reduce the likelihood of surface mismatches and enable impressive 90-degree angle accuracy. With such precision, finishing cycle times are significantly shortened or, in some cases, completely eliminated. Double Turbo cutters are available in 19 metric…
These three Duratomic grades feature innovations based on world-leading coating chemistry developments adapted to manufacturers’ application needs. In addition to offering superior mechanical and thermal properties, this coating also provides the chrome-colored Used-Edge Detection technology, which makes every edge count and reduces potential…
Designed for slotting operations between 4-12 mm and cutting-off operations from 4-8 mm, the 335.18 and 335.19 cutters are available in metric diameters ranging from 32 mm to 125 mm. Inch diameters range from 1.25" to 4" with widths from 0.156" to 0.50". Inserts for these cutters are available with the full range of grades,…
By placing high-pressure coolant directly in the cutting zone, JETI technology ensures superior chip and temperature control. For further process optimization, holders equipped with Jetstream Tooling Duo feature a second coolant outlet from the clearance side that can be turned on or off depending on part-processing requirements.
Seco Tools has introduced a modular toolholder system for manufacturers seeking to improve their productivity with Swiss-style machining. The system enables fast, easy and repeatable insert indexing and tool changes outside of tight machine work spaces. The QC (quick-change) Toolholders also feature Seco Jetstream Tooling and Jetstream Tooling Duo…
For aerospace shops struggling with holemaking and milling operations in hybrid stacked materials, the new JC899 Hybrid Stack finisher and JC898 rougher from Seco Tools are ideal solutions. The finisher, JC899, features a patented two-in-one geometry that eliminates problems with delamination and fiber pulling out when working with stacked…
The most recent addition to the expanded Niagara Cutter Stabilizer product family, the ST540 5-flute endmill enhances performance and versatility. The STS540, STSN540, STR540, STRN540 and STRCS540 family of solid-carbide endmills offers complete solutions for machining processes ranging from slot milling to side mill finishing, as well as those…
To prevent threading chips from ruining critical parts in the final phases of production, the advanced coating and tool geometry of the new TTP2050 threading insert grade from Seco Tools combine to provide efficient, secure, stable performance, along with effective chip control.
New additions to JETI (Jetstream Integrated) tooling from Seco Tools eliminate coolant-through tooling and connector interference that hinders grooving, parting-off and other turning operations. With interference-free internal coolant capabilities and the option to switch the underside stream channel on and off as required, these expansions to the…
Make deep-hole operations productive and reduce the risk of scrapping large, expensive workpieces with the new GL threading and grooving heads for Steadyline ø1" (25 mm)-diameter turning and boring bars from Seco Tools. The new heads extend the range of GL Heads and Steadyline bars, increase production accuracy, improve surface finishes and…
Shops that struggle to machine microsized workpiece surfaces can now impart superior surface finishes and enhance accuracy and precision with the new Seco Tools JM100 Mini endmills. In micromachining operations with zero visibility of workpiece and cutting tool, the JM100 Mini delivers long tool life, stability and guaranteed surface quality…
Shops with lower horsepower machines can maximize their facemilling operations with the new Seco Tools Double Quattromill14 facemilling cutter. For cost effectiveness and increased depths of cut in roughing, semifinishing and finishing, the cutter uses double-sided inserts with eight cutting edges and represents a smaller version of the company…
Shops that seek to maximize milling performance while they reduce tooling inventories will benefit from newly introduced Power Milling Chucks from Seco Tools. With holding power and transmittable torque that rival hydraulic and shrink-fit holders, Power Milling Chucks deliver high precision with 5-micron runout accuracy at 3 times diameter in…
Shops that struggle to manage metalworking chips and optimize tool life in extreme turning applications will benefit from the new Seco -R3 and -RR93 insert geometries. As part of the RCMX and RCMT range of turning inserts, the new geometries make easy work of such challenging applications as turning railway car wheels.
