XL Box Marking Laser

February 21, 2019
XL Box Marking Laser

The XL Box marking laser has been improved to meet new users’ requirements. It keeps all the advantages that have made it a best seller and a key reference for integrators.

These include:
- A powerful SIC Marking fiber laser source (20, 30, 50W) already renowned for its reliability (MTBF 100000 hours) to perform any kind of marking: text, logo, 2D Datamatrix.
- A solid housing with an automatic door giving access to the marking area by three sides, and Laser Class 1 certified security (EN60825-1).
- A standard chassis for immediate integration into the production line.
- An unrivalled quality-price ratio in the market.

The two major innovations that have been especially developed for integrators:
- Our new laser controller rack FU4:
This rack meets 13849-1:2015 standard requirements and has been awarded the maximal PL(e) (Performance Level =e) to manage the safety loops of the automatic door and emergency stop. This excellent level grants the user the full safety of our laser and makes it one of the safest lasers in the market, as our competitors’ products are usually awarded a PL(c) level.

The controller includes a touch screen to give easy access to menus: this allows for simple and user-friendly parameter setting and a simplified diagnosis aid. Finally, all fieldbus communication cards (ProfiNet, Ethernet IP, etc.) are available for easier integration into a network or connection with a PLC.

By designing this new operative mode, SIC Marking has taken in charge the Laser Class 1 security. The laser housing can be directly integrated into the production line or the robotic cell through an interface in touch with the line’s PLC.
Easier integration (shorter study and installation delays) and reduced costs of the whole laser marking function are therefore the greatest assets of the new XL Box in robot mode.

Various additional options are available such as 3D marking or integrated Datamatrix 2D code reading. In case of specific requests, SIC Marking will dedicate a skilled project team made up of 20 engineers (mechanical, automation, IT) to meet all customer specifications.