This machine is built on the success of the Rollomatic LaserSmart® series of machines and particularly addresses the profile cutting and ablation of diamond tooling in the larger diameter range as well as tools with a Monoblock adaptor. The ideal and typical application fields for this machine are the woodworking, automotive and aerospace…
Both the SmartMoma and the Nextage robots will be shown in working action during the IMTS 2022 in Chicago. The SmartMamo will transport full and empty cassettes between the grinding machines and the post‐grinding station. The Nextage humanoid robot will perform tasks such as tubing and labeling.
The LaserSmart 510 Femto with its innovative and powerful femto-second laser source provides unlimited machining possibilities. This laser source has a femto-second pulse width which is 1,000 shorter than a pico laser. It is built on the success of the Rollomatic LaserSmart® series of machines. This revolutionary process allows users to achieve…
The strategy for this machine is to offer a more cost-effective way and higher quality in the production of high-performance PCD polycrystalline diamond, CBN cubic boron nitride and CVD chemical vapor deposited cutting tools which traditionally require to be produced by a double process of spark erosion and polish grinding.
The GrindSmart 660XW is a 6-axis tool and peel grinding machine allows the user to utilize cost-effective and advanced  lean manufacturing principles; termed as “Ultra-Lean Grinding Process.” The machine includes a 6•position wheel changer and linear motors on all axes. It features a traveling high-speed workhead. Peel grinding for blank prepara•…
As the name suggests, cutting taps produce threads by progressively cutting away the space between threads into which the fastener's external threads will fit. Forming taps, by contrast, remove no material. Instead, they move or displace material inside the hole to build up the threads and dig into the grooves.
The GrindSmart 630XW 6-axis tool grinding machine and ShapeSmart NP50 5-axis pinch/peel cylindrical grinding machine are suitable for use in the following fields: manufacturing parts for the weapons industry, rifle chamber manufacturing and reconditioning, cold forging in radial forging machines, and punches for ammunition tooling manufacturing.
This model is part of the GrindSmart® series of tool & cutter grinding machines with an axis configuration that incorporate 6 fully interpolated axes (3 rotary and 3 linear) and is unique in this industry. The machine also incorporates linear axis drive technology. 
Both grinding spindles are “synchronous direct‐drive spindles” with 19 hp peak each. The most important feature of a synchro­nous motor is that it provides constant speed during its operation and that the torque curve is highly efficient, as per above graph. The rotational force is not reduced with higher RPM’s. Synchronous motors always run at a…
Dental tool grinding on the 5-axis GrindSmart Nano5 grinding machine offers exceptional flexibility in comparison to conventional single-purpose grinders. With its 5 fully interpo­lating CNC axes and a pick-and-place automatic tool loader, the machine can easily be adapted for any type of dental cutting instrument, both for short and long runs. …
Pinch grinding offers accurate geometrical dimensions on the blank and tight surface finish requirements. In pinch grinding, the roughing and finishing wheels grind parts simultaneously, with the finishing wheel trailing the roughing wheel. The rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass. This innovative way to cylindrically grind parts…
Pinch grinding offers highest concentricity particularly on long and thin parts. The rough and finish grinding are performed in one pass. This innovative way to grind roughing and finishing simultaneously eliminates a separate process and reduces cycle time. The machine utilizes two different grinding wheels running on separate spindles and…
Boring bar grinding on the Rollomatic 6-axis tool grinding machines offers exceptional flexibility in comparison to conventional single-puropose grinders. With its 6 fully interpolating CNC axes and 6-station wheel/nozzle changer, the machine can easily be adapted for individual boring bar designs, both for short and long runs.
The ShapeSmart®NP50 is a 5-axis Precision Cylindrical Pinch/Peel grinding machine with integrated 3-axis robot loader and grinding diameter range from 0.025 – 25 mm (.001"– 1").
Rollomatic has developed a process that allows sharpening of thick‐film diamond coated cutting tools. The Rollomatic CNC La‐ ser Cutting Machine LaserSmart incorporates technologies that facilitate the probing the surface of the coated cutting edge to detect the exact shape and position. Then the laser cutting process will remove just enough…
The GrindSmart 830XW from Rollomatic integrates the innovative combination of hydrostatic technology and linear motors to produce both large and small tools from 1 mm to 32 mm diameter and flute lengths of up to 200 mm.
Tool precision depends directly on the production accuracy of the blanks used. There is a new addition to the market to create complex geometries with exact concentricity and dimensional accuracy: the cylindrical grinding machine ShapeSmart NP3+ from Rollomatic. Thanks to its modular structure, the machine can be easily adapted to any requirement…
Using industrial robots is an important element in creating more autonomy and efficiency. Rollomatic has been involved in developing advanced human-like robots for some years now.
Precise and highly productive in a wide range of applications – this is what the new tool grinding machine GrindSmart629XS from Rollomatic SA stands for.
With the GrindSmart528XF, Rollomatic is reportedly taking the process of grinding drills with extreme length-to-diameter ratios to a completely new level.
Rollomatic Inc. announces the addition of a new tool grinding machine model GrindSmart 528XF, particularly suited for long drills as well as other rotary cutting tools.
