The jaws of the exceptional Bench Vise swivel 360° on the base and can lock in any position. Its unique shaped body houses the straight-line pull, super strong power tunnel that assures that the spindle and nut will never wear out. Made from 65,000 PSI ductile iron, the vise is 50% stronger than all gray iron vises and 20% stronger than…
Operators will appreciate the easy-to-use control panel. For enhanced safety, the #9684526 Engine Lathe is equipped with a tool post guard, a chuck guard, a full rear splash guard and has CSA certified electronics.
The #9629109 Heavy-Duty C-Clamp with a copper spindle from Palmgren has a throat depth of 3-7/8 inches, a spindle diameter of 15/16 inches, clamp pressure of 6900 lbs. and weighs 8.7 lbs.
The tables can be bolted together to meet varying length requirements. The legs are equipped with leveling pads that can be adjusted independently from 25 inches to 37 inches. The tables’ precision machined steel rollers have durable roller ball bearings to make movement fast and easy.
The combination finishing machine is really two machines in one because it can handle a multitude of jobs that include contour part finishing, flat stock finishing, polishing, grinding and deburring—virtually any finishing operation. The belt arm adjusts vertically, horizontally and any position in-between.
The #9629756 Combination Bench and Pipe Vise from Palmgren features sealed construction, replaceable serrated steel jaws and pipe jaws and is 70% stronger than similar u-shaped vises.
The Palmgren High Performance Vertical Toolroom Band Saw’s welded steel frame, solid cast iron table and infinitely variable speed drive give the #9683120 the rigidity and versatility needed to easily cut a variety of materials.
It features friction reducing needle bearings and hardened jaw plates and vise bed. What makes the Palmgren line of Dual Force machine vises so unique that they are designed for precision part clamping as well as ideal for use in running production parts where datums, flatness and parallelism are key.
Standard on the #9684510 lathe are 3 and 4 jaw chucks, splash guards, chuck and tool post safety guards and inch and metric gears for threading. Like all Palmgren lathes, it is built and inspected to the DIN 8606 toolmakers precision lathe standard.
The construction enables the saw to easily handle contour sawing, beveling, slicing, ripping, stack cutting and cutting off various materials from aluminum, brass to steel. The variable speed drive system allows for quick, easy speed changes so the operator can match the correct speed to the blade and cutting application. The design enhances…
The #9680342 Radial Drill Press from Palmgren is the ideal choice for odd-shaped work pieces. The presses come with Palmgren’s three-year warranty.
Standard features on the #9683128 10" Vertical Metal-Cutting Band Saw from Palmgren include: 3-speed belt driven system, machined cast iron table with miter gauge slot, balanced cast blade wheels and a rip fence assembly and miter gauge.
The belt grinder features two belt heads ensuring the ultimate flexibility to handle platen grinding, contact wheel grinding and even slack back grinding. Its design enables roughing to intermediate grinding to blending as well as final finishing and polishing.
The 11-inch bench engine lathe and gear head mill is able to handle a wide range of turning, milling and drilling operations typically found on much larger machinery. Constructed from heavy cast iron, its smooth power transmission with precision thrust and ball bearings in the head stock and spindles are designed to provide years of trouble-free…
The design makes them the ideal solution for machining simple to complicated jobs.  In addition, their unique round design allows for five-sided access to workpieces. The vises occupy less space and reduce the amount of vise interference.
The saw features an advanced gear box design utilizing taper roller bearings, hardened and ground steel gears with a high-quality bronze worm gear in an oil bath. Secure clamping of the workpiece optimizes its accuracy. The saw delivers burr-free straight or angle cuts.
Its heavy-duty construction, combined with the CNC control, means greater rigidity with reduced vibration at higher cutting rates. The Carbide Cold Saws stand out for their exceptional accuracy, superior surface finish and increased blade life.
A spring-loaded plunger assembly securely locks the guard in a closed position whenever the guard is in the operating position. When released, the guard hinges up, allowing instant access. The guard is made from strong, injection, molded high impact polycarbonate which offers clear and safe vision through body and visor.