With the introduction of 13 new full-profile threading inserts, Seco Tools now offers a full range of UNJ and MJ thread profiles for both external and internal applications. Shops that need to generate high-precision threads in stainless steels and heat-resistant nickel-based and titanium alloys will benefit from the extremely tight-tolerance…
Shops that struggle to maximize end-mill tool life when machining tough materials can now achieve 25 to 40 percent longer life with new Jabro-Solid2 JS750 endmills from Seco Tools. Designed specifically for the aerospace sector, the new JS754 and JS755 tools provide cost-effective high performance to tackle that industry’s challenging materials,…
Seco Tools has expanded its long-reach turning and boring solutions with additions to its series of Steadyline vibration-damping turning/boring bars and their respective heads. The new additions include 1.00" (25 mm) diameter Steadyline bars, GL25 turning heads and 4.00" (100 mm) diameter Steadyline bars, along with a range of rough and…
To eliminate the difficulties of hard turning operations, Seco Tools has added a new grade format and several new geometries to its already expansive line of PCBN inserts. These additions broaden the extremely tough Seco CH3515 insert grade and introduce a new solid CBN150 insert grade, special long and short wiper geometries and laser-etched…
To eliminate long face milling cycle times and ensure process security, Seco Tools has introduced new larger LP09 inserts for the company's HighFeed 2 cutter bodies. The new inserts are designed for high-feed milling operations including face, helical interpolation, slotting, side milling, pocketing and plunging, in challenging workpieces…
Seco Tools has introduced Jetstream Tooling high-pressure coolant technology for threading shank holders. The new range includes shank holders for external applications, boring bars for internal applications and GL-heads for use with Seco Steadyline boring bars.
To boost customer productivity, Seco has launched a new semistandard Helical Cutter Program that streamlines the process of obtaining advanced helical cutting tools. The program slashes the typically long lead times required for such custom tooling and will ensure customers in demanding industries such as automotive and aerospace can apply the…
Seco Tools has introduced a cutting tool product line specifically designed for machining medical knee implants. The new Jabro medical range of solid-carbide cutters are suitable for high-speed machining and other aggressive milling strategies that can shorten knee implant cycle times by as much as 50 percent.
Seco Tools offers Secomax CS300 ceramic inserts and cutter bodies to boost productivity in milling and turning operations with heavy interrupted cuts on nickel-based heat-resistant superalloys (HRSA). The new cutters increase productivity by up to eight times over standard carbide milling and are ideal for machining a range of components for…
Seco offers the MP2050 insert grade with an optimized balance of toughness and wear resistance to efficiently machine high-strength, heat-resistant materials. Originally developed specifically for turbine blade machining in the power generation industry segment, the new grade also excels in aerospace applications and offers exceptional performance…
Seco Tools has introduced its R217/220.28 cutters with new body designs that incorporate double-sided round inserts to deliver cost-effective performance, as well as boost productivity. Double-negative-positioning pocket seats of the R217/R220.28 cutters deliver enhanced cutting capability and significant gains in productivity, according to the…
With a new reengineered design, the Seco Perfomax indexable insert drill delivers higher drilling parameters and longer tool life as well as exceptional chip control and evacuation. The drill’s innovative features include new flute designs with special anti-friction surfaces and laser hardened fronts for added strength, stability and accuracy.
Seco Tools has expanded its Steadyline vibration-damping tooling system to include large-diameter turning/boring bars that provide a reliable, plug-and-play solution for increased productivity in large and deep bore operations. The new 2.36" (60 mm) and 3.15" (80 mm)-diameter sizes are ideal for use in oil and gas applications, as well…
With the new Seco Feedmax –P drill, manufacturers gain the potential to significantly boost holemaking performance for ISO P (steel), as well as cast iron, workpiece materials. The solid-carbide Feedmax –P drills can increase drilling productivity by up to 35 percent while also providing longer tool life due to the combination of the drill’s new…
Seco continues to evolve and develop tooling solutions for the metalcutting industry. Two of the company’s latest examples of that are its EPB 5831 slim hydraulic chucks (pictured) and ER-to-Combimaster holders.
