With six machine sizes available, this series is capable of producing complicated shapes along with finer finishes, resulting in highly accurate workpieces. The heavy-duty slide rails, one-piece base casting and hardened wheelhead guideways create a solid, rigid machine structure that minimizes vibration, movement and displacement.
The FSG-ADIV series includes the FSG-1224ADIV, 1632ADIV and 1640ADIV. The in-machine dynamic balancing system enables the adjustment of the balance weight at the wheel position while limiting wheel vibrations to less than 1 µm.
The UNi5X 5-axis high-speed vertical machining center from Chevalier Machinery Inc. reportedly offers high accuracy, enhanced productivity, low manpower and high profitability.
Chevalier's QP5X-400, a 40-taper, high-speed VMC that features 5-axis simultaneous or 4+1 axis applications. The standard machine is integrated with 2-axis, 12.6" trunnion table. The new QP5X-400 has better accuracy, more productivity, less manpower, less cycle time and higher profitability, according to the company. The machine is for…
he EM series from Chevalier is a high-speed VMC engineered with efficiency to satisfy the need for large quantity machining with limited floor space.
Newly designed, the FBL-360B MC from Chevalier boasts a 45-degree slant bed, rigid box ways structure and programmable tailstock.
Chevalier's FBL-520D heavy-duty horizontal turning lathe, for machining heavy parts and large pipe threading, is in demand by the energy and aerospace industries.
"The FSG-C1224CNC profile grinder is designed to meet such grinding requirements as intricate profiles and mold components, and are well suited for the aircraft, automobile, electronic, medical, machine tool and defense industries," says Chevalier Vice President Johnson Lan.
Chevalier's FVM double column VMC has an extremely rigid and stable structure base on oversized columns, extra-wide spacing of box ways on a slanted Y-axis and close symmetrical design of the Z-axis.
Chevalier Machinery will continue production of its popular FBB-110 — 130 series machine into 2014.
Chevalier Machinery Inc.'s QP1620-L VMC has a table load of 550 lbs., and the table measures 27.6"x12.6".
Chevalier's FBL-530 is a versatile machine that is helping manufacturers with a wide range of needs.
The FVM-3016 from Chevalier Machinery Inc. is a DCL Type Double Column Vertical Machining Center offered, and it features heavy duty precision and state-of-the-art spindles that will make any job easier to complete.
Chevalier Machinery Inc.'s column type, high-precision, 3-axis surface grinder series includes a new PLC controller that provides grind cycles for rough grinding, fine grinding, spark-out passes and an optional automatic over-wheel dresser with compensation to fully automate the grind process.