The arm provides an optimal leverage position with a consistent application of force. It also offers more clearance over the table for broaching and pressing large items. It is counterweighted for rapid handle return. The rugged steel ram, driven by a machined pinion, is reversable  with one end solid and the other end has a hole and magnet to…
The specially designed multipurpose saw effectively works on a variety of materials that includes wood, plastic, composites and ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It comes with two blades -- a ¾-inch-14 TPT metal blade and a ¾-inch-TPS wood blade.
The drill press features helical ground gears to ensure positive, quiet operation and make speed changes. The premier drill has a wide speed range to make large to small diameter holes fast and easy. The clear adjustable chuck and spindle guard offers added protection to the operator throughout the drilling cycle.
The gear drive transmission delivers full power at any speed, driving the cutting tools at nearly 100% of the available motor horsepower. Helical ground gears ensure positive, quite operation and make speed changes fast and easy. The wide speed range makes this the ideal drill for drilling large to small diameter holes fast and easy. 
The gear head machine a highly precise, powerful and versatile option. It is ideal for milling, drilling, slotting, engraving, boring, tapping and angle machining operations. The all-gear drive transmission delivers full power at any speed.  A high-performance brushless DC motor with permanent current control is standard. 
The 18-Inch Gear Head Bench Drill Press all-gear head driven transmission delivers full power at any speed, driving the cutting tools at nearly 100% of the available horsepower. To ensure positive, quiet operation, the bench drill uses combined steel and reinforced fibers. The ground steel clutches enhance its performance and strength.
The high-performance saw is ideal for multiple jobs with low volume production requirements plus it offers the best cost per cut solution. The massive saw head design features extra-large cast iron wheels that deliver precise, extremely accurate straight and miter cuts.
The Shop Tap pneumatic machine is a medium duty general purpose tapping machine. It provides variable mounting capabilities and has two different motor choices and a working area reach of 62 inches. It features a stationary bench, quick change tooling adapter and a vertical motor bracket.
Due to its heavy cast iron construction, smooth power transmission and precision thrust and ball bearings in the head stock and spindle, the bench lathe  provides years of trouble-free, precise turning. The Bench Lathe is the right choice for turning small metal parts.
The presses have four slot positions and feature a removeable machine steel anvil to provide accurate work support. For added versatility, punches or other tools may be added to the end of the ram by using a magnetic insert.  The ram is reversible. One end is solid and the other end has a hole and magnet to hold bits and pieces. A three-piece bit…
The family of vises is ideal for applications requiring multiple vises to be mounted parallel to each other. Versatile, the vises can be mounted on their base or bottom or vertically positioned on their end. The vises are equipped with Palmgren’s Dual Force so as to deliver workholding efficiencies by providing the strength and rigidity to hold…
Every grinder provides four to seven times longer duty cycle under load and eight times less speed degradation than the  competition. The grinders provide smooth, quiet power for grinding cleaning, deburring, chamfering and sharpening.
The Turret Milling Machine guarantees rigidity for a lifetime of vibration free accuracy due to the extra fine Meehanite castings. The machine’s long term reliability and precision are the result of high quality components and expertly crafted construction.
The stones have a distinct pink color due to their components and can be used on a variety of steels and alloys where sharp cutting action is essential. The characteristics of the pink abrasive grain make the stones exceptionally durable while providing cooler cutting. Each kit contains a wide variety of stone sizes for use on both large and small…
The small footprint make the compact vertical machine centers an economical option for small shops that require a second machine or an additional spindle. Each machining center is manufactured and tested to assure it meets the highest quality and accuracy standards. In addition, it is recognized for improved accuracy and repeating due to the solid…
The milling machines produce more parts, faster and with better tolerances than standard manual machines. In addition, they are simple to set up and operate. Another key feature is the Fagor Automatic controls that offer the most cost-effective solution in chip making profitability. This combination ensures faster programming, set-up and machining…
The lathe’s small size and footprint make it an excellent option for machine shops needing a second-op machine or additional chuck. Every bed lathe is manufactured and tested to ensure it meets the highest quality and accuracy standards.
The handpiece on the #9650004 utilizes an advanced high-performance oscillating unit and features a removable curled power cord for easy storage. The powerpack provides a wide range or operational frequencies. The tool comes with an optional finishing kit featuring a complete selection of diamond files and ceramic polishing stones.