Seco has further expanded its selection of disc milling inserts and cutter bodies to meet customer demands for reliable, high performing cutters. With that, the company has introduced the 335.14 small-diameter exchangeable head system, 335.16 cutter for T-slot operations and cassette versions of its 335.25 cutter that incorporate round inserts.
The new R220.88 facemilling cutter family from Seco features inserts with eight cutting edges and optimized geometries that provide excellent tool life and reduced cutting forces. The cutter body’s 88-degree lead angle allows for large depths of cut with smaller insert sizes, as compared to 45-degree lead angle facemills.
Seco Tools line of 150.10‑JETI family of parting-off blades and square-shank blocks now includes a new VDI block design. Adapters directly hold the 150.10-JETI parting-off blades onto the VDI turret and offer streamlined delivery of high-pressure coolant to the cutting zone without the use of hoses.
Seco Tools adapted its line of reliable, accurate thread chaser holders to support Steadyline vibration damping bars and Capto tooling. With special carbide-pin locating systems, patented pocket seat surface patterns and high-pressure coolant delivery, these holders reportedly guarantee consistent insert positioning, superior rigidity and…
Seco Tools has expanded its family of PCBN insert grades to cover the entire spectrum of hard turning applications. Using a new bimodal substrate and nanolaminate coating process, these new inserts extend tool life and increase productivity in a broader range of applications.
Seco Tools released two new solid-carbide endmills that significantly boost metal-removal rates and offer exceptionally long tool life for a variety of today’s challenging workpiece materials. The Jabro-HFM JHF181 is suitable for high-feed milling strategies in hardened steels and nickel-based alloys, while the Jabro-Solid2 JS564 and JS565…
Seco Tools has expanded its family of Duratomictechnology-based TP grades to include TP3501, a grade that reportedly provides optimal application security. The new grade is ideal for steel turning applications that involve numerous interrupted cuts, less stable machines, short time in cut or weak setups due to part size or shape.
Seco Tools new TP3501 grade is designed to provide optimal application security. The grade is for steel turning applications that involve numerous interrupted cuts, less stable machines, short time in cut or weak setups due to part size or shape.designed
With EPB 890 digital boring heads, Seco Tools made fine boring easier and more precise. The digital boring heads display the absolute diameter settings and the relative diameter adjustment. These heads accurately cut by providing diameter readings and settings within 1 μm.
Seco has expanded the high-feed machining applicability of its Jabro-HFM JHF980 solid-carbide endmill with new 4- and 5-flute options. The additional flutes allow part manufacturers in industries such as aerospace and medical to achieve maximum productivity when performing face, slot and select plunge milling operations.
The Jabro-Solid2 JS554 range of solid-carbide endmills from Seco Tools gains further utility and versatility with smaller neck diameter options. These latest tools provide greater clearance when machining complex components, such as those found in aerospace, medical and general machining applications.
Designed to achieve increased productivity, tool life and part quality, the new Seco 150.10-JETI system significantly improves the heat removal process in high-speed parting-off applications. This new system incorporates high speed steel blades, Jetstream Tooling technology and tool blocks with coolant inlets.
Seco Tools LLC has expanded its solutions for difficult-to-machine materials with the introduction of the High Feed 6—the latest addition to the High Feed series of indexable-insert milling cutters. This new cutter features a design created specifically to boost material removal rates and handle high chip loads, resulting in substantial…
Seco’s new TK1501 and TK0501 insert grades incorporate the latest developments in next-generation Duratomic coating technology. The new dedicated cast iron turning grades reach a new level of toughness and wear
resistance, as well as reduce tool waste and process more parts per edge.
Seco has added a new range of taper-face toolholders to meet machinists’ increasing needs for higher production and process reliability. These new options provide two surfaces of contact to offer increased rigidity and consistency compared with standard holders when machining complex parts at high cutting parameters.
