The XL Box marking laser has been improved to meet new users’ requirements. It keeps all the advantages that have made it a best seller and a key reference for integrators.
A new laser range launch is an important breakthrough for SIC Marking. This range uses a ytterbium-doped fiber source designed by SIC Marking, a pulsed operating mode (30 to 60 kHz), a wavelength of 1,064 nm and an average power of 20W (available in 30W and 50W).
The new ec1 marking system from SIC Marking uses dot peen technology to achieve permanent marking of all industrial components. Dot peen technology provides a reliable and unalterable marking directly into the material, according to the company.
SIC Marking says its scribing technology guarantees a high-quality mark and is ideal for requirements that include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or aesthetics concerns, such as logos and symbols. SIC Marking's product range runs from standard machines to custom engineered solutions. All systems are created with careful attention to…
Well-balanced, weighing in at less than 3 kg and featuring an ergonomic grip, e-mark from SIC Marking is comfortable to hold and operate.
As a leading manufacturer in the markings and traceability sector, SIC Marking has developed a new portable marking system, the e1-p63c.
XL Box from SIC Marking has been designed to increase productivity at the workstation dedicated to marking and traceability of components.
As with all production line operations, the marking has to be automated for cost and quality control reasons. SIC Marking are specialists in integrated systems which are highly versatile and easy to incorporate into a production environment.
The Laser L-Box from SIC Marking is a compact and very easy to use marking system that fits easily on a workbench.
The portable p123 marking gun from SIC Marking is particularly suited to the marking of heavy or large parts.
The New e8-c153 z-a SIC Dot Marker from SIC Marking delivers high precision consistent part marking aided by the Autosense function, making it ideal for the most demanding applications for both data matrix codes and human readable text.
SIC Marking USA announces Hand-Held dot peen marking systems for marking flat and round work pieces such as plate, pipe and fabricated vessels, especially products with heavy weight.
The new range of integrated laser i 103 l-g from SIC Marking meets marking needs on plastic or metallic parts which are subjected to close tolerances or very high rates of production.
MVRC is SIC Marking's traceability system.
In order to maintain the legibility of the VIN over time, the quality of the engraving is essential. This is why SIC Marking has developed a comprehensive and highly adaptable VIN Marking System based on scribing technology.
The new pack cart+ P122/P62 from SIC Marking can carry marking machine effortlessly.
The C151 z-a series from SIC Marking USA is remarkable for its repeatability and precision: this is due to its micropercussion technology, its "AERO" type stylus, and its precise mechanism (movement resolution is just 0.05, compared with the 0.1 generally seen on the market).
Counterfeiting is a challenging problem for bearing manufacturers. Laser marking is one way to overcome this problem.
Aluminum, with its many advantageous properties, is used in a wide spectrum of industries to manufacture a vast, and growing, range of products. As the use of aluminum is so varied, so are its' traceability requirements.

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SIC Marking’s headquarters in France have recently started a building expansion to create more production and office space to efficiently handle market demand.