The precision and control provided by Palmgren’s corded variable-speed rotary tool makes it ideal for numerous applications. Operators have the flexibility to match it to a tool bit or task.
The 8.5-in. x 27-in. vertical machining center provides an economical solution for machining small parts. An automatic toolchanger and eight-tool magazine make the machining center ideally suited for prototyping and short run shops.
Designed differently than conventional-style vises, Palmgren’s combination anvil and bench vise features a horn, step, a hardened face and hardy hole. It comes with replaceable serrated jaws, pipe jaws and a precision machined slide bar.
Machine shops looking for a “second-op” machine can depend on Palmgren’s vertical machining center for a compact solution. The 7-inch by 24.5-inch center is ideal for production lines, short runs, one-offs and prototyping.
Designed for factories and shops that require immediate dust filtration, Palmgren’s Auto Start Dust Extractor Pedestal eliminates dust in the workstation. This compact extractor creates a safe work environment by capturing grinding and deburring dust at its source.
Designed for superior performance in a wide variety of applications, the heavy-duty pneumatic hand grinders from Palmgren make any job fast and easy.
Delivering high quality productivity grinding solutions, the heavy-duty bench grinder with dust collector is part of Palmgren’s POWERGRIND-XP next generation of bench grinders.
The uniquely shaped combination bench and pipe vises from Palmgren feature a straight line pull design and super strong power tunnel to assure that the spindle and nut never wear out. As a result, this design delivers increased clamping power and reduced drag enabling the vise to easily open and close.
The unique shape of Palmgren’s electric hand grinders provide exceptional control with less operator fatigue.
Palmgren’s line of durable bench lathes delivers precision and versatility to handle a full range of operations.
Designed to cut a wide range of metals, the 12-inch fully automatic, dual post-Production bandsaw from Palmgren was built for extreme production needs that require high output and heavy-duty performance.
The all gear drive transmission on the 17-inch gear head milling machine from Palmgren delivers full power at any speed producing a cutting speed at nearly 100 percent horsepower and torque.
The 8-inch x 18-inch surface grinder from Palmgren is an indispensable metalworking machine for toolrooms.
Powerful enough to handle heavy metal removal, Palmgren’s 13-inch x 40-inch engine lathe also has the accuracy and control for precision fine tolerance tuning. A DRO and glass scales are standard on the lathe for operator convenience and accuracy.
An innovative design makes the 9-inch Zip-Miter Horizontal Band Saw from Palmgren suitable for cutting straight or miter cuts on ferrous and nonferrous metal. It has been designed from the blade out to provide the same cutting accuracy as a cold saw.
The 16-inch variable-speed drill press from Palmgren was designed with the latest drilling technology and operation features to enhance output and accuracy. What separates it from the competition is its efficiency, safety and ergonomics.
The innovative design of the 9-inch Zip-Miter horizontal bandsaw makes it ideal for cutting straight or miter cuts on ferrous and nonferrous metals. Its built from the blade out constrution, means the bandsaw provides the same cutting accuracy as a cold saw.
With the power to remove heavy metal, the 16- x 60-inch engine lathe from Palmgren also has the accuracy and control needed for precision fine tolerance turning. Standard features on the lathe include a DRO and glass scales for added operator convenience.
The highly versatile 13- inch engine lathe from Palmgren has the power to remove heavy metal and the accuracy and control for precision fine-tolerance tuning. The headstock is designed to provide maximum power for roughing cuts and smooth and quiet power for fine finishing.
The vertical toolroom saw from Palmgren is designed for contour sawing, beveling, slicing, ripping, stack cutting and cutting off.
Suitable for small shops, Palmgren's 6 x 12 bench surface grinder is an economical option because it has many of the same features found on larger units. The grinder’s Meehanite cast iron construction reduces vibrations while maintaining rigidity and accuracy.
Easily adaptable, Palmgren's 20-inch, variable-speed drill press allows the operator to select the best rpm for the tool and material without stopping the job. The ergonomic side-mounted hand wheel instantly adjusts the speeds.
A multitask finishing machine, Palmgren’s 1.5-inch two-speed vertical belt grinder can handle simple to complex workpieces. The #9682410 belt grinder can perform external, radius and internal operations with its optional attachments.