Seco Tools LLC offers PCD05- and PCD20-grade PCD-tipped milling inserts for its Turbo 10 cutter bodies. The inserts are suitable for cutting aluminum, titanium, polymers and fiber-reinforced composites. When used with carbide inserts, the PCD-tipped inserts act as wiper inserts in fixed pockets. The two grades come in the company’s X010 insert…
Seco, Troy, Mich., recently expanded the roughing and semi-finishing performance capabilities of its Secomax CS100 sialon ceramic grade inserts by adding inserts with T-style edge preparation to the line, according to a company news release. Featuring a free-cutting, sharp geometry, the new inserts are said to bring strength, stability and…
Seco Tools LLC, Troy, Mich., has further optimized the high-precision reaming performance of its modular Precimaster Plus™ indexable head system by adding floating and adjustable shank designs to the mix, the company announced in a news release today. The new floating PMX-FL and adjustable PMX-AD shanks are said to incorporate compact, highly…
Seco Tools LLC, Troy, Mich., introduced two new insert sizes to its family of 335.25 disc milling cutters, a line that is said to provide manufacturers with high flexibility and productivity. With the additions of XNHQ inserts in 9mm and 12mm sizes, the cutter now offers a range of cutting widths from 0.531" to 1.26" (13mm to 32mm) for…
Seco has increased the application range of its wear-resistant TH1000 and TH1500 turning insert grades by adding new positive and negative geometries, chip breakers and nose radius sizes to the line. The additions allow manufacturers that process hardened steels, superalloys and cast irons to further increase their machining capabilities.
Seco developed its new thread chaser insert holder to bring high levels of precision and rigidity to threading operations that involve tough materials including the hard, gummy or high-­chrome content ones used in the oil and gas industry. Such achievement is possible via a special carbide-­pin locating system combined with a patented pocket seat…
The new CBN600 universal PCBN insert grade from Seco Tools LLC brings cost-effective performance to high-volume rough turning operations that involve gray cast iron, high chrome iron and high manganese steel workpiece materials.
Seco Tools LLC recently expanded its Highfeed series of indexable-insert milling cutters to include the Highfeed 2 and 4.
With the unveiling of its next-generation Duratomic Technology, Seco Tools LLC introduces three new turning insert grades that achieve the elusive balance of toughness and hardness when machining steel alloys and other workpiece materials such as cast irons and stainless steels.
Seco Tools LLC offers the Square T4-08 shoulder mill for roughing and semifinishing. The tool has four cutting edges and a tangential cutter design that imparts a fine surface finish when slotting, contouring and plunging, according to the company.
Seco Tools LLC added a new helical tool to its Square T4-08 line of square shoulder mills that feature four cutting edges and an innovative tangential cutter design.
Following the success of its Steadyline milling holders, Seco Tools LLC has added turning bars to this line of damped anti-vibration tooling that brings excellent productivity results to a wide variety of long overhang machining operations.
Seco Tools LLC has introduced a line of R220.LN14 square shoulder mills that reduce costs and improve performance in demanding applications that require large depths of cut.
Seco Tools introduced the company's new CX1 and CX2 polycrystalline diamond (PCD) drills for composite holemaking.
Seco Tools has announced the introduction of X4, a new multiedged, tangential tool for grooving and parting off of small components.
Seco Tools, debuted the company's EBP 5672 collet chuck.
To continue the success of its Turbo 10 series of square shoulder milling cutters and provide manufacturers with increased machining flexibility in tough materials, Seco Tools is expanding the product line to include more inserts with new geometries and radii as well as helical cutters.
While Seco Tools is a leading provider of metalcutting tools for a wide variety of industries, the company also offers advanced value-added solutions that allow its customers to optimize their tooling stock, reduce costs and increase productivity. Such solutions include the new SupplyPod automated inventory control device with reporting and order…
Seco Tools offers the new 335.25 Disc Milling Cutter.