With the GrindSmartNano5, Swiss grinding machine manufacturer Rollomatic has developed a high-performance grinding machine for the series production of dental and medical tools that not only grinds an impressive range of tools, but does so fully automatically, without any operator intervention.
The ShapeSmart NP5 precision grinding machine from Rollomatic has already proven itself in the market as a multi-talented resource for grinding cylindrical workpieces.
Anyone who knows Rollomatic is familiar with their reputation for grinding high-precision tools with the smallest diameters. However, the GrindSmart 528XW and GrindSmart 628XW now offer proof that Swiss precision can also be found outside of the micro-world.
How many times have tool manufacturers wished they could grind the slot for coolant holes, the chamfer on the end of the shank, and the pre-shaped point on drill blanks in one quick, easy automated process that is both precise and cost-effective? Rollomatic has made this a possibility by offering a new feature on the ShapeSmart NP5: an integrated…
Progressive miniaturization in the watch making industry, medical technology and electronics industries continue to put increased pressure on tool manufacturers: They are routinely required to produce increasingly smaller drilling and milling tools to meet the demand for high-quality machining results. But how can tools with diameters as small as…
Rollomatic has extended its product portfolio to include a 6-axis grinding machine that, thanks to an integrated grinding wheel changer, is not only ultra-precise, but also works quickly, efficiently and autonomously.
The precision of a tool is directly related to the production accuracy of its blank. Manufacturing complex blanks to the highest standards of concentricity and dimensional accuracy has now become significantly easier with the ShapeSmart NP5, the 5-axis cylindrical grinding machine from Rollomatic.
Rollomatic Inc. continues the success and growth of its 6-axis GrindSmart series of multi-axis tool grinding machines by announcing the addition of an optional 6-station wheel changer.
Rollomatic Inc. continues the success and growth of its series of CNC multiaxis tool grinding machines by announcing the addition of the LaserSmart laser ablation machine.
Rollomatic Inc.'s GrindSmart Model 528XS 5-axis grinding machine is available with an optional robot.
CNC tool grinder manufacturers can offer application support to find the perfect mix for effective processes. Eric Schwarzenbach, president of Rollomatic Inc., discusses how the right partner can help.
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As part of its occasional product focus video series, Cutting Tool Engineering Plus presents a closer look at the GrindSmart Nano6 from Rollomatic SA.
Rollomatic Inc.'s Brian Twohey, national sales manager, highlighted a couple of machines while at Eastec: the GrindSmart 660XW, a six-axis tool and cutter grinder, and the Strausak ONE linear CNC tool grinder.
Rollomatic USA and Strausak featured two new tool grinding machines during its three-day open house held Nov. 9-11 at Rollomatic's Mundelein, Illinois, facility.
Rollomatic USA debuts its new 528XF grinding machine to grind long, thin drills at its booth during IMTS 2014.
Rollomatic SA Chief Product Officer Gert-Jan Hartog shows off the company's smart factory concept featuring a collaborative robot and a smart mobile manipulator, an automated guided vehicle equipped with a six-axis collaborative robot on top.

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Daniel Franklin, who began his career at the Rollomatic factory in Switzerland in 1999, will take over the team leader’s position with immediate effect, according to a recent Rollomatic news release. Franklin takes over for Mac MacKenna, who transitioned into a sales manager position in the Northeast.
Rollomatic and Strausak are presenting a biennial Open House on November 9th to 11th, 2021, in Rollomatic's Mundelein, Illinois, facility.
Rollomatic Inc., a subsidiary of Rollomatic Holding Switzerland, has appointed Jeremy David as its group applications manager for both the Rollomatic and the Strausak brands.
David Ducsai has been named group customer service manager of North America for The Rollomatic Group.
The Rollomatic Group, Mundelein, Ill., appointed Joe Kane president of Strausak Inc., Mundelein, further filling out its global presence in providing solutions for precision tool grinding.
Rollomatic, the original inventor of pinch/peel grinding machines, showcased a new model of pinch/peel machine at the recent Eastec show that can perform non-round grinding of punches and pins.
Rollomatic Inc., a subsidiary of Rollomatic Holding Switzerland, has formed a separate business unit within Rollomatic Inc. for the product range of laser cutting machines.
Rollomatic Inc., a subsidiary of Rollomatic Holding Switzerland, has appointed Jason Hodgin as regional sales manager for several key manufacturing areas in the Southeastern and Central United States.
Rollomatic Inc., Mundelein, Ill., recently promoted William "Mac" McKenna to regional sales manager for several key manufacturing areas in North America, according to a Rollomatic Inc. news release issued this month. Rollomatic builds CNC tool/cutter and peel grinding machines, as well as laser cutting machines.
Mundelein. The Rollomatic Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Joe Kane as COO for both entities, Rollomatic Inc and Strausak Inc.
Kris Zellmann has been named national sales manager for Strausak Inc.
Rollomatic Inc. in Mundelein, Ill., has appointed Brian Twohey as national sales manager for the United States and Canada. He will also join the Group Management Team at Rollomatic/Strausak North America.
Rollomatic Inc., a subsidiary of Rollomatic Holding Switzerland, has appointed Joe Kane as CEO of Rollomatic Inc.