Palmgren says its cold saw is ideal for very precise, burr-free cuts in low- and high-carbon steels and medium-gauge tubes and profiles. Its pivot head design permits fast, accurate miter cuts and is ideally suited for low- to medium-volume product cutting applications.
The 16-inch x 60-inch engine lathe from Palmgren has the power to deal with heavy metal removal. It has the accuracy and control to handle precision fine tolerance turning.
Highly versatile, the Palmgren universal horizontal milling machine can handle both horizontal and vertical milling, making it an ideal solution for just about every milling application, according to the company. The vertical spindle head attachment can quickly transform the horizontal machine to a vertical one.
Built for high output and heavy-duty performance, Palmgren’s 10-Inch automatic horizontal bandsaw offers extremely tight tolerances in both cutting repeatability and accuracy even at high cutting rates. It is equipped with a hydraulic shuttle vise feed system with split vises that securely clamp the workpiece.
The two-speed combination belt and disc finishing machines from Palmgren can handle nearly every finishing operation. Equipped with value-added features, these machines reportedly deliver superior performance with serious results.
Palmgren says its two-speed belt grinders provide the ultimate flexibility from roughing, to intermediate grinding and blending, to final finishing. By changing the belt, the grinder quickly converts from heavy stock removal to shaping, forming, snagging, deburring, chamfering and finishing operations.
The dual-station universal belt grinder from Palmgren delivers enhanced grinding and finishing productivity, all in one machine. Equipped with two belt heads, it provides optimal flexibility from roughing to intermediate grinding and blending to final finishing and polishing.
Built to handle general-purpose to precision finishing applications, Palmgren’s 24” high-performance disc-finishing machine completes medium to large parts fast and effectively. The disc machine can grind, deburr, contour and finish all sizes and types of workpieces including metal, wood and plastic due to its larger area of contact.
Versatile dual-head buffer/polishing lathes from Palmgren can handle the most-demanding polishing applications, as well as fine detailing work. Available in 12” and 16” models, the two-speed buffer provides fast and effective deburring, finishing, graining, surface conditioning, polishing and buffing.
Delivering power, precision and versatility, the Powergrind-XP variable-speed buffers from Palmgren can handle a wide range of finishing applications. They are equipped with the latest technology variable-speed inverter, enabling them to deliver intermediate blending, polishing and surface conditioning applications at maximum rpms.
The deluxe line of variable-speed grinders from Palmgren delivers the power, precision and versatility to complete a wide range of finishing applications. At high speeds, they reportedly are the ideal choice for heavy material removal, deburring and chamfering.
Palmgren says its Powergrind XP bench grinders provide more horsepower, torque and value-added features. They are designed for heavy-duty use and long duty cycles.
Precision, power and versatility enable the Palmgren Combination Bench Lathe and Mill to handle a wide range of turning operations normally associated with larger machines, according to a recent company news release.
Air-operated bench presses from Palmgren reduce the cost of both implementation and production in assembly and pressing operations.
Palmgren's Parallel Arm Tapping tools make tapping fast and easy.
Designed for precision part clamping, the line of dual-force, precision vises from Palmgren deliver workhold efficiencies and increased productivity by providing the strength and rigidity to hold parts securely and accurately.
The versatile and efficient combination bench and belt grinder from Palmgren eliminates the need for multiple machines.
Designed for precision part clamping, the Dual Force Precision Machine Vises from Palmgren are recommended for use in running production parts where flatness and parallelism are key.
Palmgren's high tech line of C-clamps has the right model and size for every job.
Palmgren Steel Products Inc. says its self-centering, low-profile machine vise is ideal to use with drilling and milling machines whenever quick, accurate centering of the workpiece below the spindle is required.
The versatile Palmgren family of belt grinders grinds, sands, finishes, polishes, deburrs and contours all types of parts on any kind of material.
Versatile drill presses from Palmgren reportedly set the standard for the industry.
Built with high-capacity motors for heavy-duty use and long cycles, the 8-inch bench grinder from Palmgren ensures smooth, quiet power grinding, cleaning, deburring, chamfering and sharpening jobs.
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