Seco Tool's new generation of Crownloc Plus exchangeable tip drills takes holemaking to the next level by increasing output and decreasing machining costs.
The new High Feed 2 line of small diameter high feed milling tools from Seco Tools focuses on bringing high levels of productivity and reliability to modern CNC machines.
Seco Tools has launched a promotion to allow manufacturers who turn cast iron to experience the benefits of the newly launched TK Grades inserts.
The latest Jabro-Solid2 JS530 Series of ball nose cutters from Seco brings increased flexibility, speed and efficiency to copy and profile milling, as well as slotting and side milling operations.
Seco's new versatile M5 positive-lock chipbreaker insert with robust geometry brings productivity and strength to turning and boring applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron and superalloys that extend from semifinishing to the toughest roughing operations in harsh environments.
Seco Tools has released another advancement for the square shoulder milling process with its new Turbo 10 cutting tool that is suitable for most roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations.
Seco recently expanded its line of Square 6 shoulder milling cutters with the development of smaller tool diameters.
Seco Tools introduced its original Minimaster line of end mills with replaceable carbide inserts nearly 25 years ago. Today, the company is presenting its new Minimaster Plus, with advanced features for tackling the most demanding of milling applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and other difficult-to-machine materials.
Seco Tools has released the MDT 2MM for grooving, parting and profiling of small and micro parts.
Seco Tools has announced the release of its new Feedmax -N family of solid carbide drills for high performance drilling in aluminum and non-ferrous materials.
Seco Tools has announced a new line of Super Turbo chamfer mills designed to provide high metal removal rates while reducing production costs.
Seco Tools has announced the availability of its new Feedmax SD230A solid carbide 30xD drill, which was designed for applications often found in the automotive, oil and gas, mold and die, medical and general engineering industries.
Seco Tools has announced additions to its line of Feedmax solid-carbide drills that avoid delamination upon entry or exit when drilling in carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) materials.
Seco Tools has announced the availability of its new CBN 170 grade, a PCBN grade developed for the finish turning of nickel-based super alloys commonly found in aerospace, power generation and automotive components.
Jabro routers from Seco Tools Inc. are for machining composite materials.
Seco Tools' new Power 4 copy milling cutter has been developed in cooperation with customers in the power generation sector to create an optimized solution for turbine blade production.
Seco Tools Inc. has added Combimaster heads to its line of Square 6 square shoulder milling cutters.
Seco Tools Inc. has announced the availability of its new grade CBN60K for finishing case-hardened steels (58 to 63 HRC) where precision and reliability are more important than high speed.
Seco Tools Inc. continues to enhance its Multi-Directional Turning (MDT) program, most recently announcing the GS (Grooving Sharp) and GG (Grooving Ground) chipbreakers for grooving steel, nonferrous alloys and superalloys.
Seco Tools Inc. has expanded its versatile MDT (Multi-Directional Turning) system with hundreds of new holders to accommodate a broader range of standard and special machining applications.
Seco Tools Inc. has announced the development of grade RX2000 with a surface hardness coating of up to 3,200 HV.
Seco Tools Inc. has announced the availability of TP0500, its newest turning grade to feature one of the company's wear-resistant Duratomic coatings.
Seco Tools Inc. has announced the availability of its new range of Liteline fine boring heads and holders. They have a high strength-to-weight ratio for faster tool changes and quicker spindle acceleration, according to the company.
Seco Tools Inc. has introduced its next generation Double Octomill R220.48 facemilling cutter.
Achieve economy through production performance with Seco Tool Inc.'s new Jabro-Solid2 (Solid Square) carbide milling cutters available in sizes from 1/8" to 1".
Seco Tools plans to make a strong contribution to the circular economy with an ambitious recycling goal while at the same time continuing to make reliable tooling.
Through collaborative partnerships with customers and their partners, Seco Tools monitors trends and identifies challenges, developing the knowledge required to overcome the industry’s most demanding issues. Putting customers at the heart of research and development (R&D) has paid rich dividends for Seco Tools in terms of identifying and…
Engineering has long been male-dominated, but Seco Tools is working to encourage more gender diversity.
Laser printed data matrix codes can track ten billion tools that in turn can generate huge amount of insight into how our products are used.
Rachid M'Saoubi’s role within Seco Tools as senior research and development expert might sound complex, but for him, it’s about building bridges between the academic world and the needs of Seco Tools and its customers to help them stay competitive and thrive.
Smart software is paving the way to optimized production and improved decision-making. Digital technology and smart software have already transformed the machining industry with unprecedented access to actionable data for better results in less time.
Almost every machine shop uses facemills for roughing, semifinishing and finishing, but many of these shops miss out on increased material-removal rates because they run yesterday’s tooling on today’s machine tools. The larger spindle tapers and higher horsepower ratings, feeds and speeds of modern machines need to run with the latest in…
Seco Tools LLC has established methods for life-cycle analysis of its own products and for mapping its production processes as part of its aim to reduce the company’s climate impact. Now, it plans to help reduce its customers’ carbon footprint.
Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, allows Seco Tools to create products that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to manufacture. The advantages include shorter lead times, improved tool life and increased sustainability.
GROB Systems Inc., a developer of manufacturing systems and machine tools, has announced it will be hosting a Medical Technology event, together with industry partners Open0 Mind Technologies, Seco, Third Wave Systems, and Ecoclean.
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In this video, Seco Tools' new Jabro-Solid2 JS452 and 453 end mills demonstrate the flexibility, stability and high performance of the JS450 series of solid carbide tools. The latest JS450 series cutters were released in late 2013 and offer excellent cutting performance for aluminum.
Watch a video presentation from Seco Tools LLC about the tools and techniques suggested for machining powdered metallurgy. The company reports that inserts with Seco Tool’s Duratomic CVD aluminum-oxide coating can work well for P/M components. The Duratomic technology promotes growth of coating crystals in certain crystallographic directions to…
With a new re-engineered design, the Seco Perfomax indexable insert drill delivers higher drilling parameters and longer tool life as well as exceptional chip control and evacuation.
Along with advances in software, materials, tooling and machine technology comes new machining guidance intended to help shops properly utilize said technology to maximize productivity. Among them is a milling strategy Seco Tools Inc. calls optimized roughing.
Don Graham, manager of turning products and education services at Seco Tools Inc., Troy, Mich., discussed "Productivity Improvements Resulting from Coating Texturing" during the Fast Track Seminar series hosted at the Cutting Tool Engineering booth during IMTS 2010.
Seco Tools LLC introduced the Niagara Cutter Stabilizer 2.0 during IMTS 2016. Jay Ball, Seco Tools product manager, Niagara Cutter Solid Endmills, covers the new aspects of the Stabilizer 2.0 in this brief video report.
Double your feed rates with the Stabilizer 2.0 from Niagara Cutter. This family of end mills raises the bar in high performance milling by incorporating a patented continuously varying asymmetrical geometry which helps create a smooth, chatter free milling condition.
Seco Tools offers overview of its recently upgraded SMG system.
When Seco Tools Inc. moved into its new headquarters in Troy, Mich., in July 2008, the toolmaker not only changed buildings, it also changed its corporate culture. Eighteen months after the facility opened, the company is still finding new uses for the modern, light-filled, 81,000-sq.-ft. building, according to Bob Goulding, manager of component…
Todd Miller, manager, product marketing, Seco Tools LLC, covers the unique features of the company's Highfeed 6 cutter at IMTS 2016.
Our latest breakthrough technologies and turnkey manufacturing solutions are designed to improve your overall machining productivity. From doubling your metal removal rate to reducing insert wear, you can expect to achieve more with cutting tools from Seco.

People & Companies

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TROY, Mich. — To help develop and drive the North American sales strategy, Seco Tools has promoted David Sonner to be the new Eastern Zone Manager, effective beginning of May, 2020.
For the first time ever, on Wednesday, April 21, and Thursday, April 22, the annual 'Inspiration through Innovation' event, hosted by Seco Tools and industry partners, will focus on precision manufacturing in the Medical industry.
The aerospace industry faces complex issues, such as environmental issues and the need for efficient designs, lightweight materials and 3D-printed parts. To help address these and other issues, Seco Tools hosted the Inspiration Through Innovation (ITI) 2021 virtual event Dec. 1.
Funke will oversee a team of engineers to deliver complete component tooling solutions to Seco customers. He plans to further build and strengthen relationships with customers and other industry partners to deliver excellence in products and services.
To strengthen its customer support in Mexico, Seco Tools LLC, Troy, Mich., opened a facility in Querétaro.
Fagersta, August 2018 - As part of a global initiative to ensure the continued success of its customers, Seco Tools is expanding their customer service capabilities through a partnership with MachineMetrics.
TROY, Mich., November 27, 2018 – Seco Tools was awarded Supplier of the Year at the 2018 gathering of the Affiliated Distributors Industrial Members, Suppliers and Service Providers in Orlando, Florida.
Fagersta, SE — Seco has completed the acquisition of the cutting tool division of Quimmco Centro Tecnológico (QCT), a subsidiary of the Quimmco Group.
Stefan Steenstrup has been appointed president and CEO of Seco Tools as of Oct. 1, 2021, succeeding Fredrik Vejgården who decided to leave Seco to start his own business.
A combination of green electricity and renewable energy certificates in the US and India have enabled Seco to reach its 2030 emission targets a full nine years ahead of schedule, with the added benefit of cost savings for the business, the company said.
Seco Tools LLC, the North American subsidiary of Sweden’s Seco Tools AB, in October announced organizational changes and employee promotions within its Canadian sales organization. With 24 years of experience in the industry, including 10 years at Seco, Branko Hohnec brings a wealth of expertise to the role of general manager for Seco in Canada. …
Seco Tools LLC, Troy, Mich., in March expanded its service and support team with the addition of Olivier Branget to its North American Applications Engineering group and the promotion of Aaron Eller to Product Manager, ISO Turning and Advanced Materials.
Seco Tools AB, Fagersta, Sweden, and MachiningCloud Inc., Camarillo, Calif., are partnering to provide Seco Tools product data in the cloud.
Scappoose, Oregon; September 20, 2018 – The Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center Research and Development (OMIC R&D) continues to grow its company membership with the recent addition of global cutting tools manufacturer Seco Tools, LLC.
TROY, Mich. – To maximize customer engagement and satisfaction, Seco Tools has named Bill Barcelona as Director of Customer Experience.
Seco Tools LLC has named Brad Andrews has joined Seco North America as Regional Manager – Canada. Brad is responsible for leading the Canadian team and developing and implementing the North America sales strategy to drive growth.
Seco Tools has added new capability to its portfolio with the signing of an agreement with the Polish company Fabryka Narzędzi FANAR S.A. (Fanar), a manufacturer of solid round tools, to enhance Seco’s product offering in solid threading.
Seco Tools has taken a leap in its efforts to share knowledge about the many possibilities in machining by announcing a new partnership with Swemachinist, a well-known Instagram content creator.
Citing an outlook for continued business growth, Seco Tools LLC this month appointed new members to its executive and management teams, according to a Jan. 12 news release from the Troy, Mich., company. David Mrdjenovic is the company's new director of operations, and Scott Hecht now serves as market channels and business development manager.
Seco Tools LLC, Troy, Mich., continues to partner with Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Mich., to offer local engineering students an opportunity to participate in a multiyear internship program at Seco Tools.
TROY, Mich., July 10, 2018 – Further empowering its customers by continuing to advance its digital capabilities, Seco Tools, LLC has announced that Jeff Bowden has joined the company as its new director of information technology.
TROY, Mich., October 11, 2018 – Seco Tools has named Tyler Martin as its new manager of engineering services.